Three Cups Of Tea: Greg Mortenson

The book Three Cups of Tea was written to bring awareness. This story is about Greg Mortenson and his travels. It talks about how he ended up going attempting to school for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan and more. Even though the book had an important message many did not like the way that Relin wrote it.

greg mortensonNow CBS has said that much of the Three Cups of Tea book is lies. They claim that he made false claims about building schools. This is very troubling to many of the fans of Greg Mortenson. People are afraid this will shake the confidence of people in these aid workers and that much needed donations will not come in. Three Cups Of Tea seems to be on trial right now.

CBS reported that some of the schools that were supposedly built by Mr Mortenson do not exist and if they do exist they were built by other organizations. Many people are not questioning the personal story of his 2004 memoir. What are you thoughts about Three Cups Of Tea?

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