American Idol April 21, 2011 Results: Who Got Voted Off 4/21/11

Tonight is the American Idol April 21, 2011 results show. Are you ready to see who is going to be sent home? After the elimination only 6 contestants will remain. Did American vote wisely?

american idol april 21 2011 resultsMake sure you do not miss out on all of the fun tonight. I hope that you got to vote for your favorite Idol contestant because if they get voted off you are going to be pretty upset. I know the show is going to be great tonight. Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/21/11 results?

American Idol Results April 21 2011: Who Got Voted Off American Idol?

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Only two girls and five guys are remaining in the contest. Three are going to be in danger and one of them is going to be leaving. When it gets down to this low amount of people most of the time its pretty difficult to see someone go. In between the American Idol April 21, 2011 results tonight David Cook and Katy Perry will be performing before Ryan Seacrest announces who is leaving.

Make sure to check back to this post as we will update it with the results after the show.

!Update!Stefano Langone is the latest contestant who got voted off American Idol


  1. Jackie Kiely says:

    I am so impressed with Haley Reinhardt… sure if I spelled that right! She sounded even better than Adele (no offense intended to the original singer) cause that song is fantastic!. And hoping Haley wins…if you ask me, she has it pegged already!

  2. Debbie says:

    I believe Scotty needs to go for he is the most arrogant acting young male I’ve seen. Maybe you can call it confidence, but the more I see him the less I like him. He is cocky and really cashes in on that side grin and deep voice – YuK!

  3. Brad says:

    I want Jacob Lusk to go.

  4. Andy says:

    I think that Jacob is the closest thing to a perfect star if he keeps it up he will be idol 2011, I am voting for you from Trinidad and Tobago.

  5. Julie Strausse says:

    I want Casey Abram to go home!!!!

  6. Barbara says:

    I want Casey Abrams to go home too. He would already be gone if the judges hadn’t saved him.
    I don’t think that is fair to the others who were legitimately voted to stay on.
    I don’t think Scotty is cocky at all. I have thought from the beginning that he’s a good all American boy who has loved country music his whole life and I think he has the best voice of all the guys because he’s not screaming all the time. He’s cute and is a caring young man. When others have gotten voted off you could see the tears in Scotty’s eyes. I haven’t heard Scotty say he wants a career in country music but if he does he will go far. For a 17 yr old to have such a rich and deep voice is really god-given. I will buy every cd he releases.

  7. Charlotte says:

    scotty you are so sexy! haley you sing so brilliantly!

  8. AMERICA says:

    I want Hailey to go home

  9. meg hager says:

    It’s really hard to pick someone to throw off this season. Stefano and Jacob are my next ones to go.

  10. tucker says:


  11. Jimmy says:

    I don’t think there should be a judes save, clearly the person who got voted off, America felt they needed to go home, honestly though I do believe this show has run its course. I give it one more year at best! There hasn’t really been a successful contestant since Season 5 with Daughtry, I mean the other seasons had some with moderate success but nothing really memorable, in my opinion!!

  12. MacKenzie says:

    Stephono should get voted off he always sings off key and it is his fault that my favs Paul and pia both got voted off he needs to go!!!!

  13. yomamma says:

    Haley sang the best, and Jacob does the same gospel type thing every time and it’s really boring so he should go home!!!

  14. debra says:

    Jacob needs to go……….
    Yes i think James will win too. The
    best him and Haley………

  15. bg says:

    who was voted off??? I missed it, and can’t find the result anywhere online! Killing me!

  16. Susan says:

    Casey Abram is very strange, to put it nicely….What is up with the regular props by the judges?….he is not good and I can’t believe that anyone would ever buy anything recorded by him! Time for him to go! Time for the judges to be honest.

  17. Heather says:

    Who was voted off tonight? I missed it.

  18. THERESE says:


  19. Melmel says:

    Ugh! I HATE HALEY!!!! She NEEDS to GO!!!!!

  20. Hillarie says:

    I think they all need to go home except SCOTTY MCCREERY. He is the BEST in my opinion. I kinda think he sounds like Josh Turner. Scotty is my future husband (: GO SCOTTY ! ! ! !

  21. Audrey says:

    I want Haley to go home, can’t stand her!!!
    After Haley, I want Jacob to go home, I love his personality, but his voice isn’t Idol material.
    I want Scotty to win the whole entire thing, he is so nice and humble, doesn’t sass back when they are giving him pointers after his performances, he doesn’t have to try hard to have an amazing singing performance like the other contestants, he has natural, amazing talent!!

  22. sarah says:

    I HATE how Hailey is always doing that throaty growl in all of her songs!! Stop over-using it, girl!! And that stupid Joker grin! Ugh!

  23. kdog says:

    I am a fan of alll forms of music. I also think this group of Judges done an excellent job picking the season 10 contestants. Most diverse and talented group yet! I also thought Pia had it locked down… I think it is now going to be a toss up between Haley and James. Time for Scotty or Jacob to go.

  24. Emily says:

    I don’t like Casey Abram at all. the judges shouldnt of wasted their save on him they should have used the save on Pia. i think that pia has a beautiful voice and actually had a good chance of winning the competition. think the next person that should go home is haley i think that her voice is annoying and i just dont like her. the competiton is really between lauren and scotty, i personally think that it will be them two in the end to win the competiton. it will be a hard choice because i think that scotty is sexy and cute and lauren has an amazing voice. the judges need to realize that screaming isnt singing and that goes for james and casey they both cant sing. the judges need to get it together.

  25. I believe that this year has been the best yet as far as talent goes. vocally, Scottie is outstanding. Without a doubt, he should be the next “American Idol”. Pia would have been my other choice..I don’t know what happened there. My 3rd choice was Paul..He was fun to watch, easy on the eyes and a great talent.
    Here’s hoping America agrees with me. Good luck, Scottie!!!!!

  26. Gabbers says:

    Ok, for all u people out there that LOVE Scotty, ur stupid. His voice is so lame and unoriginal. He always sings in the same voice range, and if he wins I guarantee that he will not be successful, nice kid, BAD voice. Most people that like him only like him because he’s country, not cause he has a good voice. The best people that actually have voice range on idol are Haley, Jacob, Casey, and James!!

  27. Noneofurbuisiness says:

    Shut up Emily! U don’t know wat the hell ur talkin about haley is the best SINGER and Scottie Sucks!

  28. juvey says:

    scotty got a natural born voice unlike the others especially hailey…they’re trying hard…america is all about country…scotty is a real american boy…country music never dies…everybody can sing it too..whether you’re old or young….you can’t sing hiphop song when you’re 60…but definitely you can sing country…go for it scotty….

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