Playstation Network Down: April 27

Users are still dealing with the Playstation network down issue. This makes it a whole week since the network went down and players were not able to play their favorite games. People are beginning to get up and not even expect it to be fixed anymore. No one knows how long it could be until the network is back up.

playstation network down april 27To make up a little bit for the Playstation network down issue Hulu plus is offering a free week. This is a whole 2 dollars for your trouble folks, what do you think of that!? It turns out that there are a few more things that Sony decided not to tell us. The main thing was about the information being compromised but it turns out that they knew that they had been hacked from the get-go of the Playstation network down problem.

Playstation Network Down: April 30

Playstation Network Down: April 28

What can you do instead of playing your favorite games on the network? You could always keep a close eye on your credit cards since your information that you used to register your PSN account could be compromised. Some say well what is the likelihood of your information being the one stolen? As good as any of the other 70 million users.


  1. Chi says:


  2. Chi says:

    THEY’RE AT BBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chi says:

    MINH LY. MDIZZLE1026 LOVES BLACKOPS. ALthough he s scared to admit cuz he s weak.

  4. william says:

    well i have a ps3 and im trying to look up when is playstation network going to come up sony if your reading this please hurry up

  5. Matt says:

    I honestly think Sony could care less. They are a multi-billion dollar coporation. Though I am one of the many disgruntled customers of a PS3 I have 0 faith that Sony is taking any of these blogs or our complaints seriously. I am sure their customer service numbers have been battered with pissed off teenagers and adults pestering the operators for timeframe’s and answers. As long as my cc info doesnt get screwed with I have grown indifferent about the whole thing.

  6. Connor says:

    FFS i want the playstation network to work again!!!!

  7. Bobby says:

    What do they mean when they say that they are offering a free week?

  8. Zomararosa says:

    before easter weekend i haven’t been playing ps3 at all, so i decided to get back at my gaming and i bought a brand new HD-tv for my bedroom, a controller-keypad, and a couple new games, and on easter sunday i go on ps3 and what do you know, can’t get on the flippin network. luckily i bought Heavenly Sword and it doesn’t require online. :)
    sony, HURRY THE HECK UP!

  9. Terry says:

    This is crap. We use Netflix through the ps3 and thats a monthly charge. We should get comps for that!

  10. eric says:

    well i have some friends that play on the network everyday and some all day, a lot of them are turning their business elsewhere and getting xbox 360 and paying the fifty dollars for the year just to play their favorite games if everyone starts doing that it would mean a lot of bad news for ps and ps network.

  11. mad as h3ll says:

    this is getting rediculous why is it taking so long. give us an estimate of when it will be back up please!

  12. abriel says:

    I was trying to see my updates on my psp account but they kept telling me it was down, the same thing for my ps3. i wanna play black ops

  13. efrain lara says:

    when is psn up again respond quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. your hard ass father says:

    this is bullshit im reallly getting sick of this, i have bought over $6,000 worth of sony products in the last 8 years. ive been a loyal customer and i feel jipped big time.. i have been patiently waiting for a week now, backing up sony hoping they do the right thing but the further this outage goes on and the more i learn about what they havent told us its starting to really bug me. LET US KNOW WHAT THE F*** IS REALLY GOING ON!!!!!!!!

  15. Jess says:

    I bet if everyone got rid of their ps3s and started playing xbox 360s sony would get off their fat lazy asses. This is ridiculous, they make all this money off of our loyalty and diligence as gamers and this is how we get repaid. Sony is a fucking joke, I’m selling my shit

  16. Ashley says:

    Wat the heack is going on??

  17. PLAYYSTATION$ says:

    come on playstation ,,, i am almost ready to get an xbox … and thats sadd … seriously HURRy

  18. David says:

    honestly guys stop blaming sony for everything they did nothing wrong instead you should be blaming the guys trying to steal your personal info….. Sony never meant for it to happen the fact that you guys are complaining is not helping them or yourself so just wait patiently and see what happens

  19. given up says:

    yeah i wake up not even expecting it to be fixed or have any information about it. the only reason why i checked was because my cousin asked me to. that is garbage.

