Nancy Grace: We Want Justice

It seems that Nancy Grace has accomplished the unusual feat of trending on Twitter and at the top of Google trends at the same time. No one is quite sure why Grace is trending. After looking through a few hundred Twitter posts the only common theme I could find is that everyone was hating on her. It seems like she has quite a few people that think she is not the best of the best.

nancy graceNancy Grace is known for her brand of justice. She tries to solve cases that no one else can or no one else wants to. Even though it seems like her motives are good many people wish that she would just go away. What are your thoughts on Nancy Grace?

She can’t seem to make friends very well and is actually being sued for $15 million dollars by former colleague Patricia Caruso who claims that Grace breached a contract to develop a syndicated TV series that would star Grace as host and Caruso as executive producer, Fox news reports. 2009 is when CBS took on the show but a year later Nancy Grace ended up signing as the host of “Swift Justice With Nancy Grace”. There are no other updates available on the law suit against Grace. Her site says “We want Justice” so I wonder if that means she wants justice for Caruso as well.

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