Starbucks: Get Free Starbucks Coffee

Today is Good Friday but it is also Earth day. In honor of Earth Day Howard Shultz would like to buy you a cup of coffee! Well that sounds good but how does it work? You can get a free starbucks coffee by simply bringing in your own travel mug.

The reason that they are doing this is to save disposable cups and save the Earth. Simply bring in any mug up to 31 ounces and get free Starbucks coffee (hot or iced!). Last year they did the same thing and saved over a million paper cups! All year you can get 10 cents off of your cup of coffee by bringing in a travel mug. Will you be going out to get your free Starbucks coffee?

If you are on facebook you can go to their page to stay updated on the latest information. Today people will be posting pictures of their travel mug so everyone can see. Some of them are the fancy Starbucks mugs and other are hilarious designs. I don’t know about you but I’m going to get some free Starbucks coffee!

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