American Idol Results April 21 2011: Who Got Voted Off American Idol?

Ah another great show is over. A lot of people missed American Idol results April 21 2011 and are scouring the internet for the answer to who got voted off American Idol? Before I tell you the results let’s talk about the bottom two. Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone were in the bottom two this Thursday night.

american idol april 21 2011 resultsThe American Idol Results April 21 2011 had both Lusk and Stefano pretty nervous. As they were up for elimination Stefano had his hands behind his back almost like he was expecting to go home or maybe it was a familiar feeling since he had been on the chopping block so many times. Lusk didn’t look like he was too calm and collected either. Who would be when they were finding out the American Idol results April 21 2011.

American Idol April 21, 2011 Results: Who Got Voted Off 4/21/11

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Jennifer Lopez being the sweetheart that she is was talking about how great both of them were. She also said that it is not the end of the road for either one of them since they still have the tour. That isn’t exactly what the contestants wanted to hear though. Now when it comes down to the American Idol results April 21 2011 – Stefano Langone is going home.


  1. Shawna says:

    I haven’t followed the show alot this year but after watching it last night i think the girls are better than the boys.. and i have always rooted for the boys.. im not for female singers that much.. but this year the two girls left are very good..

  2. Leon says:

    i dont know why haley or jacob are still their they should have went home ages ago. stefano was a good singer who should have won

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