Tiger Mom: Better Than A Helicopter Mom?

Parenting has been one of the biggest book sellers. Parents of all ages are looking for the best way to raise their children. It can be a difficult task to raise some strong willed children. In times past people used to believe that you use common sense to rear children but what about now?

tiger momYou may have heard about the helicopter Mom. This Mom is always in her kids business and wants to be friends. They pay close attention to what their kids do and if they do anything wrong it must have been someone else’s fault. This is a big difference from the tiger mom.

The tiger mom is a strict mom. Some people almost believe that they can be cruel. One tiger mom recounts making her daughter play the piano for hours on end until her music piece was perfect. Can’t we just meet in the middle?


  1. vkmo says:

    I came from Burma, alone, an 18yr old on immigration visa, as military govt was about to seize all business and personal family property via their “nationalization” policy. My family’s thoughts were to think, talk and act American, to blend into the culture. In those days military draft requirement was compulsory, so I joined USAF reserves, then attended UC Berkeley and worked in hi-tech. I married in America and raised my kids to blend in and not fight the culture. Both kids were accepted by University of California. My son was the MVP in water-polo in high school- received scholarship letter from UC Irvine water-polo coach (didn’t accept), my daughter was a topnotch swimmer and graduated with honors in college. They are not distinct – they are part of the culture. They were exposed to different sports and chose swimming – it helped that we had a pool in our backyard.

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