The Celebrity Apprentice April 17: Who Got Fired?

Everyone is excited to see the Celebrity Apprentice April 17 results. There are many people that are pulling for Gary Busey to get the boot off the show. Let’s face it he has not been the best guy for the job and many people wonder how he is still on the show. I guess he makes for good television.

the celebrity apprenticeGary Busey ended up being the project manager for the men. Hope Dworaczyk was the project manager for the women. As expected Gary didn’t make a good leader at all and his team started to work against him. The women’s team had multiple members that were annoyed at each other. Let’s go on to talk about the Celebrity Apprentice April 17 results.

In the boardroom the men were quick to point out Gary’s flaws. These included changing the menu, the lack of rehearsal and time management. Hope gave a good review of her team however. When it comes down to the Celebrity Apprentice April 17 – Gary Busey is FIRED!


  1. M E. Smithson says:

    I can’t believe LaToya was FIRED ! Star Jones was the project manager and it was her ideas and she was in controll of everything. Bad decision Mr Trump. I thought it was funny to see NeNe pouting, her feelings hurt. She doesn’t care about anybody else’s feelings when she is screaming & cussing at them. And her co-workers say nothing ! The way NeNe treated LaToya was disgraceful and unwarranted. I hope she goings home real soon too. I find it interesting her charity is for non-violence. If you watched the Real H.W. of Altanta. I believe, I remember her threating people with harm. Kim on the bus was one. The show should have kicked her out on thoses remarks.

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