Playstation Network Down: April 26

Ok finally we have got some news but it surely is not the news that we wanted. After the Playstation network down issue is on its sixth day there was been some information given to all of the customers. Sony says that the hackers were after information. The bad thing is that they hackers were mostly successful.

playstation network down april 26The Playstation network down issue resulted in names, email addresses, credit card numbers even, being stolen from the company. Many users are in an uproar knowing that their information was harvested from the network. Most users already knew that there were security breaches but no one knew that they were this big. The Playstation network down debacle could mean big problems to some of its users.

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Playstation Network Down: April 28

This is what Sony had to say “We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do whatever it takes to resolve these issues as quickly and efficiently as practicable.” I think they are being a little over optimistic. Most of their customers are not being patient, understanding or having much goodwill towards them. What are your thoughts?


  1. richard s says:

    in all honesty i dont mind waiting for it to come back online, i would just like to know what on earth is going on with sony, update your customers sony, otherwise you will lose them to xbox, if card details ‘have’ been compromised then get your act together sony and man up so people can take actions so it doesnt go further on there account……quite simply put, sony, UPDATE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Thank you

  2. sasha says:

    That is total crap! Give me a date on when it will be fixed Sony!, Jessica Lauren is absolutely right, we are not patient nor understanding with sony. Not only have they jeopordized my financial info, they are not being straight forward enough with their users. When you pay $400+ for a system, you expect it to work. The users must be reimbursed somehow for this misshap. Regardless if the network is free or not, the system purches were based on being able to be networked. Sony better do more than they have been, or their whole company will go down. In this economy, they cannot afford to lose a dime, and they are about to lose a hell of a lot more than that. If the network is not up and running securley by friday, I am switching to Xbox Live. I urge any other loyal users to follow me in this boycott.

  3. Xcore says:

    I dont see why every one is getting so worked up about psn being down.. sure u might of lost money but comon… theres 75 million accounts.. out of those 75mill, whats the chances it was you?? and im pretty sure you’d know if money was being used on your account by noticing charges on your credit card and such..

  4. Fienix says:

    Its ridiculous that it took them a week to tell people that their personal information may have been stolen. We should have known about it a week ago.

  5. Jon says:

    I spend my hard earned money on a Ps3 and its games (which are over priced might i add) and they cant even give us an estimated time to when this “ISSUE” will be resolved. Now i am finding out that my credit card info. has possibly been stolen??? Someone give me 2 good reasons on why i should not switch from Ps3 to Xbox (please dont say because the Psn is free). Because as it stands now it may have been cheaper to pay for network connection then to have all my info stolen.

  6. aaron says:

    ok finally some news which i dont care about and they didnt tell us when it will be back up and i doubt it will be up tommorrow

  7. X864 says:

    This can’t be good.. =/

  8. TommyG says:

    I have been beyond patient with PSN this past week. I am more angry about my personal information being taken, than i am about not being able to play online. I have been saying all week to radical people who are saying they are switching to xbox, that the thought of it is ridiculous. However now with these new details coming to light, if anything happens to my credit cards or what not i will be apart of a lawsuit. This isn’t about playstation or xbox being better to any fan boy fights happening, it’s about playstation’s lack of security and how it screwed all 75 million of us.

    p.s. On a side note, i though hackers in general were about the people and for the people. The hackers that I know are all about exploiting things such as the security breach, but only to show that it exists and nothing more. The hackers responsible should be ashamed of themselves as they are affecting different kinds of people from different parts of the planet.

  9. Brayan says:

    And i thought only for being down the second day a disaster….

  10. dtown357 says:

    holy s**t batman for real so sony isnt hacked us users are, wow sony great timing for me i just sold my xbox

  11. Rob says:

    To all those kids that said, “why should Sony give anything to it’s users – PSN is free, bla bla bla.” This is why, fools. They let people put their trust in them for a service (that was free) where you could buy their digital content — and had trust that the information was protected when you put your Credit Card information in.

