Chris Paul: Hornets Upset Lakers

The Hornets were excited but not overly optimistic about the game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Chris Paul of course is a great player. Sometimes people forget just how great he is since his team is not one of the elite. Well Sunday Paul brought his A game and got the Hornets a win over the Lakers.

chris paulTo say the least the Hornet’s season was a little bumpy. Chris Paul said that the Hornets were extremely eager for the playoffs. Maybe the teams eagerness is what made them ready to win out over the Lakers. Whatever it was Chris Paul had 33 points, 14 assists and 7 rebounds.

Paul flawlessly lead the Hornets down the stretch of a 109-100 victory on Sunday. The Hornets are a seventh-seed team and they overcame the Laker’s major size advantage by using cagey defense and a disciplined offense approach. This disciplined offensive approach lead to just three turnovers. Were you expecting this upset out of Chris Paul and the Hornets?

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