Playstation Network Down: April 25

If you tried to access the PSN this holiday weekend you probably found out about the Playstation Network down problem pretty quickly. This problem meant there were no Mortal Kombat or Portal 2 matchups to keep you busy while everyone else was stuffing their face with Peeps! This nonsense has been going on since Wednesday but will it last until Wednesday? Could we be looking at a whole week of outage as we come into April 25?

playstation network down april 25Despite our attempts to dig up some new information Sony is still being pretty closed mouthed about things. They do however say that the outage is its own fault. Apparently they shut the Playstation Network down after an “external intrusion” to make sure that nothing bad happened. This means that they could have possibly kept the network up but they decided to take it down. This Playstation Network down business was pretty big, hopefully they will be able to recover.

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Such a dramatic move may have made some of their loyal fans not so loyal anymore. The information that Sony has let out is pretty much admitting that the Playstation Network down problems are because of the security and performance holes in its product. Nothing else could have possibly prompted the world’s fifth largest media monolith to cut off over 70 million PSN customers on April 20th – without warning! What are your thoughts on this 5th day of Playstation Network down?


  1. Candy Jones says:

    I think this is bulls**t , and i need you to turn it back on , like i play the playstation everyday , i would of been fine with the network down for a day or even 2 but now 5 ??? this is ridiculious , ALOT OF PS3 users are going to switch to the xbox360 ( not me cause i cant use it ) . but anyways i cant live without the BLACK OPS .. HURRY UP!

  2. Michael Snyder says:

    I’m done playing the PSN waiting game! I went out Saturday and bought a Xbox and Black Ops. Black Ops is so much better on Xbox Live then the PSN.

  3. Just Saying says:

    I totally understand the frustration over all of this, I was really getting into DCUO when this happened. that being said, I also understand that a network, any network, is prone to going down, sometimes for a long period of time. lucky for me that my game collection includes a bunch of offline titles that I can entertain myself with, plus I still have access to my netflix on my PS3 (just go past all the prompts and notices). My personal frustation stems more from the fact that Sony is not giving any updates in a more timely fashion even if it just to inform us on what has been done so far. Since they took down the network themselves, at least giving out a date when it will go back up can go a long way to calming most of its customers even if its a tenative date.

  4. Travis says:

    ya psn lost alot of business this weekend and now that the holidays are over i hope they get back to work and get psn back up and running FAST im sure if playstation had enough people working on this issue it wouldnt take 5 days to fix i love playing xbox but went through 3 different xboxes and got that red ring thing on all of them so im not goin back to xbox unless this issue last much longer then i think the new xbox slim is the way to go playstation dropped the ball on this issue and pissed alot of people off everybody wants to play black ops or gt5 i think if this mantiance last much longer everybody is gonna want to switch to xbox

  5. Mike says:

    You idiot Blackops sucks in x box the graphics are s#*t

  6. Kate says:

    I’m a loyal fan of PS3 and would never go to the xBox, but seeing as I don’t have tv or a computer at my apartment, only internet since I have netflix, this is becoming quite annoying. I need my nazi zombssssss

  7. JG says:

    I think this is BS 5 days with out online SONY needs to stepup b/c this is makein them look bad also F*CK DA XBOX

  8. Brice says:

    Travis, do us all a favor and learn how to use this->.

  9. Jerz says:

    What the F man? I just wanna smoke a jay and play black ops. If the playstation network doesn’t come up soon, I’m gonna start beating ppl up.

  10. munster says:

    Guess I’ll have to go get black ops for my xbox and actually put the xbox to use

  11. john says:

    i do not know it will take guys but they have to tell us something soon

  12. Brian GG says:

    PlayStation your #1 but you lack of customer serverice will even make Nintendo #2 and you #3. We want the PSN back, we want free stuff for the downtime

  13. erikbroox says:

    IM SWITCHING TO XBOX…. Nice going sony… hope you’re happy….

  14. X_xHDx_X says:

    Sony this is a bunch of bull sh!t fer real man. You guys need get ur sh!t straight put on PSN and keep fixing it while its on bc 5 days without PSN and i just got my ps3 back bc it broke and rigght wen i got it back this sh!t happend no put ur network back up and fast bro…

  15. Russ says:

    The PSN being down for so long is crazy!! I guess from a security point of view it’s better to be safe than sorry.. Keep in mind all the credit cards numbers everyone has on their profiles. Don’t think anyone wants that stuff getting out. I don’t see a lot of people going to Xbox – especially since you have to pay a monthly fee just to be able to access the internet at all.

