Sony Playstation Network Down: Update

Millions of gamers are STILL up in arms. What in the world is going down this this Sony Playstation network down stuff? Yes, Sony has FINALLY told us that it was an outside attack. We all pretty much knew that but it was just a confirmation.

sony playstation network downThe Sony Playstation Network Down problem has been going on since Thursday when they shut the network down as a safety precaution. Many users are grumbling however because of the long weekend and no gaming. Many people depend on this network as their source of entertainment. There was one claim about a timeline for the network to be back up but it was not been confirmed.

Sony Subpoenaed By New York Attorney General

Playstation Network Down: April 30

Playstation Network Down: April 23

A user contacted saying they had information on the people who were responsible for this problem. They said that they had contacted Sony and that the company said they were processing his information and would probably have it fixed within a couple of days. We hope that this information is true and will have the network running again soon. What are your thoughts on the Sony Playstation Network down?


  1. Hayden says:

    Hackers deleted everythig and possible stole personal info for millions of users.

  2. Paul K says:

    This is just rediculous going on day 3 no psn i wanted to play socom online bought it on tuesday i got to play for about 2 hours online… wtf

  3. jon says:

    we should now get double ep for waiting and besides you guys are loosing custermers

  4. Brock says:

    send their as@es to jail. This pisses me off, I can’t play my game because some as@holes are mad because sony wont let them hack their consoles.

  5. thisiscompletebs says:

    I think this is complete BS for the playstation network to shut down for an extended period of time. Then on top of that we have Sony miss-leading all of its followers saying they don’t know what the problem is with the network. I am completely fed up at this point with the BS, shoot it to us straight Sony. STOP beating around the bush. If it doesn’t get up and running soon I am going to pack up my Sony PS3, mail it back and demand a FULL refund of the product.

  6. Reaper742 says:

    At this point I don’t care anymore about why. The more iritating part of this whole mess is the factthe that Sony is being rather quite about the whole thing. I know we all would like the truth about the shut down but at this point does it really matter the why? How about when? Had I bought Portal or MK I’d be trading them in for XBOX versions right now.

  7. ron tutay says:

    i think that this really makes people mad and bored.because another thing to do is play games..most of the madness of ps3 gamers onliners is Call of duty games especially BLACK OPS.i just bought my ps3 slim 160 gb and black name is MIRAMESALOC and i bought it cuhz my xbox360 kept gettin rrod so i switched this happend.i feel betrayed…i wouldnt want anything from sony but for me to play with my new gaming friends

  8. MVP says:

    Well this weekend has been sh*t….they better hurry the he11 up…maybe give us some free downloads for the inconvenience or something…

  9. Dr Sus says:

    this is all them trying to make it look like its a hack, when its them all along. “Security” purpose sound familiar nine eleven…now they are probably going to have a fee for playing ps3online. this was probably planned from way back. lets see whats going to happen. dont always believe what conpanies say. they only look out for them selfs. listen to this. MUSIC IS HELL,LIRICS IS HEAVEN thats all i have to say, stop listening to the music so much and listen to the lirics they are trying to tell us something that we need to look deep in music to see what they are screaming out to us the public….lets listen to lirics not to music …they have sold their soul and are trying to tell you….Get Away…

  10. jordan says:

    all this crap has me to the point of selling my newly bought ps3 and buying a xbox 360 going ahaead and pay the live fees just so i dont have to deal with this stuff ever again!! (longtime playstation lover)

  11. Danny says:

    Nobody has asked THIS question…Is our personal information at RISK! Or is it to late & nobody from Sony gives a rat about US. JUST ASKING!!

  12. Peewy978 says:

    Sony is Crap!!! This why Xbox is on Top!! Imma Playstation Fan for life but this is probably the nail in the coffin for me. Maybe i should switch to Xbox? I might have to pay but hey its worth it. Think about it, xbox never got hacked because Bill Gates has dedicated servers not like Sony. Sony probably have GoDaddy servers or something. F**k all you Xbox Fans!!! Sony still Rules!!!

  13. nathaniel stoddard says:

    i think we should just have a triple xp week so we can just all play all week and totally forget about this and i was thinking maybe that playstation network could give me and my friend 13 prestige lvl 1 my psn id is nkiller56 and my friends is awalla78 Thank-You Nathaniel Stoddard.

