Playstation Network Down: April 23

Have you been going crazy with the Playstation Network down? There are literally millions (70 million to be exact) of players that are without a game today. Sony has not been speaking out much about the outage. We believe that they have not been saying much so that people will not know the course of action that they are taking.

playstation network downFinally Sony claimed that the Playstation Network down problem was because of an attack by an unidentified outside force. They say that they preemptively shut the 70 million subscriber down. Sony Senior director of corporate communications and social media Patrick Seybold has made three updates since the outage began on Wednesday evening April 20th. His latest announcement about Playstation Network down goes like this:

Playstation Network Down: April 30

PSN Down: Sony Being Very Vague

Sony Playstation Network Down: Update

“An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.”


  1. tmaniddaboss says:

    this is retarted

  2. we’ve waited for days for this how long is it going to be?
    we should get 10£ psn

  3. Mike says:

    Billions? I think you mean millions or else the entire history of the world’s population has risen from their graves and created a playstation network account.

  4. Alicia Cole says:

    Well hurry the F*(k up, damn im trynna play some zombies live!!

  5. Greg says:

    Billions? LOL

  6. mallchin says:

    Dude, there are only ~6 Billion people on the planet, so how can 70 Billion be affected by PSN being down?

  7. Ryan says:

    Sony isnt saying anything because they are not planning on doing anything, at least not until the weekend is over. Sony is a corporation that has only one interest and that is profit. paying people to work on it over Easter weekend was probably to expensive for Sony to even consider since the PSN is free. They will fix it next time they are on their lunch break. As for the rest of the players, it isn’t like they are all going to drop the PS3 so Sony really isn’t that worried about this. Sad isn’t it.

  8. jon.o says:

    there arent even 70 billion people on earth. there are 75 million people without playstion network for 4 days

  9. Craig Mc says:

    Mistake in your article you said Billions of players it should read Millions – The total global population is only 6 billion ;)

  10. TtEeVvIiNn says:

    wtf they a few days right soo thats like umm 2dayss wtf iss been llike 4

  11. john england says:

    how much longer till its back up or will I have to go and hook up my 360 online again because this sucks……

  12. JustMe says:

    You’d think that a multibillion dollar corporation would be able to fix whatever damage some 40 year old virgin made. But I doubt the head people at Sony are worried, since PSN users are hooked like junkies to their services and will mist likely not switch to xbox.

  13. mbond says:

    looks like ill be buying a new x-box! Never had any problems like this on that system. sony did this last year aswell!

  14. Justin Wood says:

    Migrating Host…..

  15. Anonymous says:

    There’s something bigger going on.

  16. jake says:

    you mean 70 million
    there only around 7 billion people in the world let alone 70 billion withs ps3′s

  17. Jeannie says:

    I think this is so stupid they said a day or two and now we are going on to day four what the hell is going on can any one tell us when it will be back on

  18. JL says:

    are you retarded? are there even 70 billion people on the planet? u must mean 70 million. derp

  19. Why says:

    This is very Frustrating, i cannot wait further. Hopefully Playstation Network is back up Tommorow. :)

  20. unnamed says:

    this is retarded and i know that im speaking for everyone else when i say this but you seriously cant take someones daily routine out of their lives you have to be more descriptive about whats up and say what course of action you taking so were not sitting here thinking your doing nothing get this shit back up quick though because people are getting very pissed off by now

  21. tom allison says:

    Is 70 million users not 70 billion.

  22. steve says:

    think you got a typo there. 70 billion players down when theres only 6.75 billion people in the world seems a tad off.

  23. Random guy says:

    70 billion players you say, where are they playing from another planet???

  24. tyler mclean says:

    well can u guys port somthin soon to make us feel better or i for 1 will go back to xbox 360

  25. shahid j wahab says:

    I would like to know why u guys don’t Have a better security system because there should not be anyone that can hack the psn and I bet a lot of people are pissed at sony right now but like everyone else I would like to know when the psn is going to be back up

  26. Justin Graham says:

    70 billion? There are only 6.5 billion people on earth…

  27. renee says:

    does anyone know when psn will be up and running again?

  28. demetri says:

    its because sony took geohot to court for jailbreaking the ps3 a group of hackers called anonymous attacked sonys company by hacking it there trying to fix it but it might be another day

  29. Well says:

    It’s only been two days you people sound ike you play the game to survive I can survive few meesly days without online gameing sony are fixing it so be thankful for that.

  30. cmurph says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh im gonna kill myself im having cod withdrawals

  31. PSNnow1234 says:

    It doesn’t say billion…

  32. jon says:

    time to get a xbox 360 at least they shit dont go down cause u actually pay for it fuin sony lames

  33. chuckie says:

    This i so stupid i was just geting on a role with tdu 2 and psn shut down im pissed yo give us some reasoning behind all this and maybe a new easter gift for all the truble

  34. lol says:

    lol i come online to get an update and realize how many people have no lives. Really its down for four days quit your complaining go do something active and quit sitting on ur ass playing games.

  35. Resident,lord says:

    to the people who said that 70 billion psn players were down ,,, u guys r fin wrong, cuz they were 70 millions not 70 billions psn players down..aholes!!!!!!!XD

  36. Alex says:

    BILLLLIONS AND BILLIONS of people are suffering and now have to resort to non-nerdy forums of entertainment. Aggggggh I really didn’t want to have to do this but I think it’s time to go get a girlfriend. Thanks a lot Playstation Network

  37. Shea says:

    The reason it says billions is because most people have multiple accounts on which they play

  38. ExTc Nate says:

    Okay I found that this is our long weekend and that we are without games, I understand that we do not have very long left and that you have shut the service down I agree, entertainment to customers is important yes and our accounts because you never know what outside force of this kind might do. Yet I am hearing about well Call of Duty Black Ops being this weekend it’s a double EXP week and all of the PS3 gamers are missing this! Now I find this outrageous! The PSN network should give free PSN points and if this is a double EXP week, talk to Treyarch the makers of this game CoD BO and get us either a full week of Double Exp or this weekend but with a few extra days or mostly just a 4 day exp week. And must be this week or weekend coming up which is April 24-30th or March Im not sure if there is a April 30 but still this is outrageous and sickening! I hope that PSN gets this up again soon, alot of people will stop playing on PS3.

    Now I have no word but a theory, that these people/hackers/outside force, may be an Xbox customer because as seen Xbox and PS3 people do not like eachother, and this source may be trying to take it down because a fight is started or they just really hate us!

  39. meems says:

    Thank God for the Xbox 360!!

  40. Jellodalton says:

    This is retarded, I think they should give the 7″million”!! players some free PSN money especially for the people that are alone this Easter weekend and wanna play online and rent movies. It’s sad that they really don’t even give two shits about either otherwise it would have been fixed. I feel sorry for the addicts.. Maybe some multi-millionaire paid them to shut it down so his kids would hangout with him for the Easter weekend.?.
    Thank god for that good old xbox with it’s kinect!!

  41. Sever Zagrai says:

    I hope Sony will redeem us with cash in our accounts after all this.

  42. GazaYute says:

    PSN for the network been down so long i hope yu guys fixed the connections issues on Zombies Black Ops an all of the loggin Shit. Also if the host quite the game, the other player with the next best connection should automatically be the host

  43. Biggy says:

    It says 70 Million retards -_- learn to read im pissed bout this too ive heard from recent sources it will take nearly A MONTH just to fix router cables no one really knows but honestly call me crazy but Xbox creaters for LIVE may have hacked this to get word to ps3 that xbox is better xbox does great yeah but ps3 is free but stop baggin on ps3 xbox is ALWAYS FULL OF HACKERS no lie if you go on xbox you were able to get a free account? ive had ps3 since the begining and this is the longest its EVER been down but in the mean time do what im doing play some campaign (i hate it though) but it keeps time passin it should come back on soon but yall who just play pubs?stop complainin me and millions not billions i said MILLIONS of other players play gamebattles and all of ps3 players are upset because now we cant play matches so all you pub starts STFU AND STOP COMPLAINING

  44. Brian GG says:

    I think we should get something back for our lost of connection. I love PlayStation the only system I play I want no other system in my house. I want some kind of compensation for this downtime. Thx

  45. Worthy says:

    You lot need to get out more…

  46. fletch-a-sketch says:

    Ya looks like i will be buying a new x-box again this stuff never happend….

  47. kungfu_joe100 says:

    what about the dc universe players who paid money in advance to play online? will sony take care of the days that they missed from the outage? And why DC universe havent made a comment yet?

  48. max power says:

    Dear Sony tell us who the hackers are and I guarantee you will have 70 million zombies ready to kill the SOB . FYI 70 million zombies is the same as 70 billion people!!!!!