  16. SirLoin-12oz says:

    i agree with X_xHDx_X this is crap but still im not gonna go to xBox even if this takes a month bc we still have 2 player-4player offline with friends sooo… and we have Lan partys just saying…

  17. Ryan says:

    If it’s not fixed by wednesday, I will most likely be getting rid of all playstation products i own and switching to xbox. Ive always hated xbox/microsoft, but all the nonsense that sony has been laying down this past year is ridiculous. First they start making it so you need to buy a brand new game just so you can play online (only for some so far), they are doing this so that movie rental stores and stores like GameStop will go out of business. Next they started banning people for jailbreaking the ps3, whereas microsoft encourages its users to tinker with their machines. Above all, if you add up all the days that the PSN has been down since this month last year it comes close to a whole month!

  18. @Brian says:

    Nintendo is #1 retard… (Wii)
    #2 is xbox
    #3 is ps3.

    I love the ps3 dont get me wrong. but its ignorant dumb people like you who make me log off for fear of catching your down syndrome

  19. the sergeant (usmc) says:

    All of you are back stabbers are stupid. PSN shut down to protect your credit card info from the hackers. i think its funny that you all think XBOX live is SOOOOOOO much better and just diss the PSN for protecting you from fruad. ive been on PSN for 6 yrs now and have never had a problem with connection, system outage or anything that would prevent me from playing. I also have been on XBOX live for the same amount of time and at least twice a week i cant log in because XBOX live system problems. So dont get all high and mighty, and start talking Sh*t about PSN just because they want to proctect you. My brother in law works for PSN and they could have left the systems running even with the hackers stealing your credit card or bank card info but no they shut it off to protect you from having to deal with this problem. Oh ya PSN is FREE stupid. its amazing that a company that offers there Network for Free would care so much for its customers. So you go right ahead and switch to XBOX live but i promise you will be playing on the PSN as soon as its back up and running.

  20. Robert Thomas says:

    well psn is free. well when it comes back on i hope you can give us xp points extra like a lot of xp points on black ops

  21. Joey dionne says:

    Oh well, god forbid we all go outside for fresh air. Good luck psn! I need my COD fix!!!

  22. Frank H. says:

    People always claim that the ps3 is better than the xbox 360. I currently own both systems but ever since I’ve had my ps3 I’ve experienced nothing but problems, it’s as if everyday it’s something new with this thing. Get your shit together Sony. You’re a multi-million dollar company, you should be better prepared for shit like this. I guess this really shows how they feel about their customers.

  23. BLACK OPS! says:


  24. Frank H. says:

    Sony, you could really learn a thing a two from bill gates

  25. BLACK OPS! says:


  26. I understand you Sony about that you making the security more better, but if you dont bring the PSN back quick you will loose alot of PSN players. Also your thre ones loosing money, so I hope ya bring it back up as soon as possible.

  27. darthaugster says:

    you know, I have been waiting for about 4 or 5 days for psn to come back up. Since then I have been seeing a lot of comments about how people are extremely frustrated and they cant live without video games and black ops. I know you people love video games and everything, but you have to play the waiting game for a while, or you can buy a 360. Honestly I just cant believe that with some people, they think that playing video games online is their entire life. Since psn has been down, I have been finding other things to do, like do my homework or hangout with my family or go to the gym with a couple of my buds. I just think that some people are overreacting….

  28. Clint says:

    This is so dumb, I just bought my socom 4 tuesday (the realese date) and it goes out wendsday, really.. I havent even got to actullay sit down and play it for more than an hour or two online. I already beat the single player, and now out of boredom, i am trying to get all the trophys. I want my f*cking online gaming back.

