The Body Shop: Half Off Groupon

Do you like lotions, creams, candles and other bath and beauty items? If so then today’s Groupon is going to be perfect for you! Pay only $20 and you get $45 worth of product at in-store locations of The Body Shop. This is a great deal! Who can say Mother’s day?

the body shopMake sure that you use the Groupon offer for The Body Shop by May 30th so it is worth $45. If you use it between May 31 and August 27 it is worth $40. You can get gifts for your kid’s teachers, friends and if you’re really nice you’ll get it for someone that doesn’t even deserve it. Have fun with the half off Groupon!

You can go to The Body Shop offer on Groupon but also make sure to check other offers that are going on in your area. If you shop Groupon you can save hundreds of dollars a month on things that you would have bought anyway. Will you be cashing in on today’s Groupon?


  1. Terry says:

    Hi Jess
    Thanks for the information, good job again.

  2. Sarah Trist Jessica Lauren says:

    Thanks Terry. Glad to be of help. =D

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