PSN Down: Sony Being Very Vague

With it’s over 69 million registered accounts PSN down is some serious news and many people are upset about this. To say the least Sony has been very vague about what has been going on. No one is quite sure about what is going on but it is believed that this was an outside attack. Whoever did this knew what they were doing.

psn downPSN down has been the talk over many different blog posts and questions but still Sony is not giving up much information. The latest information that was given is that the PSN down problem could actually last for another day or two until these issues have been sorted out. Players are upset as their games are not be to played as normal. That is 69 million grumpy customers.

Playstation Network Down: April 23

There is no scheduled updated on PSN down so this leaves us all wondering what is going on. My best guess is they are not telling the press much because they do not want to give the outside source a heads up on their plan of action to fix the problem. The only thing that we can do is be patient and wait for the fix. What do you think has happened?


  1. Jeff says:

    A group of hackers sent billions of pronography invites, or messages, or something like that. To PSN now it has been lagged out, and shut down..:(

  2. ps3butwillget360aftathis says:

    i have seen a email from sony to a employee, whats more is that the email reads “we are currently conducting emergency maintance”

    to me it seems like a hackers and to be honest with the issues the ps3 version of black ops had, they deserve it !

  3. Sultan says:

    Well my biggest guess is its either a hacker or Its just some bug just like last time on feb when the leap year problem occured.

  4. Jediah says:

    I think that Xbox Hackers have planned this attack to lure PS3 lovers to the dark side especially when they are offering a 4 Day Free Xbox Live for some dumb World Record Atttempt to hold the biggest Virtual 100m Sprint Race on the rubbish new gaming accessory ‘Kinect’.

  5. NiggerPS3PLAYER says:

    i hacked the servers situated in the North Americana region, i did it to prove a point to a “highly decorated” employee at SCEA, we are engaged in corporate espionage, let it be clear that I DO NOT work for Microsoft nor any apphiliated computer agencies, i only want to see metal gear solid in hd

  6. a person says:

    i rekon that it was xbox duche bags trying to get us to go to xbox

  7. Brian says:

    I want to play Warhawk but it is online only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Patrick says:

    I am convinced that it isn’t Sony’s fault, but some gay, sexually frustrated, nerdy, pimplefaced, group of bitches in their granma’s basement that think they are too cool to have to pay for roms and so they are waging some stupid war against sony. I’m usually a pretty mellow guy, but if Sony finds the hackers responsible, i support public stoning of them. lol

  9. shane says:

    lol i thank its funny but i still cant play 8(

  10. travis says:

    this makes me upset to but i hurd that for a wile now sonys psn wasnt ready for so many people using it at once and with all the software on the psn it will be down for a day or so so they can transfer everything to a more stable source.

  11. rikame says:

    -.- It isn’t hackers. Those guys love attention and will always claim responsibility. This time they deny it. Not to avoid responsibility but because they didn’t to it. Sony’s own incompetence lead to this, don’t blame anon.

  12. tyler thibault says:

    its not how you fall but what you do when you get back up…. sony is the man xbox blows

  13. joshw2k8 says:


  14. baggies84 says:

    sort it out sony! i need to play pro evo masterleague online

  15. Coro Raw says:

    What if this was a distraction to get our attention else where, or something of that sort. After doing my reach I’m not so sure that hackers intiated this situation. Sure they may of had something to do with it but my gut instinct tells me this crash was inevitable.

  16. Jake says:

    This is highly upsetting to me. Think I’ll run down to the local McDonald’s and crack some heads.

  17. bmj69 says:

    TBH- not hackers, just a good old brown out, Japans had some big grief lately and we should be thankfull. FU Gates’s boys (clones, whatever) I stand by THE BEST FREE NETWORK ON THE PLANET.

    Sony are in the process of transporting 60m + accounts to a safer server because of the THREAT of attack (anom?, whoever) & with the amount of CC info PSN holds i say ‘Goodonyer!”
    sony sony sony sony sony sony .

    Blogger B

  18. bmj69 says:

    BTW – Gone midnight in UK – 2 full days now – Come on psn i reflowed my old 40g fatty for the 4th time 3 days ago just to play more BOps, aaaaaaaagh !