    Apparently their shit wasn’t as strong as it should be, and people have the possibility of people getting information they shouldn’t have.

    If you still think Sony shouldn’t be compelled to compensate the people that trusted them, and used their service, then you’re a tool that just doesn’t mind it when a business doesn’t do what it’s supposed to 100%. When you’re a multi billion-dollar corporation, and want peoples’ business, you compensate them for the wrongs. Just how business should work, and customers should demand it.

  12. dropinbombz says:

    i used to think hackers were cool in a mysterious kinda way. but now i lost it all.. hackers are faceless bitches who can’t man up. just like a terrorist hiding in the Iraqi mountain caves…

  13. jacob says:

    i don’t have a credit card so its all good…. but still quit bitching guys i mean i love my ps3 but go outside and do some exercise or some s**t geez

  14. spen69 says:

    jon try this on for size for your p.s lets say these hackers steel alot of money from the public. lets say that their names are released to the public. you think we have troubles. they better hope they get caught and go to prison and hope that there are no murders,rapiest etc.. i jail that game online. they will get theres. would not want to be in there shoes. they wouldnt have done it if they thought out what is to come.they will get caught its just a matter of time. imagine what a 240 rapiest faceing a 135lbs internet hacker geek would be like. they should televise the jail event. lol. psn told me today on tech support that my info was safe. now that a joke. i cant believe sony waited 6 days to tell public. unreal
    p.s they also said plus members will not be refunded unreal.

  15. xalin says:

    I will say that I agree this is a horrible horrible tragedy, but sony must have never thought that someone with actual hacking skill would come along and mess with the psn. It would take a skilled hacker to really break into the psn from outside the sony company. These hackers are probably professionals and really had to work at getting around the system. Anything made from a computer can be hacked. notice how it says mostly successful and how sony found,fought,and prevented them from gathering all the information. They are trying to improve the security for the better. Xbox live could just as easily be hacked and possibly quicker than the psn was. I think that xbox should up the security just in case.

  16. zach says:

    as much as i would like to be on the network playing some call of duty at least the rest of my system is working properly. I’ve known Xbox’s to stop working completely. Anyone who would switch and pay for online play is crazy. Do you think that Xbox can’t be hacked? There’s no 100% assurance to stop hackers. At least with the latest ps network mishap it’s not like i’ve paid for the month and now i can’t play.

  17. im awesome says:

    20yearold hacker virgins > sony multibillion dollar company

    way to go sony maybe you should seek these hackers out and employee them because clearly they are more useful then the faggots working “hard” for you.

  18. Robo_Emo_Wolf says:

    I can’t believe all you guys keep bi**hing about this, like “I dont care” and “JUst get it back up!” YOu guys need t get outside or something. they are TRYING to get it back up and fixed you dip s**ts

  19. cody says:

    I’m not that pissed off all i really would want to know is when will PSN BE BACK ONLINE.I feel sorry for the people that have there credit card on there, instead of using a credit card (even though its easier) buy 1 or 2 $50 psn cards its more safe and u don’t have to worry about your Card info being hacked. I’ve been playing Command and Conquer Generals online and its getting old. SONY/PSN THE BEST U CAN DO FOR INFORMATION IS TELL THE PEOPLE THE DATE WHEN PSN WILL BE BACK UP.

  20. HORER_DAGO says:

    ITS ONLY BEEN SIX DAYS CALM DOWN LOSERS! Im pissed too but you nerds have to game EVERY second and buy a Xbox? And as far as the credit cards go, I’ve had bartenders give my card away to another customer and other BS with credit cards. Lifes not fair sh*t happens, man up you little whiney girls.

  21. john says:

    WTF sony your a joke!!! im switching over to xbox i rather pay for internet that wont go down on me. fuck ps3 and sony, by the way broke my ps3 :) glad i did

  22. sherbs says:

    I have a PS3 and love it! Black Ops is a really fun game! However, it sad that many people are addicted to it! I find it funny that people are getting their underwear in a bundle over games! Come on guys its not reality. This is a major reason our society is crumbling!

