NFL Lockout: Judge Rules in Favor of Players

There is some promising news today in the ongoing NFL lockout by team owners. The U.S District Judge Susan Richard Nelson stated that since the disbanding of the NFL players union the case no longer falls under the federal labor law that was initially claimed by the team owners. The lawyers representing the owners will be filing a stay on today’s ruling while an appeal is filed. The NFL lockout by the owners could have a impact on the 2011-2012 season if it is not resolved soon.

The last time the NFL had a work stoppage was in 1987. Players went on a 24 day strike and week 3 of the season was not played. Weeks 4,5, and 6 were played with replacement players before a resolution was met. Let’s hope the NFL lockout does not continue and that there is no stoppage in play for the upcoming season.

Many fans do not understand why the billion dollar industry known as the NFL does not have enough money for owners and players to be happy. Currently the owners take $1 billion of the $9 billion revenue the NFL makes each year, the players then take 60% of the remainder. The owners claim that their share of the revenue is not increasing, while employee, stadium, and advertising costs are. The NFL lockout by the owners is their way of getting the current labor deal amended to benefit them more.

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