  49. annonomous says:

    you guys stop being crybabys. oh my gosh the psn is down. i have suffered 4 days lol i would never turn my back on sony screw the 3 fix me you guys wanna go bak to being x box boys then go i wont miss you just know that we get better ganes oooooo you get halo and gears of war whooptie do we get uncharted 3, heavy rain, God of War, the move you feel cool with your konnect i bet its just as broken as everything else lol the only thing i envy about x box is that you guys get commited black ops servers but seriously stop crying it will be back up in do time until then go play offline games their not all online they all just have online options let sony do their thing and enjoy the little things

  50. kungfu_joe100 says:

    It’s not like you can turn on dc universe and play a mission while server is down, its pure online game ” a monthly paid game” DC universe is my most favorite game of all time! im screwed

  51. come on this has been goin on forever and its a long weekend i shold be gamming right now

  52. Robert Palm says:

    This is very disappointing that we have been left in the dark by Sony. I keep reading it could be down for a day-or-two. That was 4 days ago. Over promise and under deliver…. I hope that isn’t the playstation mentality.

  53. LEROY DEANE says:


  54. Steve says:

    You fuktards that are wanting compensation for your downtime need to give your collective heads a shake. I’ll give you your compensation. I will give each and every one of you a free month of Playstation network access when we come back online. There, nuff said. Now be like the birds and flock off.

  55. BRY-STEELZ says:

    well this give me a chance 2 go thru tha campaign mode …………..

  56. kane says:

    Personally i think that the server’s are down because of an overflow. And if it was hackers, they haven’t hacked any data or the network’s they probably would of overflowed it to make it crash. Sony should try unplugging it and waiting 30 seconds.

  57. levi says:

    f*ck sony, i got the yellow light of death a month after warranty expired so i had to either buy a new one or pay sony to fix it! now that i have a new one i cant play online and sony wont let me know whats going on. xbox almost never has these types of problems. sure you gotta pay a little amount every year but you know its gonna work when you turn it on!!! what are we on day 3 now? sony needs to get it togther!

  58. toffee says:

    it says 70 millions, are you guys blind or just plain dumb? your mom didn’t teach you how to read or what?
    & stop whining over this & claim some rewards out of it, it’s a free service so you can’t complain for it unless you’re a PSN Plus subscriber, so quit crying here.

  59. Zaler says:

    I’m really thinking of switching to Xbox right now…

  60. BRY-STEELZ says:

    my girlfriend is lovin this down time especially since i got tha weeknd off im very optimistic that it will be any minute now BLAW,BLAW,BLAW four-20

  61. kane says:

    Also i think sony are also using this opportunity to patch and do some work to the online.

  62. bigelow says:

    just bought an x-box..screw this waitin bullcrap

  63. Elevendythreeve says:

    They put the typo in there to keep people complaining about it and not the real problem….I think it’s working. Take deep breaths everyone….they’ll fix it….someday.

  64. kevin says:

    its a free service dumb-ass, you are not paying for it so if something happens to it frikkin relax, they owe you nothing. try playing a different game, like one with an actual story and you wont be missing the online play. Or better yet, get off your asses and go outside and play, or take a walk, or read a book, or anything else that doesn’t involve you sitting on your asses and complaining about shit that you cant fix and that you didn’t have to pay for.

  65. Binsk69 says:

    I’m in Black Ops withdrawl,I recently earned all the killstreaks(create drop was a pig)..I finished getting all the Pro Perks and am working on my 10th Gold Gun..Addicted to the game??? Damn Right!! I’m compulsively checking the PSN to see if it’s up and running..Today I went and got a time card for my Wow Account just in case,but I still have my fingers cross…LOL

  66. this is stupid. i am gonna stop wasting my money buying sony’s crap and go x-box360! ylod, psn crashing, sony sueing for jail break? c’com, i paid $250, if i decide to jailbreak by system it should be up to me, not the rich asshol3s in the corporation! taking the guy to court for jailbreaking, thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. sony, i dont know how much more bs i could put up with. a friend jailbroke my ps3, you gonna sue me too for trying to upgrade my system???? why wouldnt people want one of the richest nerds (bill gates) making their gaming system, hes not only the owner but a player like us. he has fillings for the gamers of the world. makes me wonder if sony does?

  67. ronald santhin says:

    Yeah this really does suck. Got the house to myself and im broke as s**t. Nothing but shit**y shows on tv, and PSN is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suck balls

  68. That guy says:

    Ya it sucks that the psn is down. But it’s Easter weekend. You should be with family and friends outside with some BBQ and a football. If all else fails play some single player and hone your skills. Just pretend your pwn’n n00bs. But half of you guys keep saying ” thank god the xbox never had this happen”. If I remember it was like a year and a bit ago that xbox live was down for nearly two weeks. and you guys pay 70 bucks a year. Ive had my ps3 since day one, the 800 dollar 60 gb and is still alive and kickin. How many people do you know have had the rrod? My lil bro has had 6 times. Fail. And as one guy said this is the longest time the psn has ever been down. So quit complaining. Go outside. Play some ball. Meet some people. Heck meet some girls ( scary thought for most of you ). And it’ll be up when they can.

  69. ronald santhin says:

    Oh yeah and i highly doubt anyone will be getting so called”compensation” You tards its a free service and even if you pay for playstation plus or any other any other services your not going to get crap

  70. johnny boxer x says:

    this is awesome!!! all you stupid little video game geeks will be forced to actually have a life. bwaaahahahahahaha!!!!

  71. Andrew says:

    If this is off for another day i am going to have to hook up my x-box again and go buy a new x-box live membership this is crazy after i JUST bought 3 new games!!!!

  72. Cod Player says:

    This is jank i just got good at Modern Warfare 2 and got my first nuke ever!!!!! I demand 200 PSN points!!!!! I will switch to xbox and im not lying!!!

  73. Tom says:

    Really really angry about this, holiday weekend, got Portal 2, wanna play Black Ops bad, etc…. If I could get my hands on those hackers…. Hope to god ‘karma’ hits those hackers….

  74. ethan says:

    this is so stupid we should get like 20 dollars for psn points

  75. Tom says:

    This outage has really made me realise just how addictive COD is…. Black ops multiplayer is actually the best gaming there is…. I’ve always been a Sony gamer, but Sony really need to get their act together, heads should roll for this level of downtime….

  76. Gman says:

    You 2 Dumm a** let it go about some
    70 million!!! We are paying for something that we can’t play an you 2 are fussing like some dumm getto kids

  77. Casey says:

    70 million, herp derp.

  78. Allen says:

    psn is free. so i dont care how long they take. if xbox live was down, then id be pissed. but im losing any money since i play psn so being patient i can be.

  79. Steve says:

    Well like many have already said up top if you cared to read, having the PS3 online don’t cost you a thing other then your internet connection which you use anyhow so Sony is not going to comp anyone for anything because there is nothing to comp. Yes I hate the fact that I can not get online with my friends and kill something that is already dead :) but I am sure that by Mon evening things will be back to normal and all of those of you who kill zombies like me will be back online and getting frustrated because some people don’t know the 1st thing about team work and strats so sit back and practice SOLO mode and I will cya online. Stem7479 out.

  80. Chris says:

    The 1/2 of you complaining should go outside instead of crying about gaming. The sun doesn’t bit if you play fair, stop being sooper nerds and gtfo.

  81. sony supporter says:

    guys stop whining get a life and when u know psn will be bck up and running i agree with some of yall that thy should give us some thing like psn points but will be true maybe maybe not so just be patience and go outside i know cod mw2 and blck ops ar addicting belive me i like playing iti miss it

  82. John says:

    So you fix the problem, but censor my comment. You have a lot of integrity, don’t you?

  83. Derrick says:

    Just think, all this downtime will give alot of these annoying babies to go cry to there mommies to get them a xbox and we wont have to deal with them on psn anymore, ya just gotta look at the bright side

  84. devonte says:

    come on turn psn back on so wat if they hack it people cant live without psn so yall need 2 turn it back on

  85. devonte says:

    when is psn going 2 be back online i getting bored @ home

  86. John says:

    By the way, simple one, that was a rhetorical question. The answer is “no, you do not have any integrity”.

  87. ronald santhin says:

    Wow PSN points never heard of that must be somethin new……….. or you play gaybox lol

  88. Jon Smith says:

    Sup people. I like my ps3 and the gaming network. I have nothing bad to say about the free service. I have only had it for a couple months, so going without isn’t killing me. Nor will it kill anyone of you. Go outside, read a book. Stop with the angry blogs, and do all that you can do. Just wait it out. Peace, nuff said.

  89. Yellow-Snow-Eater says:

    Ahahahahahaha !!! I have both ps3 and 360 and it’s true you get what you pay for …. Congrats Sony on being retarded.

  90. Trev says:

    Ive had it up to here with people telling us psn users to calm down, because “we dont have to pay.” Thats bull. The only reason why Microsoft makes there users pay is because they no all the little kids will ask their rich mommy and daddys to pay for 3 more months of FUCKING XBOX LIVE. Have you ever heard of psn cards dumb ass? Yea we have to pay for EXTRA FEATURES; like new maps, demos, movies, and all that other bullshit that xbox has. Also, the amazing playstation 3 cost just a little bit more than xbox! So great, nuff said, its about time Sony gets there act together, and maybe upgrade on their SECURITY a little more, so that no more soon to be FBI George Hotz dudes can have their 5 minutes of fame.