  23. jeremy says:

    its been a whole week and all they got to say is info i already know. its like their talking but they not saying nothing.

  24. T says:

    I think that the biggest thing i can comment is “Grow up people” you purchased a PS3 because of the superior nature of the system……. a system not an online experience. as of now Sony is the only system that hasn’t charged a premium for online interactions. If problems like these that stem from Sony banning access of “Hacked” PS3 systems from cause Sony to go the Microsoft route and charge a monthly or yearly access fee how much more will you complain then. your PSN dollars are surly safe, and i’m sure a company like Sony would not let theft of files go lightly. Sony is fixing the problem. More than likely we will have a new and massive update to download when this is all over, because any holes that were discovered will be well patched. remember that the PS3 has until recently been the only gaming system not hacked. this new effort to exploit the system has caused all of the problems.

  25. allen says:


  26. Daniel says:

    @ sasha:
    sorry but most of us aren’t going to go buy an xbox over 6 days of no networking. though the financial info. issue is worrysome, it’s not going to be solved by me buying an xbox just because i’m pissed at sony.

  27. matt says:

    the issue here is not whether or not online gaming is down for a few hours or damn month. The issue is the potential identity theft that has occurred. Any of you pissed off gamers purchased expansions, games, extra maps online? Guess what, your credit card info likely just got ripped off and now you have watch your cards for illegal puchases for the next six months. Enjoy the angst while you complain about not being able to play VIDEO GAMES (yes games) for a whole six plus days.

  28. Sean says:

    Im not mad that I can’t play online, Im mad because Sony is responsible for the privacy of millions of users and they should make sure their security is impossible to get through before we put our PERSONAL information on the system. I really think Sony should man up to their mistakes and compensate every dollar that was stolen from us. If Sony plans to get all of their users back than they had better make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And everyone saying we should “Get a life” Ill be laughing in your faces when its YOUR info thats stolen. You wont be talkin your shit when someones racking up a bunch of charges on your credit cards.

  29. jim says:

    I think that if this issue isnt resolved soon im swiching to xbox and so are all my friends we all have been waiting waiting and nothing yet it sucks not bein able to play online i thought sony was the way to go but i guess its the way out now so i hope they fix it soon and hope that i dont have to get my lawyer to look into this to make sure my information is not bein used or my friends so good luck sony thanks and hope to see u running again soon…..

  30. FloridaBoy says:

    Now i agree with these statements that we should have been informed but think about it for a second. If sony had told us all this the first day everyone would have paniced and they might have only found out about this today or yesterday. think about it. they need to go through millions and millions of pieces of data. If anyone should get blamed it should be the hackers not sony. They are trying their best and people should know that it isn’t sonys fault. There are new products comming out everyday so it is almost impossible to get any update released before a hacking organization has already planned an attack and what to do with the new gear they may have gotten. So to all who believe that sony is at fault you are wrong. there is more to this then we know and sony is still trying to understand what is going on.

  31. Ivan says:

    If credit card information was stolen they should have informed the customers immediately. I would gladly switch to xbox 360 over this unfortunately with all the money i spent on ps3 games that would be impractical.

  32. Jose says:

    Alright, this is my opinion on the matter. At first yes i was a bit angry about it being down and i said “fine, i can wait a couple days” It’s been way more than just a couple days, it’s been a week. All of you guys saying “geez nerds, go outside” bla bla bla that’s a bunch of stupid ignorance. One of the major reasons why people are getting so angry and worried is do to the fact that millions of people have their credit cards or personal information in their accounts. It’s not really about the lack of playing, although it is has a big influence, most people are worried about their personal belongings.

  33. Grunnion says:

    I do not mind at all so long as it does come back up. I would like for a specific date if possible, but i understand their problem. This system worth waiting for because it is of better quality then the Xbox and has far better graphics. As for all of the people that can not wait, I am sorry I do laugh at you because if you think about it eventually you have to grow up. It is only a game and you still have the single player while you wait till it is up. On the other hand six days is to long for this minuscule amount of information. So as the others have said “keep your costumers informed about this.”

