National Donut Day 2010

Today, Friday June 4th, is National Donut Day 2010. Participating locations of Krispy Creme and Dunkin’ Donuts in the United States are handing our free donuts. Yes you read that correctly free donuts. Many other smaller local donut places will also be participating in the free tasty treat give away.

The history of the donut is one full of controversy. It was believed that the Dutch introduced the donut to American’s when they settled here. Another story about the creation of the deep fried dough treat states an American named Hansen Gregory invented it in 1847. National Donut Day 2010 is celebrating the delicious treat.

How do you like you donut? With sprinkles or glaze, twisted or filled any way you can get it donuts are sure to please any sweet tooth. Go hit up you local donut store and see if they are participating in today’s National Donut Day 2010. Make sure to enjoy responsibly each of those tiny treats are filled with calories, fat and sugar.

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