  91. Luchian says:

    Really? People cant survive a few days without gaming online? play campaign mode or something. man thats sad that so many ppl dont have lives to keep them occupied for a few days.

  92. Kyle says:

    Ok the problem was an attack called an outside force and no you guys maybe wondering I’m a PSN employee but no

  93. matt says:

    Yea, it sucks cause it is a long weekend and I’m without my service. And yes PSN IS FREE and should I receive compensation for that no….BUT how bout the Netflix account I have that can not be used during the outage………

  94. Ben says:

    Uh you guys we all searched the same thing……… Doesn’t that mean that we all want to find out when they will be back up……..o one other thing i would go outside BUT ITS PORING DOWN RAIN…. >=/

  95. KillaKills says:

    PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!

  96. Lexi says:

    You guys should really stop complaining. It’s a Playstation for pete sake. I know im mad aswel. But i couldn’t really help the matter, now could i? Those people who hacked Playstation Network have no life. I’m not cracking on them, it’s just come on now!! Why would you hack it? To be “hardcore”? “Omg! I just hacked a system! Maybe girls will like me now.” No. Not cool, not cool one bit. I believe that PSN is wayyyyyyy better than Xbox, but thats just my opinion. I am addicted. And now that PSN has been down, i have time with friends and family. But i do constantly check Playstation Network. I just pray and hope Playstation will be on tomorrow.

  97. I’m PISSED they said it will be back on line in two days,well it’s been three days and no word when it will be back online(I pay fifteen dollars a month for DCUO,and I play everyday). If you give a deadline keep it,and if you can’t keep it explain why you cant. Just keep me informed,thats all im saying.

  98. Notmyname says:

    Yeah psn needs better security but don’t hate on it guys. And I have x box and a ps3 and prefer psn cause to me it’s better

  99. Mickey Mouse says:

    C’mon guys its FREE. you are all ignorant for wanting “compensation”. S*** happens, in the meantime go do something productive with your pathetic basement lives. go toss the old pig skin around, ride a bike, ride a chick, ride your girlfriend or something… “it’ll be back soon.

  100. Soulistance says:

    Upset about it being down for so long but it’s free so there’s no room for complaint. In the end, all you can do is wait. And if you’re usually in the house all day long on the weekends then that’s a shame lol..
    I’m addicted to COD too, but at least I know to do something productive when I can’t get on it. Whenever it’s up it’s up. It’ll be up by Monday though hopefully so I’m cool with it as long as it stays free.

  101. noe lara says:

    come on! i just bought my ps3 last sunday and i bought call of duty black ops the same day this shit happened another thing is that i already activated my 1 free month of netflix and its not fair because im not getting my whole free month like WTF!! i should of buy the 360 elite instead.. fix this shit now i wanna play!!! >: |

  102. BLOUSE says:

    This is insane we spend $400 on the F@$kin system and it doesnt even work…It better be good to go by sunday…..THIS IS BS

  103. xiongmau says:

    When will the PSN be back? WHich day? Why not try use CISCO Network? More secure….

  104. Travis Castaneda says:

    The point is we pay good money for these games we make sony playstation manufacturers millions and they can’t even let us, the customers kno what the hell is going on, its bullshitt!

  105. VegasKing says:

    If them being down for this long of a time, is to keep all of our personel & vital information from being hacked & desributed, so be it!! Im sure that since Sony is taking the hugest lost right now, theyre doing everything possible to get us back online, so I think we can cut them some slack!!

  106. Big Rob says:

    I keep hearing FREE service! and that just could be the problem……. I wish they would charge a fee. Might get rid of some of the Bum’s.

  107. ronald santhin says:

    Keyword psn card not points wow so quick to talk crap. Think you need to put down the pipe maybe you can read and remember things better that way.

  108. WandaWoman says:

    Wow! It isn’t the end of the world…or did I miss the memo????

  109. Mike says:

    Its crazy how something like this happen and what doesnt make sense is how SONY KEEPS SAYING a day or 2? Were going on 4days now that tells me if SONY doesnt even no when PSN will be back Online then they dont even no the Problem let alone Fix it thats an even bigger problem.. If they knew what they were dealing with they would have a Timeline of when it will be fixed.. So YES people i can wait till they fix it no Biggy but when XBOX and companys NEVER HAVE ISSUES and SONY continues to have issues and SONY Continues to BS on the Timeline and the REAL Problem when i Paid $400 for a damn Game console then I HAVE A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!!! So you A-HOLES that keep defending SONY need to know the facts 1st! SO SHUTUP!

  110. The smart one says:

    Number one it is called patience. Don’t you guys know how to actually be respective and wait. It’s not even Sony’s fault. They got hacked. Just go outside or find something good in the real world that you inpatient people Probably haven’t heard of and it’s just awful how some of you actually wasted your money on on an xxbox just because of this

  111. Deazleberry says:

    Transformers are coming they hacked into the network! Or aliens of some other form!

  112. TimeToDebate says:

    I totally agree with Mike. When I found out on Wednesday I wasn’t able to login in, Sony said 2 or 3 Days. Now were on NUMBER 4 And SONY doesn’t want to claim anything so what? Those 70BILLION people are going to return their system because of SONY? What the F***? I see no point in PS3 anymore.

  113. tha beast says:

    ok this is pissin me off!! i only play like 30 minutes a day and its an epic fail by sony. there probly just sayin that because they wanna play by themselves.. dont tell me to read a book, bcuz i already read a lot.

  114. hushpuppy says:

    All that money that sony makes and they couldn’t stop this crap from happening. Wow really!!

  115. COD kila says:

    hakrs go do somtin else tal to ur cat or somtin leve PSN alone it didnt do anything to u

  116. hushpuppy says:

    Yall think microsoft hired hackers to do this to sony. HA!!!!!!!!!

  117. Injustice says:

    Patience my ass, people buy this console and it’s game no matter how much they charge it, and this is what we get, 4 days on weekends and after I just bought 2 games for almost $100 they will tell me they can’t fix it yet. They get millions over there, do something for your customers.

  118. pennie-G says:

    Damn I sure feel like f***n some pepole up on homefro cum on sony

  119. pennie-G says:

    Damn I sure feel like f***n some pepole up on homefront cum on sony

  120. hhh says:

    Wow i cant play black ops or any new game because sony screwed up my ps3 that i bought. Sony is a cheap ass company no wonder they get hacked.

  121. Jj says:

    I agree this is BS! We have over a thousand invested in the console and games and haven’t been able to play for days and there’s no word will it will even be back on!

  122. A guy with a life says:

    I think its soo funny how all these little nerds are complaining that they cant play a stupid video game for a couple days… quit your bitching and go outside and do something with your lives… your probably fat and out of shape.. its just a video game n on top of that you dont pay a cent to play online.. so STFU you no life queers

  123. Aussigooners says:

    I respect playstation,Sony but this is just shit tel the gamers like wen it will b done Sunday will be good.I rest my case

  124. Anon says:

    Playstation network is free, yes, and in that sense I’m not particularly upset that it’s down. HOWEVER my netflix account is NOT free and the fact the network is down does interfere with that service. It’s silly that I should have to log into a faulty network to use a service that doesn’t require it in the first place. The least they could do is remove that default in the next update.

  125. Xatu says:

    I came to spend the night at my grandma’s for easter and I took my PS3 with me, all of sudden I was going to play online but playstation network was down. I thought if I waited a little bit it would work but it was still off and I got really mad. I don’t have internet at my house so I won’t have a chance to play online, these people better fix the situation or if they don’t I’m switching to XBOX.

  126. rrobertsMD says:

    This is pathetic that sony is able to get it up and running, the worst part is I doubt they are working overtime given the Easter weekend. Seriously, Sony needs to get their act together and pull their head out, why the freak did Sony go after George Hotz (aka geohot) if they are not able to defend themselves against and attack. Personally I hold Sony responsible, the idea that they are so close minded and cannot see the value of Other OS and now they appear totally incompetent. So the are both out of touch and incompetent.

  127. Keith Swingman Jr. says:

    Somtimes you just get wat you dont pay for.

  128. Chante says:

    This is bull@hit for real smh oh well i guess i’ll just do someother activity like go outside and enjoy the weather which i havent done since i purchaced this damn faulty peice of equipment. ;-)

  129. AM says:

    For those complaining about not having NetFlix or NetFlix related issues due to the PSN being down; NetFlix still works regardless of being able to sign into the PSN. Just go to NetFlix on your PS3 like you always do, then when it asks you to sign in, just keep “signing in”, saying ‘ok’ by hitting the ‘x’ button when it says you can’t sign in, and hitting the ‘O’ button to go back. After 4 or 5 times of this, NetFlix will have loaded in the background, and it will stop asking you to sign in. NetFlix will work just like normal.

  130. adam says:

    If it ain’t fixed by tomorrow bye bye ps3, I’m getting a Xbox 360 elite

  131. Mr. Man says:

    I have always been a playstation user over xbox. Quality is what playstion is always about. But this is getting a little ridicules. Networks get hacked. It is a part of life, but to be shut down for four days and counting. Playstation is not a mom and pop business! Pay your guys some overtime and get it fixed!