  34. Giggavega says:

    Lucky for me, I never used or gave my credit card info. I do however have a premium account & I feel a bit jipped about that. If Playstation is smart & want to please their fans, this is what they should do;
    Unlock the well know PS2 restriction from the PS3. It is ridiculous, I mean people would still be buying PS2 games & they would be making more money.

  35. vincent says:

    here’s a crazy opinion but maybe its a good thing…you guys have nothing better to do seriously? i ended up playing zombies on just two player and im getting a lot better and the world will not end if they take away psn…i also ended up getting out and having some fresh air…some of you people are really more worried about playing again when you’re told your info might have been stolen?!?! maybe use this time to make sure everything is fine….check your accounts and charges, etc…im pretty sure the ps3 also stores cookies and temp internet files so if you use the ps3 for browsing the web you might have some passwords and what not that have been recorded and hacked…go use this time now to update all your passwords and back up your ps3!!! another crazy opinion but maybe microsoft hacked sony or its those linux users…or even apple!!! this is the warfare of the future people, its not guns and bullets like in black ops but a digital war….

  36. yourdaddy says:

    Sony you I am very disappointed with you, I called and you said over the phone it was maintenance. Now a week later you say that our credit cards are at the hands of anon? We all know nothing is going to happen with the credit cards Sony is just saying that to put the blame on the hackers and honestly if Sony were doing maintenance and some person got my credit card information that’s your fault you said youy, were doing maintenance you aided the so called hackers by not telling our customers the truth you lied to 70 million people oh allowed some person to have my credit card for a week. And didn’t tell me then from what you told us your maintenance did this or your a pathetic excuse for a company and you deserve this and more just for lieing to 70 million people I hope you lose 350*70,000,000.00 =:2.45e10 its Sony who’s hurting us not hackers I will switch to xbox and Sony stop living about the credit cards we know your trying to play the victim and please provide the customers with the credit cards that are experiencing identity theft I promise all of you there will not be a single who’s in danger Sony grow up kids lie not billion dollar corporation

  37. Matt says:

    Wow go ahead and go to xbox live who cares i remember xmas of 2008 xbox live going down for 2 weeks so cry me a river. What would u think if you thought of it through their eyes. You just been hacked do you want to tell the whole world your network is jeapordized for the sake of other hackers taking advantage of the situation? Its like telling an MMA fighter before you fight him hey dont go for my ankles i sprained them in training. Give me a break go get a life outside of PSN and xbox live. For everyone who is scared about their credit cards being used just get them replaced problem solved. As for sony they should do stuff for their customers for this mishap its rediculous it takes being hacked a few times for them to actually upgrade their infrastructure. And btw Hacked modded xbox’s r all over the place good luck trying to kill a jackass with a aimbot on call of duty all systems that go online have hacker issues even cell phones. I guess all the people saying leave hackers alone they dont hurt anyone just got a kick in the mouth.

  38. Nick says:

    I smell a sue for sony about the stolen info xD good thing i didnt use my creditcard i use game cards xD or a giftcards xD

  39. TL says:

    I’m not at all pleased with the deception or the extended amount of time that psn has been down, but I’ll be damned if I run out and get an xbox because some fairy, or fairies decided to hack the network. My condolences to those of you that stand to lose money because of this. Sony should compensate all you guys for any losses you incur. Hopefully we’ll all be back on the network soon. Until then, fill us in a little sooner Sony.

  40. M hunter says:

    Just tell us when and if we can play on line again cause im ready to get a xbox

  41. the unknown hacker says:

    I know who hacked the network….