    ADD ME – (Psn ID) bmj69

  19. M364TR0N789 says:

    Sony please fix psn soon as possiable cuz i want 2 play online plus my trophies i earned while offline & i want 2 sync them 2 please fix psn.

  20. Stoner Tookaynien says:

    travis says:

    this makes me upset to but i hurd that for a wile now sonys psn wasnt ready for so many people using it at once and with all the software on the psn it will be down for a day or so so they can transfer everything to a more stable source.

    I believe this. A 4 day weekend breaks PSN. What of the peeps who PAID for Plus account?

    Shoulda got an XBOX. :(

  21. copenhagen says:

    sony…. wth? we didnt fork over ridiculous amounts of money to buy into your poor business model to have it sit on a shelf and collect dust. you are gunna lose customers over this one :(

    fix your shiz and lets get goin again.. this make your company in general look n00bish.. like u just got pwned. You are sony.. you shouldnt let yourself get pwned… put the GT guy in charge.. he knows how to run things.

  22. lol says:

    its only a couple days… if ya cant go without playing for 2 days thats kinda sad lol

  23. romeo baker says:

    man this just sucks i cant believe you guys r letting this happen sony u guys r suppose to be better then that man what happen i just wanted to play some black ops with my friends online n i can’t after long day of work n i cant even play one game with my friends this sucks man i cant even lie i even had thoughts of the xbox lol but that aint gonna happen man do what you guys have to do n get us back in there we have faith in you guys sony do what you have to n make things work

  24. trust_me666 says:

    sony just released another statement on the problem. it was an EXTERNAL INTRUSION which basically says, something from outside PSN became an INTRUDER to the system…….HACKERS? maybe. maybe because its long weekend everyone jumped on at the same time and the psn servers couldnt handle it and fried its own brain?.

    reply to me if you have a good explanation ;]

  25. come one plz says:

    Ok this is really starting to get me upset. I would really hate to have to do this but i just might, i will give sony till saturday night to fix this, if not i am selling my ps3. No i wont buy a 360 though, probably a netbook or tablet or something of that nature. :)

  26. Maggot666 says:

    finally a chance to play offline and finish some game stories =D

  27. trust_me666 says:

    give them time, they are dealing with it as we speak

  28. Darius says:

    A group named Anonymous has hacked PSN and gave playstation warnings about their attack and playstation ignored it. It is all about the lawsuit on the guy that hacked the PS3.

  29. BRAND-X12 says:

    Guys, come on. It’s just a hacker problem that will be over by tomorrow. Seriously, none of you have single player games? For pete’s sake get Oblivion, it has 200+ hours of gameplay. :P

    And stop threatening to sell your ps3. Your one system isn’t going to kill Sony, so it isn’t worth it.

  30. trust_me666 says:

    its not them. they will only attack sony WEBSITES not PSN

  31. Wazzzzubf says:

    It ain’t hackers it’s psn they fd this up the hackers just want say that they did it so blame psn il inmate I’m pissed off but just wait for 1 or 2 days and u can go back on your games

  32. tom says:

    u fink u gt it bad i just rented crysis 2 for the online n this happens i played it 4 about 2hours n a stupid group of kids called anonymous go an hack into sony, im so annoyed, i would gladly lynch them and watch them die

  33. Dennis says:

    What, is Sony stooping to Nintendo’s level? No Nintendo online game is safe from hackers, and obviously it’s not safe online for ps3 games. Now our credit cards are at risk?! Even though it’s free for psn, many people subscribed to playstation plus. Their time is running out as this delay goes on. They will demand compensation.

  34. mike says:

    I’m sick at home with bronchitis after working 9 straight days…. can’t watch netflix or play black ops. Unbelievable.

  35. e.f. says:

    well since i cant play black ops or gta4 i guess ill just have to play them in real life over at that highly populated area…..YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!loljk now the serious part sony please get this fixed somehow im subscribed to psplus and i only have like 3 days left and im a big sony fan but if this isnt fixed soon sorry but i will have to tell everyone the psplus glitch believe me it works and it will make you loose buisness but if i get compensation for my psplus i wont tell anyone

  36. Ronny says:

    Good thing i can play portal 2 offline and it’s still a good game.