  132. RU. says:

    Okay, I’m just as sad and angry as the rest of you guys, but come on. Cut Sony some slack. They’re taking the biggest hit right now. All those new games (Mortal Combat, Socom 4 and Portal 2!) just came out and have multiplayer which everyone wants to be playing right now. They’re loosing major profit from it.

    Those who are complaining that Sony owes us consumers, they owe us NOTHING. They have the right to shut down THEIR network. If you’re so damn upset with Sony go to XBOX360 and pay for your Live. Don’t complain. Our PSN is free.

    On another note, I hope Sony fixes it soon. These are the last few days of my Spring Break and I would like to play me some Call of Duty.

  133. Eddie says:

    Xbox here I come

  134. Ctg says:

    Yeah, as aggravating as it is, Sony shouldn’t be the one everyone blames. It’s not like they cut it off just to mess with everyone. I’m sure they’re trying hard to get it back up. Main part that pisses me off is they don’t keep us updated though

  135. Xathos says:

    You are all retarded. as soon as the network is back on all of you will return to what you were doing. God forgive any of you people go ride a bike or something.

  136. Xathos says:


  137. Ctg says:

    Ps… Netflix works without the network. When it says u must sign on when u go into it, hit sign in. When it says error, just hit back and it will load the movies. Been watching netflix all 4 days it’s been down

  138. bluedragon4032 says:

    guys guys guys the reason the playstation network is down is because they probley got hacked from unknown sorce i know u guys are pissed and as so am i but the real person who should be in the fault is the person deciding to hack a billion dollar companys software.
    what really has surprised me is how they can do that they say playstation network is unbreakable but here we are got f*** all to do and now we have too wate for them and also the worse time of the year because it’s easter this sucks xbox 360 is not better in fact the playstation out runs the xbox live any day of any year just stupid hackers think it’s fun to shut down 70 million users of the pnp.

  139. Really says:


  140. TheAirIsBetter says:

    I think this is BS for Sony to do I am almost tempted to go out and buy an XBOX 360, cod of duty black ops + the First Strike Map Pack and purchase a one year subscription to XBOX Live because of this. Sony has done this before remember a little over a year ago their network crashed and people were pissed it was down for about two days at that time.

  141. Tyler says:

    Sony is killing me about the effing problem I am about to go and buy an x-box 360 for 200 dollars cheaper and I can tell you all right now that this is all bull****.

  142. daveowin says:

    Everyone needs to look at the bigger picture. The inability to play online games is a MINOR annoyance compared to identity theft or hard drive melting hacks. I haven’t been able to watch Netflix or NHL gamecenter (during the playoffs!!!!!!) either and, yea, I’m not happy about it but it is better than have to restore a credit rating. Sony should be allowed to take all the time they need to be 100% sure that those 70 million users don’t have bigger problems than no on-line play.

  143. Anon says:

    I get that netflix works regardless of whether you’re signed into the network or not, and that’s my point. Why should I be forced into signing into a network that has had problems since it’s onset at all to use it? It’s a waste of my time and effort.

  144. Edubb says:

    U idiots the system is awesome it ain’t the systems fault it’s the damn network retards

  145. Tizdale says:

    You can still use netflix since youre connected to internet. just cant use playstation network

  146. Kirk says:

    70 Billion huh? thats alot…..thats actually like 10 times the population of out entire planet…i think you meant million my friend…

  147. ryee baloni says:

    uhmmm wtf keep us updated and tell us what the hell is going on?

  148. ryee baloni says:

    stupid hackers piss me off but dont blame psn for someone elses mess up. if anything they are trying to help us get back online. the owner of the psn should pay people overtime and get this stuff fixed.

  149. Kody says:

    I just threw out my ps3 and now have a 360 I’m tired this is the second time

  150. Mike W says:

    i know its been tough ppl, but playstationis still the s*** and all u xbox box lovin ps3 haters can eat a d*** its still the best system out there and it will continue to be until ps4……hope they hurry the f*** up tho so i can get back to FNC lol

  151. xboxfanboy says:

    The Mutha F*cking Monkeys are coming!!

  152. kc says:

    heres what i think about this situation. 1. sony shouldnt be getting all the blame for this because they did get hacked. 2. it should definatly be alearning lesson for sony–get a better security firewall! youve obviously got enough money! 3. i am pissed off that its taking so long, 4 days is wayyy too long and it is also true that the psn is THEIR network and i understand why they shut it down. we dont pay anything for the psn so they dont owe us anything except a HUGE appolgy about this sh@t! sony is a great company that needs to learn a lesson from this so it wont happen in the future.

  153. anthony says:

    how about the people loosing their minds just relax and be patient.. this could happen with anything.. if it takes longer for the network to be down so the sony ppl can fix the problem the rite way the first then so be it.. and who cares if we dont kno.. all we need to kno is that its not working bcuz clearly microsoft suxxx hahahaha and they hacked ps3 so they can get more ppl behind them.. id rather it be down for days then bak up and running and go down again and ruin either our systems or games or whos knos..

  154. daveowin says:

    Kirk: yea I meant million, but mistakes can happen, like typos or missing the point.

  155. the ps3 master says:

    god i cant play zombies online f u

  156. waynebeezy754 says:

    Why the freak does everybody keep saying just go outside??? not a little kid.
    2.I have a fking job!
    3.Me having a job limits the amount of time i have to play my game.
    im not just sitting in the house on my ass all day im working provide for my family i spent $600(system and games) and $160(internet to play said games)a month so that in the little bit of down time i have been work i can play my game and relax so why shouldnt i be upset when i cant do this. not like im living care free like all u kids talking patience ive been waiting going on 4 days and ive only gotten 3 little vague statements from sony on the issue maybe if i knew wat the hell was goin on exactly and not having to listen to false assumptions or make my own up i wouldnt have a problem with waiting

  157. Captainp27 says:

    I’ve been a playstation fan since day 1 and I love it! I would never sell out or even think about getting an xbox as a result of the network being down! Grow up u whiny little babies show some support and get off your asses and spend some time with your girlfriends or go play catch outside with a buddy! remember those days before Online gaming? Well u probably don’t but to sum it all up go outside and get ur pasty ass some sun! Maybe If u go throw a ball around, u wouldn’t be made fun of in gym class any more! I too bought games this week and would love to play online but for gods sake man stop bitching u sound like brats! U don’t get paid to play games and u didn’t pay for the free network access so what really happened to u was nothing! I’ve got a clan to run and this defiantly put some stuff on hold but be patient please be patient! Please stop whining all I want is to read the psn will be up shortly! Now go to bed early because Im sure u have Easter eggs to hunt for! Happy hunting little ones and for the grown men out there thank u for supporting Sony as I will always !

  158. Rocketcakes says:



  159. kc says:

    ryee i forgot to say that they definatly need to keep us updated ALOT better. how many updates have they given us since wed.? 2? 3? no where close to enough.

  160. yourmom says:

    Ok. This is just ridicuilous I can see how you guys may be mad but still just get over it and stop pmsing. I admit that I am a gamer but I am still not having a f****** cow over it. There are pros and cons I can see how you guys want to play but seriousley get over yourselfs go out side pass a football go over friends houses don’t be lazy fat asses and do nothing. Sony could have you pay for your online but do they no. I think you guys can wait a week and not play videogames stop being childish. I bet half or you people are obeice and sit on the couch all day and eat doritos. And all of you people who are going to go buy xboxs go waste ur f****** money on a stupid xbox do you guys even relize how much mony sony is losing? I bet that they lost more then 10 milion dollars because nobody wants to buy there games. I know you guys are pissed but watever you guys are f****** pussys seriousley go grow a set and go out side go get a girlfriend and get a life that’s all I have to say to all of you fucking haters

  161. extremefrog says:

    WTF!!! they need to fix this i can only play on weekends and like everyone else says we paid 400 dollars for the damn counsel hackers need to go get a life and stop being douche bags!!

  162. waynebeezy754 says:

    and i do pay for Psn i have a Playstation Plus subcription dnt tell me i dnt pay for psn!!!!! yu dnt pay for psn!!!!

  163. xboxfanboy says:

    The mutha f**king monkeys are coming!

  164. kc says:

    monkeys? wtf is up with the monkeys dude!

  165. kyle says:

    To playstation network

    keep up the hard work up you doing everything you can to get it back up i hope it well be up soon to :) and thankyou for keeping Us updated

    to to the people who did this : GO F*** YOURSELF YOU GUYS GET A LIFE

    ps3 user: bloodbender1

  166. Donald says:


  167. kc says:


    agree with you 100%…hackers suck!

  168. thinkoutsidethebox says:

    Here’s an idea….. while the playstation network is down you should try to go out your front door and bear a little sun for a while!

  169. thinkoutsidethebox says:

    Here’s an idea….. while the playstation network is down you should try to go out your front door and bare a little sun for a while! It’s good for you!