  14. chris says:

    this is some bs, thats all it is. maybe i should become a hacker and turn the ps network back on, lol.

  15. Wow, really? says:

    *I* think that Sony could have had PSN back up by now… but, since it is a holiday weekend, they decided to wait to get it up and running until the official business week starts. Why? To save a bunch of extra money they would have had to pay to the people rushing to fix the problem. BLEH!

  16. City Joe says:

    need triple xp to make up for this bull s@it

  17. Mike Hayes says:

    With this network being down it has allowed me to reflect on how much of a video geek ive truly become. I refuse to get upset or mad about the system being down because that only shows me how much of a recluse I am. So while this thing is down ive caught up on a little more sleep, played with my kids alittle longer, and finished all my online homework before the end of the week, that hasnt happened since I was a freshmen. But to the hack fagging dirtbags that have lost agrip on the enjoyment of video gameing entertainment thanks for trying to make our lives as miserable as your out of touch roll playing lives. I hope that you are charged with criminal charges and prosecuted to the fullest. Finally, to playstation take all the time you need to fix this thing, and while your at it send all of us call of duty players a couple of free new maps for us to play on for taking so long to fix this problem……Lol, im just having some fun with it thats all.

  18. joseph says:

    Well when y’all r done findin him please hurry and bring the network back up y’all have had plenty of time to get it goin again 4 days is enough blackops blackops blackops blackops blackops who’s with me blackops blackops

  19. speakeasy says:

    “Many people depend on this network as their source of entertainment.”

    Are you serious? Read a book. Do a crossword puzzle. Go hike or swim. Catch up on all that stuff you’ve been putting off because of these games.

  20. joseph says:

    Oh and sorry for rushin but I really need to play blackops its gettin kinda boreing without it

  21. travis holmqui says:

    I use PSN for Netflix and Hulu because I don’t have cable. Come on PSN get your shit rolling. Oh and FYI Netflix frickin rocks and HULU effin sucks….

  22. Tonym001 says:

    Ok I hear it was 10 pm and it’s 10 Pm
    Why the he’ll is it not back up 1 more day
    of this I’m going to xbox

  23. juicebox22 says:

    Blackops blackops blackops!!!

  24. Shardous says:

    Totally with you on that one bro. I hired Black Ops on Wednesday cost me $15 for 3 days, so that I could play online. Thursday, I clocked the finished the Campaign, waiting and waiting for the network to come back up then I had to return it Yesterday. Waste of money.

    Enough about me, I believe all those who pay for Playstation Plus should be compensated with either a few months free or whatever I don’t know how it works. But they should definitely be compensated.
    For those of us who don’t pay need nothing. Yes the networks down, Yes we are all pissed off, but we contribute barely little and can’t expect anything in return except for hoping they get the damn network back up soon!

  25. Juan says:

    Not with you on blk ops… its all about that Bad company! Battlefield beats Cod any day!

  26. Fuz_E_Head says:

    had sony offered the only person (George Hotz) to ever hack their system, a job working for security, instead of trying to be all communist about his completely innocent doings, the security keys would never have been released. now hopefully we can alll see that we get what we pay for. i have never advocated xbox until now. sony tried to bully a group that is known to be capable of destroying their money-racket PSN, but refused to spend a small percentage of capital to either A) put these people on the payroll: or B) have somebody smarter than George Hotz to be in charge of security. But no. If we dont pay for PSN, why should sony spend money to secure our account(debit card info, PSN wallet info, trophies, etc)? to them, they shouldnt. In sony’s eyes, we should pay $400 for a system that can only do what sony says it should do and if u change it, we will sue. its just like saying “buy this ford mustang. but if u supercharge it, Ford Motor company will sue your ass because they didnt make a profit from it”.

  27. your hard ass father says:

    blackops blackops

  28. Fuz_E_Head says:

    having both PSN and XBOX Live, i can say Micorsoft is the way to go considering sony’s refusing to admit they Eff’d up.

  29. Quinn says:

    hey i like the article but i have a question wether or not you have any confirmed dates when psn will come back online?

  30. booski says:

    Blackops black ops!!!! Psn better b up by tommorow. Or its back to xbox I’m goin

  31. Ken says:

    I’m with ya Joseph… Black Ops withdraw setting in here too.
    Whatever hole they exploited, it must be a pretty critical part of the network infrastructure to keep it off line this long. This is 2011 guys, 4 days down on a network of this size is like saying they just hacked the pentagon, again.. It’s time to give updates and ETA on this outage, people are getting wrestles.