  37. josh says:

    nobody here knows what the are talking about . do u even understand what ddos attacks are and how the become what they are . i know what happen but due to my brother working for sony i can not explain to anybody due to his contract . It will be up and running soon .

  38. ishiro says:

    look ppl calm TFD sony will have it fixed japan been though alot and this is jst another 1 so plez stop complaining and to the ppl that are sayn ur gana sell ur ps3 that dumb sony is the best out

  39. joe says:

    agggh ima kill some hoes

  40. josh says:

    To those that knows what they are talking about my messages does not apply to u . only to those that have no clue what they are saying. Just remember everybody it is life and this will happen

  41. Dougie-Howitzer says:

    F.F.S Guys keep ure knickers on !!! If it last’s a week maybe one of us will find a real woman !! On second thoughts probably not !!! Try fresh air and sunshine it’s apparently good for u so they say LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Been gettin’ retro lately with Modern Warfare and seriously pissed off with the hackers !! Surely the system updates should stop this sH!T !!! What the fux going on ?????????????????????

  42. xVeRsA-_- says:

    Well This little issue can cause maybe half of 69 Million ppl go to XBOX because remember this has happend before and to be totally honest Playstation is a Awesome System and They Need to keep there Group informed Playsta

  43. xVeRsA-_- says:

    Well This little issue can cause maybe half of 69 Million ppl go to XBOX because remember this has happend before and to be totally honest Playstation is a Awesome System and They Need to keep there Group informed Playstation should Do This on my opinion and please people tell me if this is a good idea


    1. Take off Update System Via Storage Device (Biggest Mistake To Put On This system Ecspecially with Hackers.)

    2. Be More Active About the people who play on your networks

    If anyone needs to get in touch with me please feel free to E-Mail me

    Thanks i hope this helps :)

  44. Mark says:

    Let sony fix it a few days not been online won’t hurt spend some with the wife

  45. Mark says:

    Some time with wife

  46. Kyle says:

    Ok I finally found out what was the problem and no I am not a playstation employee I’m just telling you guys so it was an attack called outside force

  47. Joseph says:

    Look people, Sony clearly stated that it was an outside intrusion. Which means it was some sort of attack either purposeful or accidental. Luckily I have had an xbox for a few years so I don’t have to worry about these things. Although I finally broke down and bought a PS3 (which I really do think is a better system) I’m a little frustrated at the lack of transparency on Sony’s part. But I will wait to pass judgement until they get this straightened out. And I’m sure as hell not going to sell my PS3 because of this. I’m sorry but I absolutely love that it can play Blu-ray’s and that it has a web browser built in. Both of which work without PSN. Stop being melodramatic people. Go for a bike ride or take a drive to the nearest Redbox, get some movies, grab some popcorn, and have a movie night. There is life outside of some garbage Activision game.

  48. neonderthal says:

    me pray to sony,source of jonesing for must have game fix not go out of cave since long snow fire make eyes look at cave wall 3 so bored me make drawings of food on wall.all my people die from boredom,me last one here.please give me life.

  49. Eddie says:

    My nipples hurt

  50. neonderthal says:


  51. ZOMBI3KING says:

    im selling my ps3 on craiglist now! im buying an xbox thnx

  52. Rebecca Davis admin says:

    Sell it for free on our sponsors site

  53. i think its a bunch of hackers trynin to get us to play xbox but i will never SWITCH

  54. painkid says:

    thist **** is crazy now im thinking of selling my ps3 and buying xbox i mean wtf they should at least tell us when its ffixed

  55. chapman23 says:

    i have an xbox and ps3 so im good for awhile

  56. ImTheBest says:

    yes, i am the best

  57. Gizzie22 says:

    Wtf?! Again?? Im really goin to sell my ps3…i need a f#@xing xbox…shit is aggrevating

  58. Darknessprince says:

    So what? I don’t care that PSN is down. Gaming isn’t about online features. I’d hate to see what would happen if these people had to go back to Dreamcast and SNES. Every game has much more to it then online features, and that’s why company’s should care more about story and LAN play then online. Grow up babies. Oh wow, you can’t play Black Ops.. Go join the army if you wanna play solider so much.