  29. Trigun: Love and PEACE! says:

    I’m just as bored as everyone else without PSN right now. But, honestly I respect Sony for caring enough to protect everyone’s Credit Card info and keep us from living on the street. It sucks to not be able to play online, but would you rather be completely broke? =/

  30. Ryan says:

    OMG, so many people are crying because they do not have video games in their lives… It’s pretty funny. I love the people that are saying they are going to switch to XBOX because of this, XBOX also has problems with their online service. On top of all this Sony was attacked by hackers which caused PSN to crash first. Sony then took down PSN to upgrade PSN’s infrastructure, security, and protect information in the accounts. I do not mind waiting I just hope for a few things during PSN’s upgrades, PSN somehow better/faster, video game companies are taking this time to throw in quick fixes or either game patches, and some people gain some friends or starts to read because the rage and horrible spelling is pretty bad.

  31. the sergeant (usmc) says:

    I WANT TO PLAY BLACK OPS! I GONNA SWTICH TO XBOX. SHUT THE F*UCK UP!whaaaa. Booooo Freakinnn Whoooo! Do something with your life. Get over it. PSN will be up and running with in the week. you probably suck a black ops anyway. PSN is FREE and they are a multi-Billion dollor company you F*CKin Idiot. They can do whatever they want and there is nothing you can do about it.

  32. Jace says:

    This is complete garbage. I’ve been doing some research and if it’s true that Anonymous took down the PSN Network then it must be true that the people behind Anonymous must be a hell of a lot smarter than the pillow bitters working at Sony. How can a multi-billion dollar company have it’s top product not work properly for 5+ days? Are you telling me that people at Sony have been out smarted by the guy that picks his nose and eats doritos all day? What I don’t understand is that Sony knew they had some issues when Anonymous first attacked earlier this month. Why not fix/update your network then? They busted into Mastercard and Visa, but those were only down for a day. So why is Sony taking so long to do maintenance for PSN? I’d be willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee to assure me that if this does happen again. Because it will most likely not happen at all or I’m either going to be reimbursed for time lost. In short, Sony hires dumbasses that can’t keep little nerdy kids from Central Europe from hacking their system. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to read again.

  33. Torch73 (305s) says:

    I was told by a little bird that it will be down till Thursday i hope not but if it is it is! lol

  34. firehouse01 says:

    I understand that Playstation should be back up, but I am a loyal fan of Playstation and I wish the PSN would come back on. However, I believe Playstation made the smartest move by shutting off their network. I love playing games such as Black Ops, Fifa 11, ect online, but if my online security is jepardized, i would rather play offline. Yes, I believe Sony should put PSN online soon, but only as soon as they feel their members will be safe. As long as this problem continues, I will focus on the single-player modes of Call OF Duty, Mortal Combat, Portal 2, Fifa, Need For Speed, ect.

  35. ~Ss~ says:

    I agree with John. I really would like an update on when PSN will be back up. Although it’s been down for 5 days I respect the safety Sony provides for us. Go outside…hang out with friends…do the homework you guys never complete…Sony will have PSN up soon so just be patient. Let’s just hope it will be soon. I mean I still can live without but already having the luxury…you get the urge to want to play. Sony take your time, bring the hackers to justice…just please, don’t make us have to pay for PSN. That’s pretty much what separates you guys from xBox. Good Luck!!!! :-)

  36. D says:

    Get a life its 5 days of having to face the real world, its spring go the f out side.

  37. firehouse01 says:

    Who is ~Ss~? Have I played with/ against you before on PSN?

  38. josmetra says:

    I hope that the network comes on soon! I’m going crazy that i cant play cod! Does any1 know when it should be up and running again?

  39. SOUTH_GA_HITMAN says:

    Get over it people. It’s just a damn game. Get a job or a life.

  40. A-Guy-Who-Is-Patient says:

    You guys need to get some sun. I like playing online games a lot and this outage IS annoying but common go outside. Do something. I played football with my friends and it was muddy but I feel great. Look at how you guys feel about A GAME. ITS A GAME. It’s not going to be out forever.

  41. No says:

    Actually i dont want to go outside, there are tornados out there…

  42. firehouse01 says:

    That’s the point… It ISN’T going to be out forever so we should enjoy it while we can!

  43. Jota says:

    I think this is absurd,
    6 days (almost) to fix a security problem means that they had more holes than a swiss cheese… or they are re-writing the enitre app?
    It might happen that Anonymous hacked the consoles as well to use them as bots?
    What about the Credit Card info?
    Sony must start giving explanation soon or they will face a lot of problems to be back in business
    I got bored and purchased a X box


  44. SkunkyHerbz says:

    wow people chill out, shit happens. go outside or something. loose some weight lol stop bitchn itll b back on…hey mayb u’ll meet a chick or something lol losers..

