Portal 2: Good Sequel?

Many times when a Sequel comes out it is not as good the first one. This is not the case with Portal 2 however. Users say the the game passes the test with flying colors and could easily be one of the years’s most imaginative and engrossing video games. This game mixes fantastic storytelling and incredible first-person platforming.

portal 2Some of you may be new to Portal. The story features a test subject named Chell who is undergoing many challenges at the Aperture Science Labs. These tests are being conducted by GlaDOS who is the artificial intelligence that runs the facility. Chell uses a gun that creates portals and passes each test by escaping the room.

Portal 2 brings you back to when Chell was staying at the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center. Things seem fine but then she wakes up to find the facility in a shambles. She is being aided in her escape by another A.I. computer named Wheatley when they encounter the resurrected GlaDOS who captures Chell and gets ready to run another round of challenges. Will you be playing?

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