Peeps: The Scoop On Peeps

If there is one thing that I remember at Easter from my childhood it is Peeps! We had pink peeps and yellow peeps. Now they have chocolate covered peeps. How awesome is that?

peepsThe US and Canada are the ones that sell these marshmallow candies that are shaped into chicks, bunnies and other animals. On other holidays there are other shapes. Most of the time Peeps are just used to fill Easter baskets but there is a new campaign out there is saying “Peeps – Always in Season”. Since they are so sweet I’d just keep them for a special occasion.

Peeps are made out of marshmallow, gelatin, corn syrup and carnauba wax. Now besides for Peeps the candy there is lip balms that comes in four flavors: grape, vanilla, cotton candy and strawberry. That sounds pretty tasty. Do you love Peeps?

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