  45. firehouse01 says:

    With PSN being down, I have really come to appreciate the depth of the Mortal Kombat story mode. It is fairly AWESOME!

  46. OMG!!!!!!!!! this is BS i hate this am not going to change to xbox because i love ps3. Its just pissing me off,hurry up PSN.IM BORED I NEED BLACKOPS.

  47. PS3jnky says:

    Get perspective. Sony actually cares if their system is safe and secure and will take the hit from people who expect everything to work wihtout exception. Wake-up, Hackers go after ALL the big targets its only a matter of time before they go after Microsofts XBOX. companies like Visa and Mastercard only care about getting your money so they will leave their system up after an attack – if you get a virus on your computer from using their site tuff. It is your fault in their eyes because you are responsible for your own hardware. Sony knows a hacker can brick all the PS3 out there if they are not vigilant in protecting YOUR investment. If you are whining about lost time playing games – get off your couch and get a life

  48. toni says:

    i say gooood job Sony !

  49. If sony is trying to protect everyones credit card information, then I’m with them… and 5 days without online play? Games have a story / some sort of arcade mode for a reason. Besides, just because they are taking 5 days to protect and update security doesn’t mean that they’re going to be gone forever. The Xbox is overrated. Squares are meant to be dull and boring.. but boxes? Don’t even get me started. You guys are giving up too easily… Ps3 forevarr!

  50. ~Ss~ says:

    ~Ss~ is a clan… Standing for ~Super Soldiers~

  51. Lucky_lux says:

    That does it for me!
    After going thru YLoD twice and about 180€ of repaires, for problems i didn’t cause, because all i did was play, on a console i’ve paid to do so. I’ve got my mind on buying a xbox for next gen. Sick and tired of sony’s bullsh*t.

  52. Evan1987 says:

    hmm i still like ps3 even when there is an outage i mean they are not taking our money out like other consoles i think that they are trying their best…. i mean what do u spect for a free feature in the other hand thanx to the f*** hacker whe are going trough all this is not playstation fault remember that they have confidential info like credit cards and all that stuff

    basically i dont care because I HAVE A LIFE

  53. firehouse01 says:

    I know what ~Ss~ is? What is your PSN name. I’m in that clan…

  54. firehouse01 says:

    *flip punctuations

  55. David A says:

    Im a huge fan of Sony i love he’s products this little problem doesn’t changes anything , cause i remember it was Sony who saves me from the darkness of stupid and repetitive games like knows , remember Mario? Lets be patient maybe its for good and improved service. Luv ya Sony my bests

  56. Isaiah Scott says:

    I think that Sony has did good for a long time and this isn’t really their fault for getting hacked. I know they hadn’t built the best network but i know they are doing all they can to fix this. Playstation all my life never had an Xbox i hope sony gets it back up

    Playstation Network Identification: AfricanOps Customer Since: 1996 Owned Systems: Playstation 1,2, and 3 + PSP

  57. Homero says:

    it’s a free service guys, jeez, what’s the big deal. sony is just trying to protect it’s information, including all of yooooou guys’ information, think about it, you don’t even pay money to use the service, c’mon, so what is the big deal? they will have it up in running soon probably, and maybe even with a new and improved service, I for one, am perfectly fine with the outage, im not losing any money or sleep over this, so what the heck, it’s like Evan1987 said “I have a life” :/, and even if i did stay home and browse the PSN, i still would not care, so take it easy people, and just be patient

  58. Fecilshiz says:

    Don’t worry so much people. PSN is free other than XBOX LIVE. I’ll wait a whole month for them to fix it and make sure we’re protected. I didn’t even get my ps3 until the slim came out so I don’t give a f***. Yes PSN was hacked and it’s not sony’s fault. I mean WTF do you expect fro free service. Anyone remember when xbox live cost $50 a month? I do, those F*****
    rape artist.

  59. Sam Bustos says:

    Soooooo what’s taking so long for it to come back up?

  60. vinman says:

    OMG! people its ok it will be back up

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