    So come clean Sony, what else did they steel while in there? Do I need to cancel my credit card on file or what??

  32. Pompomflex says:

    Please oh please, get it working. I’m on the verge of giving up on the little hope I have left in me. Without gaming i’m nothing, not the other way around.

    “I have no desire for fear or doubts in my life now, I willingly surrender any fear by using my free will. Absolute love, wealth, health and serenity will be mine as i know my persistence will reward me, I am complete but not without PSN, amen”

  33. rodney690 says:

    add mmmeee thats my name for my ps3 wen it works again

  34. Jesse says:

    It would be easier to handle nearly 4 days without any access to multiplayer functions if Sony didn’t feel it necessary to come out with such vague updates. As far as I’m concerned anyone who owns a ps3 is a shareholder in the Sony corporation’s playstation network. Therefore we have the right to have some idea of when to expect it’s return. 1-2 days expectancy seems like sony’s biggest error in all of this. It created the illusion we could expect it’s return at any moment leaving the most desperate of us checking it’s status constantly. Whether they are re writing from scratch or performing other tedious tech duties, the engineers should have some idea of when it will be able to run. If it’s gonna take couple days, then 1-2 days is acceptable. If it’s gonna be a week, then say it’s gonna be a week. Don’t misinform your fans and shareholders, Sony, because loyalty is a 2 way road. The update from psn today almost exactly mirrored the one from yesterday calling for “a little more patience and that it would be up soon”. How about you tell us straight up how long we should expect to wait? Is that too much to ask. And I don’t wanna hear any Sony flamers telling me not to complain. I have every right to complain when I’ve been misinformed by a multi billion dollar corporation that is more than capable of solving simple intrusions in a reasonable amount of time. Also, anonymous and copy cat haxors, eff you, go do something useful.

  35. Jonus says:

    No problem. They’re doing the responsible thing by dealing with it via lockout. These are always good opportunities to finish campaigns and brushup trophy collections :)

  36. Bloberingblob says:

    Cmon Playstation. HURRY UP!!!!!!! i wanna play COD on the long weekend and now u pretty muched stuffed up my Easter. Hurry up and fix it

  37. branson says:

    BLACK OPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Matt Tarran says:

    They better get it up soon, thats all im saying!

  39. patrick magri (viperpat) says:

    frankly im a little worried about this hacking problem sony has i dont know much about hacking but im curious if my credit card information is secure as people continue to try and hack psn what precautions has sony taken to protect my information

  40. Jay says:

    well the least they can do is give us a date that it will be up & running! this has gone on long enuf & i dont blame the people who are moving to xbox360. atleast they have no problems! & it had to happen on the long weekend! no good sony

  41. Tazz69 says:

    This really sucks already and sony should give us a free game for all this and the waiting hurry up already wow I want to play mortal kombat this sucks

  42. Justin says:

    I’m with you Blackops blackops i need it it’s like my drug of choice for the day I’m having withdraws come on PSN go back up

  43. sneak says:

    i feel u on da black ops its kinda a life style nd it would b gud 2 have da network back asapular

  44. blackops is gay and it sucks but its fun and yes everything is boring without online and it haas been 3 days and let them take thier time. it might be up and running on easter.

  45. Gavin says:

    Sony are USELESS. they have the money to invest in the protection of their network but they neglected it, so much so that even if preventing it was impossible? repairing it has now become a job for Ethan hunt and IMF. and the lack of information from Sony themselves is more worrying to me than annoying. i believe they would rather say nothing than tell the world they have absoloutly no grasp on the situation at hand and have people working on it who aren’t paid nearly enough to fix their colossal screw-up’s and they have no idea when the network will ever be operational… that is all…

  46. monko says:

    come on playstation plz need my weekly dosage of black ops ….black ops ….black ops …who,s with me

  47. monko says:

    hope whoever caused this problem pays with their head

  48. Shanel says:

    This is insane it does not take this long WTH! I understand that Sony is or has probably installed enough firewalls up to TRY and prevent such a action again, so Sony come on open up the network again. Sony should not have completely shut the system down. And heres a thought when they do open it up again Im sure there willl millions logging in at the same time, I hope the system can take it.

