Google Offers

I am sure that you have seen sites like Groupon popping up all over. Of course I knew that they would when it was reported that Groupon was raking in the money. Google attempted to buy the company and it was believed they would get it for about 6 billion but that turned out to be a no go. So here was birthed Google Offers.

google offersGoogle Offers really looks like it is going to be the same thing as Groupon. I am sure some things are going to be a little different but I am not sure if that will be for the better or for the worst. There is a horribly annoying little promo video floating around that you can watch but it really doesn’t tell you anything. The video is basically a song and then they say that Google Offers is coming.

This service will first be in Portland Orgeon, Oakland / East Bay, San Francisco and also NYC Uptown, Midtown and Downtown editions. You would get daily emails with discounts for 24 hours periods etc. If you happen to be from one of those areas you can go ahead and subscribe. What do you think about Google Offers?

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