Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 Who Got Fired 4/24/11

On the Celebrity Apprentice April 24, 2011 contestants will be challenged to make an advertising campaign. This should be an interesting challenge. When it gets closer to the end it is always more intense. What team do you think is going to fail and who is going to get fired on Celebrity Apprentice 4/24/11?

star jonesThe teams must create an ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection. (Nice!) The pressure is going to be on to produce big since it is the big boss’ biz! It should be interesting to see them fight it out as the bitter rivalry continues. One project manager will find the creative juices of their team running dry.

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There is going to be a surprise from the judges so make sure you stay tuned for the shocking results. Who are the project manners for Celebrity Apprentice April 24 2011? John Rich and Star Jones. Do you think one of them is going to be sent home?

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Update: Trump says: I don’t think this team wants Latoya and I have to give you a chance to win. Latoya – YOU’RE FIRED!


  1. Donna says:

    Latoya being fired tonight was just pure bullshit. Apparently Trump just picks who he wants to get to the end and fires accordingly. Star Jones was the project manager, they failed to win so she should have been fired. I was under the mistaken impression that they were judged on each challenge not collectively how they have done the who season. Again just pure bullshit.

  2. Alex B. says:

    Star and NeNe are witches (substitute a “B” for a “w”). LaToya got a raw deal. Nene threw her under the bus. I would hate to work with someone as mean spirited as Star Jones. NeNe is a ghetto hoodrat. But I cannot lie. These ladies are entertaining. I look forward to next episode with the showdown between Star and Nene.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Donald Trump made a huge mistake in firing Latoya. It was very unfair. Star should have been fired, based on the task at hand. Usually someone gets fired because they lost the task. Some of those so called celebrities should get off their high horse. Latoya is a great person and someone to be reckoned with. She’s not conniving and doesn’t stab people in the back. The world would be a better place if we had more people like Latoya and not like the other conniving bitches.

    I’m so fed up with Celebrity Apprentice that I’m going to stop watching this program.

  4. DD says:

    Wow…Mr. Trump you got it ALL WRONG !! Star should have been fired because the entire ad was HER IDEAS and she should have stood up and took responsibility for it, her team did everything that she told them to do. And if not Star then next should have been the very low class Nene who does nothing but embarrass herself every time she opens her TACKY TRASH mouth !! If Star makes it to the final two then she has fully fooled Mr. Trump !!

  5. henrieta says:

    you are such a strong man in all u do and about to do.but from this fire i tell you it is the worst decision you have ever made. Jackson and nene made me sit for your show .now jak is out ……… lets wait and see the next show.

  6. Nama says:

    What the heck is happening? Starr Jones does not deserve to be on that show. At least Trump got rid of Dionne Warwick ~ she was as nasty as Starr. Cheering for the Country Singer John Rich now.

  7. Ross says:

    Absolutely unfair to fire Latoya. The entire women’s effort was Star’s idea. Consistently the one who if the reason for the loss is the one who should get fired. Not who (or who not) may not be a stronger player. that’s biasing the teams.

  8. jimmy shelton says:

    Donald Trump you missed it ottom line so bad tonite I can’t believe it the bottom line Starr was the project manager an I do blieve that she is the type that if you dont do it her way its not going to fly there was no proof that ms. jackson was responsible for the terrible job the womens team did, If thats the way you will run the country an fire people on a whim that they might not be strong but the other person did do a terrible job but they dont get fired, we dont need you you cant see the forest for the trees. If Star an Latoya worked for me piss on the game Star done a terrible job. Donald Trump You Made A Bad Decision YOUR FIRED

  9. Chuck says:

    Star Jones shld have been fired!!! Not La Toya and it shld have been based on the current project. Jones always dictates on projects and it looked like she dictated in the board room too. Without a doubt manipulated every1 and weasled her way to stay–can’t wait 4 Nene to put Jones in her place in the next episode!!!

  10. Maggie B. says:

    Donald Trump made big mistake to fire La Toya instead of Star. Hopefully when Mr. Trump become president he will not fire people for someone else mistakes…

  11. Sandi C says:

    I think Star Jones should have went home. Everything LaToya said about her was true.

  12. Gayle S says:

    Because there was such a laundry list of reasons why the women’s team lost, Mr. Trump was too lazy to break down each failed task and assign to the person responsible. It’s so obvious that Star, as Project Manager was responsible and should have been fired. I am very disappointed that La Toya was fired & he kept Star.

  13. Trisha Spivey says:

    This is unreal. Never knew of Trump to be scared or intimidated but he as allowed Star Jones to ruin this show. She should have gone home the first night. Surely he is not blind. Nene is just as bad now cause she liked stood by her. Somebody get some backbone on this show…

  14. Ya Ya says:

    Starlet was given a pardon this week when she actually should have gotten the boot. I don’t like what NeNe did by not defending LaToya in the boardroom. She should have gone after Star and knocked her ass out of the game. Star is the puppet master on ASAP and FINALLY (next week) NeNe ain’t gonna have it no mo’. That is gonna be some wild TV next Sunday. Looking forward to it actually because I’d like to see NeNe knock that pretentious bitch’s ass out.

  15. Boomeybeauty says:

    This is the whole rundown Latoya is not a weak player,although she was stupid to give her brother’s last t-shirt to her group she is very smart in that she created that beautiful hat and she helped her team win two challenges. Star should have been sent home solely based the task,although the women should have won based off their brochure which was much more inviting. Donald is unfair in my opinion in that I believe he is sending people home based off of what he wants now. Latoya is stupid to allow nene to use her as a puppet now because I would have never hugged her after all the back talk she did behind her back and the things she said about her family. Latoya appears to be naive. I do believe Latoya could have one and hope has done nothing period. It’s very unfair and I’m pissed that my toya went home. I’m done with the donald.

  16. Boomeybeauty says:

    I’m going to stop watching it too because it’s corrupt I only watched it because of Latoya and nene. I do want to see nene cd star though but hot but playmate lady should have gone home weeks ago.

  17. Sharon says:

    I sure don’t understand why Latoya got fired last night. She got it right when she said Star Jones has been the fault of several of their losses and last night was a big one. Nene has complained about Star quite a bit on the show and then stood up for her last night. She had her chance and should have agreed with Latoya. Star should take responsibility for her actions instead of blaming everyone else for what she does. She is a bossy bitch.

  18. tacky66 says:

    trump was wrong in firing latoya star, the bitch, should have been fired! star jones and ne ne leakes are awful people. since when did it become a “collective performance” decision to fire someone?
    the two people who should have been left standing on the last show should be latoya and john rich.
    people like lil john, hope dwaraugh, marlee matlain all should have been fired by now.
    trump is making a lot of mistakes in firing the wrong people, might not watch anymore to see what tie he will be wearing.

  19. Glory says:

    Latoya should not have been fired. I believe Donald Trump is leading Star on, letting her think she has actually has a chance at winning. We must all remember, Star’s book is NOT being promoted on “The View” and it is known Barbara Walters is a very dear friend of Trump. Unlike Star, Donald Trump does not turn his back on his friends. Dream on Star, it will never happen.

  20. kt says:

    wow, trump must have be afraid of star jones. she must be more powerful than he is – girl power!

  21. M.P says:

    Mr. Trump made a bad call on Sunday 4/24 !
    Its your show and failed at it ” not Latoya ”
    Can’t make bad calls and change rules as you go and run for President of Untied States Not a good combination !!

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