  49. xXprodigy_waveXx says:

    <3 black ops and i need it now

  50. eddie says:

    I don’t mean to rush you but I use my system to intervene with my children online since my x-wife make it difficult to see my kids and even move cross state so this is the only way I can video chat with them since I don’t have a computer.even tho I know is not sony fault. But not being able to see or talk to my children is killing me

  51. ICEBERGSLIMS says:


  52. ICEBERGSLIMS says:


  53. Seeingblind says:

    If you notice there are not any Sony commercials about PSN since this has happened.

  54. toney_capone says:

    Look, this is pissin me off I dnt have cable so I use my system for entertainment such as netflix and I just cop mk I wanna know what’s goin on or I wiLL be tradin in my sony PS for a cable box. #reaLtaLk

  55. luis beltran says:

    what the heck is going on!!!!! someone should be saying something!

  56. luisb_69 says:

    having black ops withdraw and thats not good!

  57. Lilmoscoskoscoss says:

    Sorry 4 ever betraying u Xbox

  58. Ben says:

    seeingblind thats false i seen one last night

  59. kc says:

    heres the deal sony, yes, i do understand that your doing everything you can to fix this sh@t, but do you really think it should take this long? pay your workers alittel more to work overtime! you have more than enough money! its a good thing youve decided to improve the security to keep this from happening…stupid hackers! ALL of us gamers want more updates maybe one an hour even if its a tiny update. im not blaming you for any of this i just want you to get it fixed and i hate those hackers just like everyone else.

  60. drew says:

    wow…look at the grammar and spelling in these comments.You people spend way too much time playing video games.Pick up a BOOK. You people sound like a bunch of tards.

  61. noname says:

    netflix still works just keep pressing ok you will get in

  62. cbkweefmoney says:

    i think sony should give us something back for all this we spend all this money for playstation for the network to go out. i think playstation should give some gamer points or something

  63. chris says:

    A lot of people need to remember PSN is free or if you went with the $50 (which doesn’t get you much). Sony is not going to pay there employes over time for something like this. Sorry but there not, I just got portal 2 for PS3, I thought to give my PS3 that was collecting dust a chance… well I gave it a chance and I’m sticking with xbox sorry all you PS3 guys every time I give my ps3 another chance crap happens and makes me each time want to play it less and less.

  64. david says:

    Netflix still works after the message let it load. I’ve been watching netflix .that’s all I could do now. I had a long weekend this week to play black ops and it didn’t happen. It is very frustrating. Black ops keeps me sober because I like to win.

  65. kc says:

    i dont spend very much time playing. like i said, i play baseball and basketaball both competitively and then school…then lots of baseball tourneys. you think i have alot of extra time? im only commenting here because i want to play this wknd! like i said…one of my only free wknds til fall!

  66. Quaney says:

    tbh.. it wudnt surprise me that it turned ut microsoft carried out the attack. jus look at how many people are looking at getin an xbox instead? just a thought…

  67. Shane says:

    Sorry but I have always been a die hard playstation fan. And to watch all you fools pay some billionaire with microsoft just to access a network sounds like a freaking joke to me. I would consider xbox if they had no fee. But seeing that I dont think the rich need to get richer I take the free service. Having said this anything free has it drawbacks. In this case it is the moron hackers not playstation that caused this. So to all you hackers, get a f%^&* life and go jerk off next time you feel the need to hack into something. Anyways having a great Easter

  68. Shane says:

    I wouldnt be suprised that the billionaire Gates decided to pay some geek (no not himself) to hack the playstation sightso he could rise up the :richest man in the world pole”. Poo on your microsoft!!! Always dedicated to playstation and always will be. Xbox is just another intruder into the sony/nintendo world and hope they fall just like all the others (hard that is)…. Keep working on the issue playstation and happy to be your customer :)

  69. Shane says:

    I think our judicial system needs stricter penalties. Hacking = loss of limbs!!! Hope they catch the moron(s) with no life that decided to do this, publisize them and then hang them out to all those angry playstation fans. HACKERS are just fools and losers with no life of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Daniel says:

    well lets be real here its not realy there fault its down if some guys didnt deside to hack th networkk cuz there bored or w/e then there wouldnt be this problem. People have to get better things to do in there free time. Sony has it down as a safty prucaution and probably have to rebuild the whole thing

  71. fro270wbymag says:

    If & when we get back to normal,what sports games are good online,to play with your friends,(ie) baseball/football/raceing/thats easy to get your friends to join up and go play. any suggestions. ?