  59. Everyone Look at ME! says:

    If I eat too much pizza and fried chicken, I get heartburn.

  60. Acescout92 says:

    I thought about ditching the PS3 and going XBOX but I’ve put way to much money into it to give it up now. But this is DEFINITELY not how Sony should be treating its customers. Online gaming is the only reason I game, and seriously, how many people got black ops for its story? Y’all wanted multi-player! Maybe as a compensation they should let all BLOPS owners download the map pack for free? xD

  61. true gamer says:

    you guys really need to learn that the online is free for a reason and also get a life honestly you can live four days without blackops … and if you cant however did you survive when online gaming didnt exist 6 years ago?

  62. Bill says:

    The grass is always greener…

    Switch if you want to but Xbox has it’s own problems. No system or network is perfect, so you can either sell your PS3, plunk down a few hundred more dollars on an Xbox, rebuy all your games, and pay for Xbox live, and wait for your red ring of death. Or quit bitching and just wait a couple days and everything will be fine again.

  63. Bob says:

    Online gaming has been around over ten years moron

  64. chandler says:

    my friend is a ps3 black ops hacker and i also have hax…to many hackers is why they shut it down to work on patches

  65. Natasha says:

    It is sort of frustrating but what can we really do? Anyone up for a game if monopoly!!

  66. skyler says:

    To all of the people who are complaining, go outside! i hate this too but we’ve got find something to do so i’d say go play outside

  67. Fugicara says:

    I’m very disappointed that you guys would be so quick to sell the best console out right now (PS3) and buy a 360 just because PSN is down. I mean, I just got into Black Ops to see if it was as bad as I thought it was, and I got addicted to it. I was mad when it went down, but I’m not doing anything rash like that. You guys don’t even deserve to own a PS3.

  68. Colt says:

    Playstation screwed up. I was told they probley wont give anything back to us.. Ah well am tradein for a 360 tomorrow.

  69. Colt says:

    Am sick of hear you chumps go outside go do something other then gaming. I work 40 hrs a week spend time with the woman and still jave time to kick all ur asses in cod. Plus ive had more problem with my ps3 system this was just a nother add on

  70. PS3 Rocks!!! says:

    You guys just need to calm down it should be up by Tuesday. Your just lucky there not going to make you pay for the time it’s down like xbox would. I am a little upset but I’m not going to cry about it. I also understand that it is spring break and there is not a lot to do. You can’t blame Sony they are trying to protect your private information, cut the poor people some slack would ya. It is the hackers fault that we don’t have online. Suck it up and appreciate what we have and that it is not the 18th century when there was no internet, games, or computers. You could be working 8 hours every day of every week of every month.

  71. jason says:

    ya’ll need 2 just chill psn will be back up soon they took it down for us they r uping the security so chill every1 and just hang on there tryin 2 make psn safer from outside hackers and online will still be free thanks sony.

  72. Jon says:

    PSN is free first of all. So what if it’s down for a few days? It’s not going to be forever. If you can’t live for a few days without COD, I say go hang yourself and make the world a better place.

  73. Colt says:

    Theres more games on ps then cod muther fuckers. How about all these ppl that bought this dc online i want to know will they give some days back on that.

  74. gamer says:

    i mean its no problem if its down i mean its free i mean i do play cod EVERYDAY but now that its down it inspired me to look for a job sony just need to upgrade this is not the first time it has happened…plus it actualy help some teens running the streets stay home…

  75. Campaign-vs-multiplayer says:

    So what if MP is down. You can still have fun on Black Ops. Here’s a tip. Go on split screen, and if you like, set up computer controlled dummies (like in Combat Training), but set it to Regular, then you have a Plan B for when PSN is under maintenance or other s**t like that. Thankfully for me, I have three Xboxes, a PS2 and Minecraft to play, so I’m covered for everything.

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