Warrior Dash

If you were a part of the Warrior dash on Saturday and Sunday you were most likely covered in mud from head to toe and dripping wet. This race takes place at DFW Adventure Park. Well it really isn’t much of a race, it’s more like a dash. You simply try to walk, climb, crawl or whatever you can do to get across the obstacles.

warrior dashThis course has a dozen or so obstacles that are designed to slow even the faster competitor. This is a great way to relive the fun of childhood mud playing. I suppose you could stop and make mud pies but that wouldn’t be the thing to do if you wanted to win the Warrior Dash. This is no small event either.

The event was expected to draw about 17,000 “warriors” over these two days and that didn’t include the 10,000 spectators. The dash is pretty short and takes about 30-45 minutes for most people. Some people have however made it in 18 minutes. The guys who make it that quick are “freaks” according to the Warrior Dash folks.

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