Obama Birth Certificate

As you know there has been a big controversy over the Obama birth certificate. Many people believe that he is not an American citizen and therefore not rightfully serving the US. Obama has always denied claims that he was born in another country. Will this settle things once and for all?

obama birth certificateThe Obama birth certificate that was released by the White House was the long form. This was quite a surprise to the press but by the time the word got out reporters were headed right to the briefing room. The president scolded them for their concern with “silliness”. This statement that he made about the Obama birth certificate and other issues was only about 5 minutes long.

Donald trump apparently thinks he is the reason that this piece of paper is now out for the public to take a look at. Besides for taking credit he also said that we would have to see if it was real. Trump said he hopes that it is real so that we can get on to more serious matters. What do you think about the Obama birth certificate?

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