  42. chis says:

    dont buy an xbox it gets red ring and all this other stuff just be patieant or watever and sony will be online soon ( add Aero_Joker-)

  43. Gotti says:

    ok I have a life and i dont care if the system is down for couple of more days but if my info is stolen by some mexican then im gonna be pissed. I spent 400 + on ps3 plus a warranty and on the box it says ps3 it does everything, now it can say ps3 it does 20% LOL

    Look, all the a@@holes that say thier switching to xbox is gay cuz the xbox live was down in 08′ for 13 days straight and those are paid users. A hacker would get into any system if he wanted to.
    just please give an update i would like to know ahead of time if my account info was stolen too that would of been nice. >:(

  44. kevin says:

    They hackers sent a message to Sony. They said they would still user details if Sony didn’t follow their commands, which basically asked for GeoHotz (ps3 jailbreaker) to be allowed to keep jailbreaking, for them to make the ps3 more moddable, and to not sue the crap out of them.

  45. kevin says:

    the, steal. I hate auto correction

  46. devonte says:

    im switchin if it aint on 2morrow all sony doin is keep lyin and saying its goin 2 be on 1 day then they say the next day wtf it been off 4 a week how long can it be off 4

  47. Robert says:

    im waiting and ill never switch to Xbox it could get hacked too just wait and sony said its over they are fixing the securitay so it wont happen again

  48. josh says:

    I want to go online and want my info secure

  49. Elijah says:

    My birthday was on April 15th I had just gotten a ps3 about a week ago
    I only got to go online for not even just one week
    I am upset. Hackers are gay and have nothing
    Beter to do other than to do this crap
    I hope it’s fixed now that playstation network
    Has found the reason for this crap
    Why can’t they just throw the freaking hackers
    In jail and give us our Internet so we can be happy
    I am really sorry but if you had only gotten a pa3
    Not even a week ago wouldn’t you be mad. Please give me your opinions of what you think about what I wrote.

  50. AceMadura08 says:

    @Xcore That’s like telling 75 million people “oh don’t worry your account won’t be hacked” Even if there is a 1/75 million chance for you to have your shit stolen it still means that at least one person will have his personal info taken. I’m sorry but you can’t say that there is a slim chance because, at least ONE person will have his crap stolen. I’ve had a PS3 for TWO years and all I played was GOW MGS and U2. I decided to give COD and BFBC both a try for the multiplayer. I fucking love it and to find that I can’t play Zombies and Rush online, IT IS PISSING ME OFF!

  51. Michael says:

    Really, do you think anyone cares that you are going to switch?

  52. WTF says:

    C’mon guys. How old are some of you? Yr really gonna switch to the Xbox? Go ahead… They can hack Xbox too… If that happens Whats the next thing you gonna ? And Who the f*ck said they stole yr personal things? It could be, but thats not for sure. And if they stole money from you, you would already know that if you look at yr freaking card. And there is NEVER said a day when it will be back up. They said at the EARLIEST wednesday ! If its not on the official sites, all the dates are fake. If i say now : hey, i know someone that said it will be back up tomorrow. He’s really not lying! .. some retards here would believe and tell everyone they know. And when its not back up tomorrow they all will blame sony… Dont blame everything on sony. Maybe they are sitting at home, maybe not. You dont work with sony so stfu cause if you cant prove things, you have to shout yr mouth. They are a HUMANS too, they CAN’T know everything. And yes, maybe their are taking it tooo long but thats OK.. They want to make it better

  53. dude says:

    haha playstation is GAY anyways hell with it. wake up and buy a real system made by an american company

  54. Bozzzers says:

    @Ace I totally agree, it takes the piss that i cant play Rush or Kino! its not too bad for me as i am not sposed to be playing much anyway coz i got a-levels coming up, so i found my old ps1 games and have been completing them (i can finish them in about a day, i must have been so crap when i was about 7) and also there now no campains left unfinished on any of my ps3 games lol. Personally i am not incredibly affected as my details were all fake and i had recently wiped my credit card details, but for anyone who may have had their private info on psn, i hope that it doesnt end with your money being taken. I think that any talk of boycotting ps3 is stupid, its not safer on xbox, they just are not tagetted. You have problems if you cannot physically go without playing a console for two weeks. I will be happy for psn to take as long is neccesary to prevent the network being attacked again. Rather than rushing to get it back online!

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