Mount Athos: Greece

One of the first things that I noticed about Mount Athos is the fact that no women were allowed. “60 Minutes” producer Michael Karzis and producer Harry Radliffe tried to get permission to film a “60 Minutes” story on this self-governed peninsula in Greece. Mount Athos houses 20 monasteries and some 2,000 monks. Getting permission was not an easy tasks however.

mount athosFinally they had a breakthrough after building trust but that was not the end of the challenges. The “Monks of Mount Athos” was broadcasted Sunday, April 24, 2011 on CBS at 7:00 PM EST. Many people are now interested in finding out more about Mount Athos. This is a very interesting place to visit if you ever had the chance.

This is a mountain and peninsula in Macedonia, Greece. The 20 monasteries it houses are Eastern Orthodox. Greeks commonly refer to this mountain as the “Holy Mountain”. Even though it is land linked you can only access Mount Athos by boat.


  1. Brother Eleftherios says:

    CHRISTOS ANESTE! CHRIST HAS RISEN! Glory Hallelelujah in exceles Deo ! Praise be to the Almighty for having the secular media shine the spotlight of truth on this fortress of Orthodox Spirituality. God bless CBS and Bob Simon for a truly remarkable presentation of Oros Athos on Easter Sunday. They also did a magnificent job of interviewing His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew back on Christmas Day 2009 (?). CBS briefly interviewed Elder Efrem. PLEASE FOLLOW THAT UP WITH A STORY ON THE MANY GREEK ORTHODOX MONASTERIES IN AMERICA THAT HE INSPIRED TO FORM AND DEVELOP.
    I wish CBS had reported that according to Wikipaedia, even though women are prohibited from stepping foot on the monasteries, there were exceptions made. Most notable was during World War 2, when monks at Mount Athos allowed Jewish women and children to remain at the monasteries hidden from the Nazis seeking their deportation to Nazi death camps.

  2. Karl Schrader says:

    How do the monks get their water up on Mount Athos ?

  3. Karen Lohrenz says:

    Wonderful story. Have a great friend who was in a monastery similar to this,he also enjoyed the program and spoke to it’s authenticity.wish women were allowed to go, but I do understand how females may be a distraction.
    Thank you for an extra Easter treat

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