Frank McCourt: Suing The MLB?

It seems like the Dodgers are in debt – big debt. The Dodgers are in debt to the tune of $459 million dollars. Frank McCourt even had to get a $30 million loan to make payroll. It seems that this team is in big trouble. That could be why Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig seized control of the storied franchise.

frank mccourtFrank McCourt claims that the team is within the financial guidelines. He does not see why they would do something like this when other teams have done worse and have seen no action. Selig says that his actions were in the best interest of the fans. Fans say that they do not dislike Frank McCourt but there is room for improvement.

According to sources close to McCourt it seems that he is ready to go to court and sure the MLB. Some of the arguments may be as I stated above that other teams have gotten away with worse. McCourt is fighting to get back his day to day duties with the team. What do you think about the Frank McCourt situation?

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