  20. packfan20099999 says:

    im definately gettin an xbox 360 and never going back to playstation

  21. cros' says:

    Chi sounds like an idiot.

  22. Christian says:

    Screw the ps3 I had enough of waiting tomorrow I’m buying a xbox 36p

  23. Sam D says:

    Guess I’m gonna buy an Xbox!
    Sony’s Customer Service sucks, plain and simple.
    No notification to customers, compromising of our data, and quite possibly our financial info!

    5 days down, still no word as to even when this will be fixed….Not even a basic appology!
    MicroSoft Xbox is looking better by the day!

    Good job Sony, someone should get fired over this!!!
    Keystone Cops doing your programming???? ROFL
    As they say, garbage-in, garbage-out programming!!!

  24. psnlover says:

    Sony I love your ps3, but you pushed your corporate luck too much and pursued people who were just trying to enhance and retain the features that your console was promised to bring. Tracking YouTube Ip addresses has made you change from a wonderful innovator to a totalitarian. Now the world is watching and two dollars won’t reverse time. Make this better and transform your strategy to make a positive change for all your users not just the ones you want to create in line with your own goals. Microsoft stands steadfast and ready to remove you. Your psn is now suffering because of your selfish attitude. Follow what your users want and make ps3 a dream again for us all. It’s a powerful supercomputer that people want to be creative with which you must understand.

  25. cheezgod says:

    While I don’t hate sony for this, nor am I going to ask them to hurry up. I’m just dissapointed that they wont just say whats going on, cmon sony forget your pride and just admit you got hacked and move on. No need for the hush.

  26. Dan says:

    I didnt mind the outage since they were attacked, but now that I know personal information was compromised and they knew about it without telling us for 6 days, well they can shove their machine up their ***. I took my ps3 to the pawn shop earlier today, good riddance. I was a loyal Sony customer up until yesterday.

  27. yo dada says:

    this is bull half of the 75million probably plays cod and we are bored out of our minds

  28. Pissed off Credit Card user says:

    While i tell ya that Sony better pull there heads out of there asses if my credit card it compromised shit will hit the fan if the BANK can keep everything secure on the money side of things then why the hell can’t Sony Network for playing sure hacked no big deal BUT for our credit card info that is a whole new story It is not there info so why would they care. For the people that say no big deal just cancel it and get a new one we should not have to we don;t ever for a bank so why Sony can’t have that info secure is beyond me.

  29. Luke says:

    This is why I play XBox! FTW!!!!!

  30. tre says:

    I’m selling my p3 an buying a 360

  31. ovidio says:

    blame stupid ps3 hackerss

  32. c says:

    please this is petty crap compared to what the people of Japan is going through I think a week or two without your little will live get over yourself and grow up!! total worthless problem….read a book or something…there was life before playstation,,,its called get a life!!!

  33. brian says:

    This hacker threat is a great example why games should not be sold online, digital game downloading which was said to be the future of gaming is not a good idea. Computers are not safe no matter what precautions that you take, given enough time any computer can be hacked so stick to buying CD version of games or you’ll get screwed by some a-hole hacker.

  34. austin says:

    OMGanother week I heard that our friends list is going to be gone and there starting from new and building it up.. i understand they are building theyre security but it shouldnt be taking this long.

  35. your moms vagina says:

    when is it suppose to come back up

  36. Aj says:

    I agree it sucks having the Playstation network down, but I’m not a big baby who can’t just play a regular game. I have reason to believe I was one of those people whose information got hacked and taken just last week my card recieved $225 worth of XBOX Live charges, since I have a ps3 obviously that wsnt me so all i can say is that we’re on to you douchebag I have filed a police report and everything as son aswe track you down you can bet I’m pressing charges.

  37. Benaly says:

    I feel betrayed. I think we should of been told from the Beggining. Show us some love Sony. I feel like ur not caring about the customers. Our information being access is a big deal it’s a big life change of someone gets into our financial info. I feel like we deserve more than what ur giving u have alot of loyal customers but how long until we realize that u just don’t give two sh**s

  38. we can ride it out people…. they will fix it… may i suggest people buy pre paid cards anyway.. give your card info to no one… except pay-pal.