  170. itskennyson says:

    PS3.. It only does everything…Oops! I meant PS3… It does nothing…lol

  171. jayla says:


    it did say million

  172. joseph says:

    Look people it was either they shut the network down or all of us get a virus on our systems witch one would u rather have them do cause me I’m glad they shut it down cause I sure as hell don’t want a virus on my 400 dollar playstation then have to pay some one to fix it so y’all give them a break and let them do what they got to do to make this better for all of us please trust me that guy will have it comin to him

  173. mason says:

    any news on when itll be up

  174. asdf says:

    It isn’t sunny here at 9 PM

  175. Blake Crawford says:

    All of you that keeps talking down on sony are idiots. like the one comment about how psn should start charging us to keep the bums out ha ha ha. its not the bums that have ruined it. its the smart @%$# people that figured out how tho shut it down because sony is sueing one of there boys for hacking there network. you all are addicted to playing video games like i am. we should thank sony for the great video game experience they have given us instead of hating on them. THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN DO. i mean these dudes are loosin milllions from there network being down im sure there doing there best. go outside or something and chill out they will get everything back up and running. if your going to hate go get an xbox and be a sure enough punk lol

  176. kc says:

    hey guess what? i spent about 7 hours outside today. and if this keeps up i probably will tomorrow too! some people do need to get outside though. i play basketball and baseball both very competitively and practice all the time. SONY needs to fix this A.S.A.P.!!!!!

  177. WTF ($#@!#$%) says:

    Holy crap this is Bullshit i cant sign in its been 4 days i just bought 3 games and i cant play online
    hackers are pu$$y$ they only know how hack its annoying that i cant do anything at home.
    I dont know wat to do plss someone help me !!!!!!!
    Which one is better (PS3 OR XBOX)?????=

  178. Luis Garcia says:

    Xbox Entertainment Is hating on P.S.N. I’m pretty sure someone from the other side did this to the Playstation gamers.

  179. psn plus member says:

    For all those, like me, who did pay X amount of money for the PSN Plus package did actually pay. While not for access to online games, still I fee extra jipped and I feel bad for everyone who also paid for the plus benefits.

  180. azzy says:

    its so depresin nt been able to play its borin nd streeesin my brain out i knt stand how much longer we hv to wait til it gets fix but sony realy needs beter secuirity pls hurry i now its not easy but try ur best….

  181. JediAmI says:

    I am 38 with a great job and 3 kids in diapers. I work all day and play with my kids until it’s bed time.
    That’s when I hit the PS3 and save the world for 2-3 hours to decompress. I am trying to be patient but I am coming close to snapping of this doesn’t get resolved soon. Keep your head up Adult Players and good luck Sony

  182. AciDGOdz says:

    heyy iM GoiN Crazyy iCantt Takee it theres nothing 2 doo without playstation networkk iNeed to Playy bLackk ops!!

  183. Ron says:

    I have always been and still am a huge fan of playstation its a great consule, even though online play has been down for 3 days now for myself. My biggest problem is that I not only payed $60 for DC Universe but am also paying $15 a month to play this game and have had no access to play a game that I have to pay to play. At least neftlix is still accessable or then this post might have a lot more unpleasent words. My question though to SOE is what are you going to do to reimbers thoughs that pay to play DCUO? And my question to PSN is how are you going to make this up to thoughs that payed to be PS+ members? Im not asking for a free month or blah blah blah, just something that would make us happier again with your services. To thoughs that are flippen out chill out a lot of thoughs new games that you have bought have great single player action that you may other wise not apreciate, its like back in the day when Playstation first came out till PS3 because I know not very many people played online back in that time, enjoy single player for a while PSN will be back up and will all be back to shooting stabing and so forth online so till then I cant wait to blast some of you f**ks in the face with a shot gun

  184. AciDGOdz says:

    P.S GoOD LuCk sOny pLeasee Resolveee thiss asap! iM A c.o.d b.o Addictt

  185. I WANT PSN BACK ONLINE!!! says:


  186. xtxaxrxexq says:

    They said its onlyy for fkn two days it has beenn for 4 dayss now SRS this s**t is fkd………………..

  187. 21 says:

    hey for all you people out there who are being so stupid… playstation is doing everything they can u ppl are being haters! give sony a break if u got hacked could fix it.. didnt think soo… quit being fags,thanks playstion for being such an awesome company! im soo glad i dont have to pay for online access just to play with my friends :)

  188. Hackers can somtimes be cool nut when this happems this isnt cool at all folks

  189. grandpa matechuk says:

    f@ck now i havent played in about seven days and i finnally want to play and it doesnt work on my break off work. f@ck hackers and sony i know your trying hard but either get it going or keep us up to date on wtf is going on. more updates!

  190. KromeDome06 says:

    All I keep hearin or readin is people sayin XBox is better than PS3 because of issues like this. I can refer back to a time not too long ago when XBOX Live went out for nearly a week. My conclusion, shit happens. There will always be problems as long as there is hackers. You know….. da faggots wit computer intelligence.

  191. Jake says:

    Okay well it’s been 4 days now and still no psn they said 1-2 days the least they could do is say hey it’s gonna take longer then what we thought instead of us having to check every few hours to see if it’s working again

  192. donnie perry says:

    i think when the new maps coming for callofduty black ops out everbody on the ps3 shouldnt pay for it cause its been to long we havent be able to get online i think that is right thing to do for the incondenience i think yeal should pay for everybody

  193. Princess says:

    I just bought a PS3 yesterday so I must say it is very discouraging to have paid all this money n not be able to do 95% of the things I bought the system for! It would be nice to know what’s going on instead of assuming. Being it being my first full day with the system, its not a good look, and for THAT I do blame sony.

  194. erick says:

    i think it isnt that big of a deal. because people worry about lil stff like this. who cares about games.. i do have a ps3 and yes i play online every day, but wb the family. pick up the fone and call them or go out and eat with them or take your gf to the movie. im sure your gf would lik eif u do that and that well get you some where insted of gaming..

  195. kc says:

    i read something that said that the psn was supposed to be up and running at 8:30 but thats obviously bull…in the meantime im watchin the rangers-royals game! im losin it cuz this is gonna be one of my only free wknds til the fall to do nothing and now the one and only thing i want to do wont work. DOESNT GET MUCH WORSE THAN THIS FOR ME!

  196. Jokeybeakers says:

    Would you rather they kept the network open to attack and all your personal information on your home network been hijacked or have it locked down to protect you?
    God! Some of you really do live in a sub-reality with these games and it just kills you to think you might have to go outside and take a taste of some fresh air. Losers!

  197. satan says:


  198. Jokeybeakers says:

    Would you rather they kept the network open to attack and all your personal information on your home network been hijacked or have it locked down to protect you?
    Man! Some of you really do live in a sub-reality with these games and it just drives you up a wall to think you might have to go outside and take a taste of some fresh air.

  199. kc says:

    i dont think anybody ever said anything like “who cares if SONYS bein hacked turn the psn network back on!” we all know why they shut it down we just say “f@ck the hackers, f@ck the hackers!” bcuz most of this is all their fault. if it werent for them none of us would even be writing this sh@t about it!

  200. betty2 says:

    I wonder if these anonymous people have children that like to play online games and if they know there mommy or daddy is responsible for shutting it down… they should put there skillz into something that benefits the american people after all the country is falling fast quit wasting time with childish antics ; )

  201. Mike says:

    Sony will figure it out. It sucks, but things will get fixed. All you guys who hack games like GT5 and all the FPS should remember this crap. Your are no better.
    Stop fighting each other.. the hacker bastards are the problem. It doesn’t matter if your young or old, we all love to play. Thats all that matters. Sony needs to take their time and do it right. I hope they find who’s responsible deal with them severlely or at least publish their names and address so we can.

  202. Matty B. says:

    holy s**t im getting pist off…..i just get back from west virginia and i cant go online with nothing else to do for the rest of the weekend… now im just sitting here trying to help out psn because i have information on the users who hacked the network, and its taking them 2-5 days to use it..they even sent me an e-mail that my info. and suggestions are being processed and should work in a fw days………WHAT IN THE HELL IS MAKING THEM TAKE THAT LONG TO FIX THIS CRAP!!!!

  203. john says:

    awesome i hope we hav 2 pay a month card like xbox

  204. Holty21 says:

    All those people talking about psn lllllllooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll shut the f*** up your making yourselves sound bloody pathetic. they are only games llllllllloooooooooollllllllllllll cant stop laughing

  205. Mike says:

    Sony will figure it out. It sucks, but things will get fixed. All you guys who hack games like GT5 and all the FPS should remember this crap. Your are no better.
    Stop fighting each other.. the hacker bastards are the problem. It doesn’t matter if your young or old, we all love to play. Thats all that matters. Sony needs to take their time and do it right. I hope they find who’s responsible deal with them severely or at least publish their names and address so we can.

  206. jwall_get_at_me says:

    I think that Sony does owe us something for this. I know its free but we buy Sony products because PSN is free. Well I guess it could be worse. I could be playing on an XBox, that is worse then playing a PS3 while PSN is down.

