The Biggest Loser April 19: Who Got Eliminated?

This episode started out with the beautiful scenery and Allison welcoming the trainers as well as the remaining 8 contestants. They are still in beautiful New Zealand. Before long it was time for a challenge. Would they be ready for the challenge of the Biggest Loser April 19?

the biggest loser april 19The Biggest Loser April 19 challenge was to jump from the bridge as well as facing rapids and obstacles while river boarding about a half mile down the river. This would be a bumpy ride to say the least. Olivia ended up taking the lead and winning the challenge. She got an awesome helicopter ride over Milford Sound and also won individual immunity in this week’s weigh in. Let’s now go on to talk about the Biggest Loser April 19 weigh in.

The weigh in statistics:

Olivia 172 to 168 -4 2.33% (has lost 93 pounds) (Immunity)
Rulon 311 to 301 -10 3.22%
Kaylee 168 to 163 -5 2.98%
Irene 161 to 157 -4 2.48%
Austin 255 to 250 -5 1.96%
Jay 270 to 265 -5 1.85%
Hannah 164 to 161 -3 1.83%
Ken 247 to 243 -4 1.62%

It was voting time and this is how it went down:

Austin votes Hannah.
Olivia votes Ken.
Irene votes Ken.
Kaylee votes Hannah.
Jay votes Ken.

Ken is sent home.

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