  72. watchyaback23 says:

    Cmonnnnn sony lets goooooo……. FIX THIS DAM PROBLEM MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. abcdefghijklmnop says:

    I think it’s hilarious someone hacked Sony and made it this big of a deal. Hurrah for them.

  74. elitest01 says:

    Honestly it happens not to long ago xbox went offline for almost 20 days its not going to kill us spend some time with your family see yall in a few slay rather it be up and working right then this to happen ever month get the Shit right now so we don’t have to go thru this Shit again

  75. beasty6996 says:

    will u all stfu now i know it sucks but there doing everything in their power to get up and running why the he11 u need free stuff for anyways they all ready give us free online play

  76. kc says:

    because what if everyone bought the ps3 just to play online? I DID. thats 600 bucks i payed for games, and games to play online

  77. Giljo95 says:

    Ok so I was so looking forward to playing black ops tonight but now I know that I can’t and it’s hard. At least they are making the system stronger

  78. dee says:

    ugh i just want to some black ops

  79. Centauros says:

    Im losing Faith in SONY, this is just too ridiculous for the fact… if this goes on for two more weeks… thats it im getting my refund back on my Slim Ps3… and get a Wii… SONY your losing great customers here cmon!! now -_-

    If it comes back up they should give us like some credit in the PsN store or something… nah SONY is shiit now -_-

  80. aceman says:

    i just want know how long because i brought games for my children for easter. im very upset i sould have brought an xbox game,

  81. aceman says:

    playstation turn us on i brought ps3 games i sould have brought xbox game, they said it would be up in 1 to 2 days they lied now im stuck with games i cant play

  82. andy says:

    yes its boring yes u whant to go online but i think aspecially your online data will possibly be deleted also i dont really think sony should give us anything because it wasnt there fault but eventhough i whant atleast 20 pound psn code

  83. aceman says:

    turn us on please

  84. aidan says:

    i think its all bull**it nearly a week im in uk weather has been nice but could of done with a bash of cod

  85. bluedragon4032 says:

    Sony did not f*** up the system and i really dont think they would of wanted to go offline as they would loose alot customer loyal too sony and it’s well name brand so once again dont stress out psn is like the best network for gamers around the world unforunitlly this sucks and you guys have to deal with it as i am since i own a ps3 and no xbox 360.

  86. dj zen says:




  87. black ops legend says:

    dude i cant do this any more and sony im not blaming u about this but i just got a new game and i wanted to play it and im mad that its down but is there anyway to hurry up a little bit plez everyones going crazy.

  88. Bill gates says:

    Ha ha

  89. Tony_Bourne_ says:

    Sony doesn’t need to give anybody any free stuff. Sony already gives us PSN users free online play. S#!T happens. Crapy part is alot of info was stolen from all of us but thats the world we live in. Hey I miss playing online. I just bought Socom 4 and I was only able to play it online on Tuesday and Wednesday but now it gives me a chance to play the story mode. Anyways I see most of you wanna switch sides and run to XBOX 360 but their XBOX Live is crap I wouldn’t pay $50 a year for their membership.

  90. djneeedle says:

    i’m going back to xbox to

  91. QuickScoper-4-Life says:

    Wow , Really Sony ? Think about it … Millions of your fans are put down and mad at you . Do something , I know your trying but Everyone knows you can do better . I hope your taking this time to success at completing something not stuck in a Little virus hack thing . Im not blaming sony but im mad because i know they can do better i mean like its a whole big company , George Hot Easy-ly F-ed it up ?


    The more time you take sony …

    The more users and fans you lose .

    Im sticking up to ps3 . No matter what , Im the best ps3 fan no matter what happens —x

  92. Giggles says:

    @dj zen No you dont, stfu. People who brag about doing/having things usually dont/have them. Go sit on your couch and stare at the TV as you wait for the PSN to come back up.

  93. I’d say that this was inevitable. Non on-line play has become a decreasing percentage of the content in today’s games. Some of them only provide it as an afterthought, with the majority of the effort put towards creating an online experience.