    Sony take note, we need a free Mini or a PS1 game!

  207. chickinwang says:

    ARIGHT LET’S DO THISS….LEEROY JEEEENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Jabba-Jonny says:

    Sony, I respect you guys, you guys should just take your time. people don’t pay for network, so i would get it if you Sony did this on purpose.

  209. orion067 says:


  210. kc says:

    i liike that idea! just think about gettin stuff saying how much ppl hate you all the time. LOL! and if any of my other posts sound too negative about sony…im a longtime fan of sony and its a great company. i think they will get this done and i know they are trying there best! but i also think this is a little ridiculousn that its taking this long…

  211. ray says:

    Please keep the network free. And shoot us a free game pr something for denying us our gaming.

  212. xboxhereicom says:

    i have been a sony user for awhile now and i say f**k sony they have lied to us from the beginning.. all people want to know is a eta on when will it be back on and sony cant even give us that much… so with that i will be selling my sorry ass ps3 and gettin a xbox.. f**k sony this is a dam shame that you dont have people in that big ass company to get rid of these hackers… f**k you all i hope sony goes down!!!!

  213. Gorillaz01Fan says:

    $1000 dollars says that a Xbox 360 lover hacked the PlayStation Network.
    Add me on:
    PSN:Gorillaz01Fan(Add me when PSN goes back up)
    No bullcrap though

  214. non-ayour-dawn-business says:

    To be honest I don’t care if the networks down I can wait the only thing I’m reeeaaally more conserned about my personal info I just hope that PlayStation Networks firewalls for there PlayStation Networks users is really protective
    P.S. for you asshole hackers GET A JOB and I hope that PSN finds out it was you and has you arrested dawn hackers also I hope we can get back on soon

  215. Ralph The Mouth says:

    I’m so pissed at these hackers! It’s ruined my whole weekend cause of the downed network Shit! Can’t believe they hacked such a big network owned and operated by Sony for the gamers. I thought they had some of the best people and protection against this type of attacks. Leave us gamers alone you hacking bastards no one cares about you… most of us just wanna play. They should face federal charges for this Shit! Dammit. Hope its up soon!

  216. RM says:

    So what if psn is down go outside, get a job!! they will have psn back soon! but im serious that psn\sony needs a better security system on Mw2 9 of every 10 games are hacked black ops i haven’t seen any hackers resently but soon its going to end up like mw2!!and all the rest off the games but im wasting my money when im buying games why not get a job join a sports team anything you should only be play video games for 1 and a half hours anyways! somone’s try ing to to mess up sony i know that sony turn off psn but there losing millions by the minute take it easy! get some friends play some football! Not a big deal on the game blackops ALONE over 60000 years spend playing Alone! take it easy dont go buy an Xbox when some ******* hacker breaks in psn it was probly xbox or some other gaming compny coming into busniuss the rank over Sony who know!! (((of couse it would take a lot more that a week to do that A LOT more!

  217. Shawn says:

    At first i thought it was down just to add steam to PSN because Portal 2 came out the day before, but now i’m just pissed because its a 3 day weekend and I can’t do anything.

  218. lil_reyes10 says:

    wtf!!!!!!!!!!!! is going on whyy in da f’n world would sumone wanna hack psn when clearly it is da best thing in da world hope we dnt have to start paying to use it after this stupid accident stupid hackers i hope dey get caught ugghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre pathetic. hope we can get da psn running soon cuz i feel like playing fifa 11 again!!!!!! damn!!

  219. Sergio Rincon says:

    these hackers are way to much to deal with they took down a whole sony corporation and thats why sony needs to take there time and do it right so we dont get another one of these downs .. P.S I think that sony should give us atleast a free game or something for our patience.

  220. Nash says:

    The fact that its been off so long isn’t what pisses me off. Sony isn’t giving the public enough information, and that’s what sets me off. This is well into day 3, and they haven’t had much to say about it. Do they not know what the problem is? Are these hackers too smart for them? Maybe Sony should be hiring these guys, and give them six figure jobs. I bet their attitude about Sony will change then.

  221. brownje-_-monste says:

    i no sony will find a way to fix the psn soon. So u other ppl chngin to Xbox. Ur goin to see wat u lost. Cuz sony is the BۤT

  222. Trev says:

    i heard the hackers took all of our credit card numbers, & found out all the debts we owed, and paid them all off!!! how bout that, we are all debt free!! thank you hackers.

  223. Trev says:

    J_A_R____H_E_A_D black ops

  224. Trev says:

    o yea, valid info. psn WILL be down for 3 more weeks

  225. Charlie... says:

    Easy, maybe they are trying to blame Geohot again, for this OR what are they up to?!?! Maybe Sony did it on purpose or maybe someone else did it, I don’t know. I really don’t care what Sony says. I want the Network back cause indirectly with each game we gamers buy we pay for this service. 2(game material)+48(developers,copyright,etc.)+10(SONY’s Server). Sony has to be more than happy that many users are very patient.

  226. Smackers says:

    Well, like everything else…. Sh*t happens. Look at it this way, I don’t remember the last time the network was down, so I’m sure there are quite a bit of updates Sony will be able to put forth that I’m sure they have been putting out slowly but surely, and hopefully it will keep this from happening again.

    This is a free service! I can’t see why you greedy people think they should give you something cause you can’t access a free part. If you had to pay for service I could understand but you don’t. All you idiots out there that keep bad mouthing Sony cause you can’t get on the free network should go to Xbox and pay to play maybe then you would learn some respect. Though I doubt it since most of you seem like 14 year olds who just want to use bad words in a comment.

    Most have forgotten that unless you have a game like MAG then the network being down does not effect anything, 99% of all PS games are able able to be played with no network connection. Give Sony a chance to actually fix this. I would rather wait a few days to make sure it’s right, than end up having to pay for the service because Sony has finally gotten tired of massive amount of complaints for something that is given away.

    Watch and see, all the complaints that are going on is going to end up having us pay for this service. Personally if I had to put up with it then yeah I would start charging as to get rid of idiots that complain about something that is free, and more than likely if they charged then those people would go away. Least this way if someone had a complaint it would be worth getting fixed faster as they are actually paying for someting… /rant

  227. killer_RPD says:

    hey, i am really concerned about psn being down. I aint gonna have anything to do for a long time till its fixed… thinkin about sellin my PS3 and getting an x-box360 since this juss proved tht xbox live is more reliable , “sony i think we should at least get a mini and/or PS1 classic for us havin to wait” and if they make us pay then im definitely making the switch to xbl….. im pretty sure it was the anonymous user group that did this and p.s i hob those b****es get wat they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. Zeke Quinn says:

    PSN XxAarchangeLxX
    Yea I thought it was my system at first. I`m glad Sonys taking its time though, shows there really hunting these *censored* hackers down. There should be a form of report that people can send to have PSN instantly notified about someone being a hacker. the regular reporting system dosn`t seem to be very effective.

  229. Hayes says:

    hey sony,

    i served this country as a soldier and i do my part in serving you and these people that did what ever to bring sony down.. did you know that every month is pend 300 to 400 dollars on sony equipment and games.. that is almost one third of my money i make serving you and the peple of this country. All the people that love sony is that you guys give us a update besides cutting and pasting the same answer everyday.. If you could please is that you give us a day that we can log back on playstation network…. i can care less what you guys are doin and i can careless how long its going to take … what i do care about is is my INFO safe that i have use on your network and when can i long back on… and P.S. be a great company and let your fans in on something.

  230. tiz says:

    I just hope are personal info is secured, as far as playing goes lets go outside and get some sun and 420 it up

  231. Just Me says:

    I was an avid fan of Sony once but Sony has been pissing people off for a while now and it’s sad with the devices they sell along with firmware updates they push to their users that it is becoming more and more restrictive to what to you can do with the product you bought with your OWN CASH. If you own it, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want with it right?…Wrong, according to Sony. I built a media server at home and added my own store bought movies to its library. I never shared it with anyone. I used my PS3 to view my movies on my big TV…after a DRM firmware update pushed to my PS3, most of my movies are now un-viewable. I understand that was done to block pirated movies but for my case, that was unfair. I use another method now but my point is everyone wants an edge on everyone else whether it’s a faster car, an ability to run special apps on your phone or some sort of modded Playstation… It was just a matter of time before someone or some group had enough and retaliated against them whether it was for a cause or “just because…” So when I hear any losers complaining about how I can’t play my game and get online…come on, really? Get a f**ken life princess.

  232. Gijoe2420 says:

    I’ve been a playst fan my hole life and this is the first time I thought about buying a xbox get your shit together ps3

  233. Ralph The Mouth says:

    I wouldn’t be a problem throwing a foot ball or getting our past asses some sun if half the us wasn’t facing torrential down pours and Damn hard strait line winds and floods and tornado warnings and watches! Not a safe week ahead lots of storms and 7 day forcast is a plate of bullshit with a side of network shutdown.

