Water For Elephants

There is yet another interesting love story coming out on the big screen. This one stars Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. The critics are very mixed about whether they like it or not. Some people think that Water For Elephants is just a little too far fetched.

water for elephantsThis movie is basically about a guy down on his luck who catches a train. Where have we heard this before? Anyway he ends up finding out that it is a circus train. Since he has nothing else to do he decides that he will be an animal caretaker. Then the drama of Water For Elephants starts.

Jacob meets Marlene the beautiful circus performer. He falls in love with her after sharing the common interest of Rosie the elephant. Aw what a nice story. Well yes except for in Water For Elephants there is a husband that is in the way. Do you plan on seeing the movie?

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