    All of this depends on a service that we get for “free”. Just because we need it to play our games doesn’t mean they’re required to provide it. Even worse, if they had to pull the plug for some reason (or created an inevitable upgrade), nobody else is even allowed to act as a replacement for patent infringement reasons.

    This is how Sony likes it. Grovel, fools.

  94. mz-jam1e says:

    So, just figured I would let you all know besides the fact that this whole situation for lack of a better word, sucks, it’s being advertised on the news that Sony is now encouraging people to cancel their credit cards. Sony I love you, but honestly if someone ends up getting my credit card information that shouldn’t have it due to your lack of proper security I give up on you. So what the networks down… credit card information is just too far.

  95. Mon5goose says:

    Sony im with u but when the psn is up your company should let us down load 1 free mapacs for black ops.. Insted of wating till june we shouls get dem as soon as thery up. MON5GOOSE.. JHS$ CLAN..JHARHEADSHARP$HOOTER CLAN PLEASE AND WHATS THE NEXT STEP IN ASSENSSION WITH THE DEATHMEACHEINE

  96. tayfavre says:

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I tried standing up for PSN and PS3 everytime I heard someone say Xbox is better. But now I’m wondering why I ever did. We have to put up with constant connectivity issues (Getting kicked out of games, connections getting interupted, certain games not having enough online lobbies to hold all the players *Cough* *Homefront*). I pay monthly for NETFLIX and cannot use it because I must sign in to the network to use it. But I cannot sign into the network because it is DOWN. So am I going to be refunded my 8 bucks this month because I have gone half the month without being able to use Netflix? Are we going to be compensated? Where is my free month of netflix, where are these fools hacking the system and why aren’t they caught? Please. Do something before the end of the month or I will cancel my Netflix subscribtion and I will toss the ps3.

  97. jonathan says:


  98. FLIE says:

    If this problem is not fix soon Im going to get me an xbox forget the ngp and all. Im done with the playstation network and thats for real.

  99. Jordan says:

    Hey guys don`t blame Sony blame anonymous they are the ones who posted those videos and its possible that Bill Gates did hire them if he did he should be sued but the real hackers are anonymous they wanted to get back at Sony and they did and now they are APOLOGIZING?!?!?!?!? If they are so sorry for doing this WHY DO IT AT ALL?!?!?! We all know who the real culprit is in this case. Case Adjourned so when will they get their power play or penalty IT WILL SOME IN SWEET REVENGE to whoever decided to do this is someone who is so bored that they might as well hack one of the best video games networks(Playstation Network) Whoever did this NEEDS TO BE PENALIZED IMMEDIATELY!!

  100. ninetybaby says:

    what about today is it up

  101. philip says:

    If its not up today im switching to 360 to im tyierd of being told shot just to keep me aroud for PlayStation im done this is the secound time ya lied to us if its not up today and if its not im gone ya f me in the past alot so xbox is looking good

  102. philips Father says:

    philip should stop worrying about PlayStation or 360 and go back to school and study English.

  103. Philip's Mother says:

    Oh dear honey, you are right! Our son sounds like a complete moron. That’s it I’m taking away all of his games until he gets his grades up.


    hmm… patience mortals! there is no point in wasting your time arguing about when the network will be back up. Stop wasting that time, and go outside and breathe some semi-fresh air, clear your head, breathe, and find some friends to hang out with. After all that is done and over with, you will return to your dwelling and find that your precious network addiction is back. When it is, feel free to resume your brain-melting in front of an HD Display, doing whatever it is, that you mortals do.

  105. po_pimp69 says:

    some say its up but when asked their location no one answers back i doubt its up anywhere and even if it was they said they were gonna require a new login and update and no one out of these people saying its up has even mentioned the update so i think its bull shit Now someone says it will be back up at midnight Well i been waiting a long time to get back on some WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2011 ALLIANCE WILL BE BACK AND WILL STILL OWN U BITCHES! HURRY PSN THIS IS TORTURE I WORK FROM HOME SO ALL I DO IS PLAY ONLINE ITS SO DULL AND BORING WITHOUT MY GAME

  106. Peace mind says:

    Im really disappointed with psn and sony company they said they were having some stuffs back and running by this week cmon its friday and the weekend is ahead just like me and millions of users are waiting, if this continue by monday i will sell all my games and switch to xbox im tired of waiting so sony do something you can do better thanks ….

  107. pissed off says:

    I might change to Xbox if u guys dont fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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