  234. Joe Calkins says:

    This suck I know it’s free and I don’t blame Sony but theres other stuff I pay for .it won’t even let me watch Netflix keeps telling me I have to sign into psn network for it to work

  235. Mike Harmon says:

    I’m stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. First last weekend here we had tornadoes and power was our for almost 22 hours so therefore I wasnt able to play online much. Second we have a four day this weekend. Friday through Monday we have off. But now this shit happens. And I have just got the new Mortal Kombat. I’m really getting pissed. Its almost as if the world is coming to an end. Japan has all these crazy earthquakes along with nucular disasters and now PSN is down. I’m sure Nastadumas predicted this in the Lost Book. Repent you fucking XBOX faggots and accept PS3 into heart cause PSN will be ressurected! PSN ID: IndianaDrugLord

  236. Skoobiedoobie says:

    I hope that the playstation network gets fixed soon! I know that you guys at playstation will fix the problem You guys make gaming awesome!!!! Message to users: shite happens sometimes we will all be online soon….live long game hard…..

  237. your hard ass father says:

    i say f*** U.S military action in libya.. lets get find out who these hackers are a straight up drop daisy cutters on their houses!

  238. rodney says:

    why is the network down

  239. daviston85 says:

    wow 4 days now this really sucks but that’s what sony gets they got warnings not only from hackers but we as players call/called in informed them of games that were actually being hacked as we waited on the phone madden 2011 n modern warefare 2 (BIG TIME) but they acted as if they didn’t care so now the psn community is pointing the fingers at you SONY we buy your expensive product give our financial information over the network while you collect billion dollar profits and your telling me were not safe? that’s sad i hope whoever did taught you guys a lesson not to underestimate or take lightly a warning of intent hope were back up soon

  240. Voodoofone says:

    Kevin Butler will sort it all out!

  241. joseph says:

    I agree with some people but I sure hope we don’t have to start payin for it cause I can’t afford it right now I have other bills to pay and they break me as it is so sony please keep it free cause when I get bored it is the only thing that puts me in a good mood these days

  242. Justice says:

    What the hell does everyone think of f@#king course people could be capable to do this shit, with all this bullshit advance technology now a days and access to the internet anybody can do anything but what is f@$king bullsh%t is that sony makes billions and they can’t even protect themselfs from this sh*T we pay alot of money for games 60 bucks for most and we pay that much for not only the regular offline game but also the online gaming now because playstation obviously has an insecure server who knows if they can hack pl;aystation then they def have access to all of mine and your personal information seriously tho you make all this money all you have to do is sit on your asses all day and pay people to do your job and you can’t even promise our personal info will be safe don’t get me wrong I love playstation xbox sucks ass but Not doing your jobs then punishing us on top of that not protecting our personal info something needs to be done maby they need to fire a higher up that made this mistake in the first place.

  243. JDogz97 says:

    sure ppl are getting ticked off about this but give it time, it will fix itself up. A couple of things i did when it went down was play campaigns that i haven’t played at all yet. Or go outside for a bike ride or kick the footy with your mates… there is another place beyond gaming and as soon as you figure that out, you might go outside more. Any way what most ppl are trying to say is be patient. And to the hackers who did this i hope they get caught so we can go back to our gaming that we love.

  244. Grafidio says:

    Guys be patient! I know it sucksthat it destroyed our 3 day weekend, but Sony are trying to deal with those fa**ot hackers!!
    Btw , Sony, please keep psn free! The only reason I got a ps3 is because the network is free! If I have to pay then I’m downgrading to the FING WII

  245. Tank says:

    They wont find out who did it. if a group of hackers is good enough to shut down psn in the first place, im pretty sure their good enough to not get caught lol thats the first thing u learn as a hacker is to not get caught. so i doubt they will find anyone, and if they do they wont post their personnal info on a site so we can go do something about it, thats just retarded.

  246. Justice says:

    You know what I was doing some research and came across this group called anonymous and to tell you the truth I watched there recent video denying the accusations on them bringing down the network and sony blaming them but I believe anonymous maby sony did this themself for some reason we would never know Anonymous group I never really heard of untill yesterday but the things they have done I think they have done for reasons I can’t say for shure no one can but them, but I kinda think I know alittle bit of what the reasons might be but think about it they obviously are a highly skilled and intelligent group if they wanted to screw sony up that bad im pretty shure they would not deny it on a public video to all viewers I believe them What i don’t believe is sony fyi its alittle strange u guys blame anonymous but you won’t release info on anything sketchy i’d say.

  247. Darknessprince says:

    So what? I don’t care that PSN is down. Gaming isn’t about online features. I’d hate to see what would happen if these people had to go back to Dreamcast and SNES. Every game has much more to it then online features, and that’s why company’s should care more about story and LAN play then online. Grow up babies. Oh wow, you can’t play Black Ops.. Go join the army if you wanna play solider so much

  248. Sony. Why can’t you give us our gaming back? Why the lies? Is this a decitful and cowardly way to start to make us pay? If I have to start paying, I will sell my PS3. How can the techs take this long to fix this. It’s bullshit!

  249. Maybe the main location for the network is in Japan and the are having problems from the nuclear reactors.

  250. Kurgen says:

    It may seem a strange coincidence that Sony premiered their first MMO that’s FREE to play on the same day their servers crashed or that it was already dealing with MASSIVE access due to the ultra popular release of Socom 4. Top it off with a holiday weekend that normally overloads the system and what you have there is optimal chances that a poorly designed and up-kept server system will fail. Chances are good that it was Sony’s own incompetence that caused the crash, but hey, why not blame some unknown hacker instead ? The group Anonymous stopped attacking the PSN when gamers complained, and since the case against Hotz has been closed, it has no reasons to continue on that course. What you may be looking at is the end of the free PSN and the beginning of the PSN Plus service for pay. Expect Sony to offer free months for their pay service as an apology, then expect to pay each month if you want to stay on-line.

  251. never u mind says:

    cum on i want to play MORTAL KOMBAT AND BLACK OPS

  252. toney_capone says:

    Wtf is goin on already… fix tha shiit

  253. X3p1c_F41lx says:

    Just because the network is free don’t mean users dont have subscriptions for apps like netflix
    and the ps3 is the only way they have to access those apps.which means with this down time users are paying for subscriptions they can not use. i feel those users should be reimbursed for the down time.
    p.s. i have no subscriptions so this dose not benefit me

  254. c.c.c says:

    i just hope sony can get psn back up and running as soon as posible…. pull your self together and do all you fans a big favour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. fro270wbymag says:

    I have yet to hear or see anything about this on TV or the radio yet. ? it’s truely a bummer,the best thing about online gaming is the friends you meet, talk & play with,,(Its way better then face book..) Miss the live enteractive.

  256. MEEEEEEE says:

    i hope other online features and companys update their s h i t too, the likes of ea servers on fifa 11 really piss me off they sign you out all the time and its sooo annoyin, so if ur readin this ea sports !!!! F * * K I N FIX IT WHILE U GOT THE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!


    yo….. playstation network outage ends tomorrow .. monday april 25 at 8:25 am

  258. watchyaback23 says:

    dude seriously cmon about 5 days now….les go sony get your s@#* together. im pretty sure you guys are smarter than a bunch of hackers that have no life.

  259. fro270wbymag says:

    Looking for a good online game other then COD. like FOOTBALL/BASEBALL/RACING/ECT….thats easy to join up with your friends, if & when we get rolling again. ANY IDEAS ?

  260. Josh says:

    ****!!!!!! my ps plus membership expired!! F*** YOU SONY!!! YOU OWE ME 3 MORE DAYS OF MEMBERSHIP!!!! I’M SELLING MY ******* PS3 FOR AN XBOX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  261. Venom says:

    Now i dont have any subscriptions or pay anything for the PlayStation network. It seems like a reasonable thing to do is to at the very least give everyone on PSN (Subscription payers or not) $10.00 credit on there accounts. Now if this was a 2 or 3 day event i wouldn’t think you would have to do anything buy simply apologies for the inconvenience but we are going on 5 days now. I know you are all doing your best to fix and make sure this never happens again but you got to give something to us as your customers for this.

  262. Seriously? says:

    Let’s all stop flipping out at Sony. It’s not like they intentionally shut down their own servers. They were a victim of an outside force. Yeah their security system clearly sucks balls but at least they’re fixing it so you people don’t go complaining about it again. So…let’s all stop bitching. Isn’t it supposed to go back up tomorrow anyway?

  263. non video adict says:

    you guys r all adicted to ps3. Go play outside r somthing. ps3 and xbox and all video games are gay. Get a girl frend and get laid. dont sit inside and play games.

    PS: i suck at spelling sorry.

  264. Michael Knight says:

    smacker your a fu@@ng idiot theres people who pay subscriptions day by day 3 bucks or so a day = millions a day from people …99% games non online is wrong its about 80% maybe less your someone who doesnt know shiit prolly a 12 year old kid or some fat fu@ck who gets paid to stand up for ps3

  265. Daniel says:

    i hope it finally comes up back on tommorow! no matter what the problem is.. so 8 tommorow morning, i’m so making up some long lost game time.

