Roger Ebert: Can’t Speak But Hasn’t Lost His Voice

Those of you who are familiar with the name Roger Ebert know him as a popular movie critic. This man literally lost his voice when he had to undergo surgery because of jaw cancer. This happened almost four years ago but that has not stopped Ebert. The post-op procedure known as tracheotomy is what no longer allows him to speak.

robert ebertThe transition to voiceless life has been uncomfortable but that does not mean that it has been impossible for this movie critic who has made a career out of his verbal explanations about which movie we should or should not see. Just because Roger Ebert can no longer speak his words does not mean that he has lost the power behind his words. Ebert has actually been using his laptop to speak out what he says. It is not the same of course but it does give Roger Ebert some freedom.

Ebert’s wife is along side him and helps him with whatever is needed. The two would often go and watch movies together in the Lake Street Screening Room where many movie critics go. Ebert’s blog and twitter are still very popular. Roger Ebert will not be silenced, even by cancer.

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