  266. Venom says:

    non video addict you are one class a idiot. I guess you still dont understand that people pay money for this and when the services that they pay for are compromised like this they will say something. Perhaps when grow up a little and your not living under your mom and dads money you will get it. We are not addicted we are simply wanting answers to when the services that some of us pay for will be back up and running

  267. chris says:

    i love the ps3 and on another site it says tht ps3 users should get some sort of rembersement i dont think so cuz its not like u have to pay to use the psn man i was gonna buy the map pack and a turtle beach headset i guess i have to wait lol

  268. I just got the world at war maps and i find out that playstation was down and which sucks now im starting to think playstation is’nt worth it any more hopefully they resolve this soon ShI7_

  269. edrick says:

    i was reading what happned a outsider attacked sony?? but i play ps3 24/7 and there are to many hackers all they do is hack with a jailbreak ps3 need to put a stop on that will help you out a lot i no and the online needs to be more safer because its not safe that much i tired off all these hackers trying to mass up my favorite system ps3 and 50 of my friends systems got banned by these hackers on the ps3 but i no sony will fix it you have the power

  270. james333 says:

    I’m hoping we r back up n running today, non video addict please STFU until you know what we are going through and those of us who pay for plus n DCUO etc, seriously go do something that will benefit society but your iq of 30 n brain capacity of 10 wont ever do that, for everyone else please let me know when we are back up email me it and let me know if we are still free for the service thankyou guys

  271. SlieDUNK says:


  272. Sean Sears says:

    Yo this is some BUllSH!T they neeed to hurry up with This SH!T guys if not i will call and demand that everybody get something for free from Them those a**holes

  273. Dammit I'm mad says:

    Yo I was gone for two weeks wit no tv playstation no cellphone!!! The last thing I wanna do is cum bk to my house and not b able to play wats mine. I got tv now and my cellphone but still no PS3!!!!!!! Who does this shit. So guess wat ppl I have bn online in three weeks.

  274. mate says:

    Everybody who is saying that they going to sell ps3 they need to do right now and buy xbox…. because cool games are comming for ps3 oh! yea then they going to buy it again …. just wait nothing is perfect I’m sure they are re-cheking the system and it take time for a developer or programmers to do that. they fighting back to George Hotz or the anonymous hackers. this is when you guys call nerd to somebody don’t make fun of them because thanks to them we are going to have back ps3 network good hackers always win to bad hackers.

  275. jason says:

    every1 be cool psn will be back up soon if ur going 2 xbox bye cause i was brought up with sony their just tryin to help us by uping security on the psn and it will still be free so every1 should really be happy thanks sony.

  276. dat nigga says:

    who wants 2 buy my ps3 for 20 dollars thats about all its worth with out psn

  277. case1281 says:

    Cum on man me n the cmd boyz tryna get on black opps trash sum geeks boey! Lmao

  278. daredevil4 says:

    Sony has always been the best game system yes the network and yes they should redeem gamers money who pay for psn network sony will fix the problem and provide better security from hackers millions get upset for losingg psn for days what if microsoft had a hacker problem would they continue to run there servers dont think so anyways sony willl do the right thing and fix and resolve so please people dont buy xbox for this breif psn shutdown sony always have the best games drakes god of war for mortal.kombat seals andkillzone come on people get to thinkin u really want xbox for gears for queeers and gaylo Go sony uustilll rule daddy little helper all day hello mom…

  279. Charlie... says:

    I see some people, just like @Justice, did what is right. I would like for everyone to look for, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE NEWS!!! Just instead of start protecting Sony from a start, people should have looked for who are these guys (anonymous group), WHO IS GEOHOT if you don’t know, what he achieved and you will see why is easy to hack your PS3 today thanks to Geohot and do whatever you want. Truly Sony thought no one would take from his time to open up a PS3 and practice a little bit of reverse engineering into it. Even worse they thought no one was ever going to mess with their software well apparently not anymore developers and hackers must already know and if they don’t know just with a quick search they will understand. Gamers out there I just have to say this is just the beginning! Get ready because there could be more in the near future.

  280. This is a shame! Idk what the hell is goin on but these hackers are douche bags fir ruining my recreational time

  281. Chris Ezell says:

    @ Charlie

    It is b/c of people like YOU that this has arisen! Shut your mouth, OBEY THE LAW, and enjoy your PS3 like it was MEANT to be enjoyed!!

  282. Thatguy21 says:

    I might swich 2 xbox if psn stays down 1 more night

  283. lucyslover says:

    those psn basterds should give us $1.000 money worth for my bill for netflix on ps3. psn ur going under microsoft but know ninetdo is better than you ps we shoulnt blame game developers like capcom or square-enix. thats all wut i have to say

  284. Chris Ezell says:

    People just calm down, take a stress pill and have alittle faith instead of jumping boat. PSN is better than xbox-live any day of the week (even when it is down) bc its FREE!! duh! dont waste your money paying for your internet twice. just have faith. Sony will pull through.

  285. Chris Ezell says:
  286. Chris Ezell says:

    and another thing why get rid of a perfectly GOOD system that WORKS that has a BLU-RAY player and have to buy all your games back all b/c of something that will be resolved and over with?

    geez the idiots these days.

    if its your cc info youre worried about just use those psn cards from now on.

  287. canaansk8 says:

    Its been a week, i think we deserve something for waiting this long. i meen even if its something small i dont care, just something.

  288. Venom says:

    I hate to say it but sonny has really screwed up on this. They are going to lose alot of customers and as said in a report on CNN ( Sony: Hacker stole PlayStation users’ personal info – ) since credit card information is at risk here they could be looking at law suits. Now im a playstation fan and still am but waiting a week to tell us our personal information is at risk?! All i have to say is sony you better have one hell of a ass kissing reward waiting for us when we are finally able to log onto our playstation accounts

  289. Venom says:

    @ Chris Ezell i dont think you understand how serious this actually is its not just CC info ( witch we shouldn’t have to use psn cards cause this is spose to be a secure Network ) its also personal info like names and billing addresses and passwords.

  290. Chris Ezell says:

    @venom seeing as how MY card info and everything else is on the network…yeah i think i do know how serious this matter is.

    but i am confident that psn was shut down before too much damage could be done.
    all im saying is dont jump ship.

    Sony is not your enemy. These hacker A-Holes are. nuff said

  291. Chris Ezell says:

    and my motto is never trust anyone especially the government

  292. Chris Ezell says:

    so dont use your cc info period.

    unfortunately you have to use other info but the cc info do not use. ever.

  293. Chris Ezell says:

    the latest update for you guys

    and i would like to know about the questions asked in comment #9

  294. Venom says:

    @Chris Ezell LMAO you can be confident all you want but sony has already that alot of damage has already been done in a piece donr on CNN

    and whats your failing to see is yes the hackers are A holes for what they did but sony really dropped the ball on not telling people that there personal information might be at risk a week after the damage was done.

  295. Venom says:

    Sony will be extremely lucky if they can keep half there customers after this. This is more than just a little opps we need to shut down to fix a bug this is big

  296. Chris Ezell says:

    yes that is true. i am not “failing” to see anything. i realize what has happened. and i have accepted that all i can do is watch my account and jump if something looks suspicious (bank account i mean).

    Sony messed up seriously. a typical david and goliath story.

    but this Goliath will rise again.

    add mean when this is over.

  297. Venom says:

    oh i know they will survive it but not without alot of casualties

  298. Chris Ezell says:

    yes but by what ive heard in the above QA blog on the playstation website they are hunting down the people who did this

    at least we will be able to rest alittle easier knowing theyve been caughht

    (whenever the do get caught)

  299. floyd says:

    this problem don’t happen on xbox,everyone need to sell your playstation 3 and get and xbox.this don’t make no sence.they should not put us on hold because someone hack into there system.who ever own playstation is so dumb.get smarter.

  300. zahir says:

    any updates from sony yet? Their PR work is just wrong,they should have kept everyone updated daily. Four things that should be covered:
    1. What is the situation at the moment.
    2. What they doing about it.
    3. Put a timeline to this
    4. What is going to happen after this gets resolved.

    I hope it gets sorted as here in south africa people already are jumping ship.

  301. Chris Ezell says:

    spoken by a true idiot. xboxs system went down as well but nooo nobody seems to remember THAT!

    of course it wasnt b/c of a hack but it did go down. and we got a crappy game out of it that i dont even remember the name of.

    again PATIENCE. it seems to be something that has gone out of style.

  302. steven hoeck says:

    LOSSING MY MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. jd says:

    It would be nice to know when it mite be up and running

  304. Chris Ezell says:

    may 4 is when sony says itll be back up.

  305. Chris Ezell says:

    so for the love of Kevin Butler hang on to your ps3′s itll only be a little longer.

  306. Chris Ezell says:

    now theyre saying may 3.

    just hold on a little longer.

  307. Stephen Geri says:

    common guys yall best be on computer 24 hours a day bustin balls tryina get this network but up or it aint gonna go to well for Playstation anymore, email me somethin when is it comin back up? I have family that only have a ps3 an not a cell phone what the hell man git in touch with your customers.

    –this is some bull$%#!

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