  39. Michael says:

    God, I can’t believe what babies you all are!
    “I’ve been a loyal customer and feel jipped now” what a loser! Its a free network! You should be lucky that you have been able to play online the last eight years for free. Now you are going to whine because they are working on fixing a problem so you can play for free for another eight years. OMG!!! Grow up, have some patience. Read a book, play hop scotch, anything but cry like a baby. You know, your games can be played without internet access! Everyone gets the point. You all are addicted to having and the messages that are being left on thousands of sites are pure proof. Do you really think that telling Sony to hurry and fix their network if going to make it happen any faster? GROW UP!

  40. Rob antisony says:

    Well guys what do u expexct from Sony? Think xboxn in future even when we do have the network it’s rubbish and always disconnects … Plus now this …. What u don’t realise is when they actually do get it up and running none of u will be compensated and u will all sit back and keep playing like nothing happened…. But let’s not think about your credit cards that u bought your maps with in cod or ur kids need for speed cars …… Microsoft may do consoles that are unlockable and home brewable bit they will investigate that whilst protecting us….. Sony lock the console down knowing full well people are employed to be hackers ….. Trade your consoles in now and get a xbox all the games are the same and u can get cheap blue ray players at asda. Sony is corrupt and not safe …..

  41. SeanBarrow says:

    I think I got it the worst. Two weeks ago I got wifi at my house and Internet so u could start playing cause I’ve never owned a ps3, I was a xbox kinda guy. But everyone had me convinced ps3 was better so I sold my xbox and got ps3. I got Internet through AT&T and it was supposed to be activated on the 18th. A guy from AT&T came out to my house on the 20th hook it up, that same day PSN went down, I haven’t even got a chance to play any games. I bought portal 2, black ops, socom4, madden, ufc, mortal Kombat, and DC Universe. So you can imagine how aggravated I am. It took a week for AT&T to get our Internet working then the dy it works PSN goes down… FML!!!!

    Sony, step your damn game up. Your supposed to be genius’ you let some fat nerd hack into peoples accounts..

  42. ronaldo0629 says:

    I think this is just a trick so they could charge like xbox. This is the opportunity they were waiting for so probabily we have to pay to use playstation network

  43. annoyed customer says:


  44. Sarge says:

    This is bad. I have to work now instead of playing black ops. Were is the geek squad to fix this. Being hacked is one thing but for it to be down this long shows they have not been reinvesting the money into their product and infastucture. Maybe it is the tsnuami aftershock or the programmers have radiation sickness. WTF says it all.

  45. TonyBlackOps says:

    bye bye playstation network; hello Xbox Live

  46. bullcrap sony hurry i need to play COD. Black ops

  47. why theres noo psn? is down for 2 days? :(

  48. Black ops fan #1 says:

    This is getting out of control.. i don’t care if it comes back tomorrow or in a week, i don’t care if i have to redo an account, I DON’T CARE IF ALL MY INFORMATION IS STOLEN .. I JUST WANT TO PLAY BLACK OPS!

  49. me says:

    thats it im selling my ps3. i smell a class action lawsuit

  50. James Matt-Ousey says:

    I’m jamie and i’m pissed.


    As a result of all this shut down a lot of talk has begun from the xbox world of people talking a load of bullshit laughing at the current situation but yet a message was sent out to the xbox loving people of a possible attack that could happen and jepordize there information aswell, the way i look at this entire picture is this nothing is safe in the world no more and it’s just one more lesson for us as general public in a shit world of society that no matter what we do or how much we spend it is never good enough for privacy or general safety towards anything.

    with that aswell I bet you all hearing news over google and internet news of the incoming ELENIN well why should you all complain with the government and media not covering that but with all this happening now you all get into a huge panic well just look at the name ELENIN decode it and have a better understanding that we all have nothing to bitch about yet ok we’ll never be put into the loop about anything when will you all start to realise all of this the whole world including every government and agency is a bloody scam.

    As for the ps3 coming back online I do wish Sony the best of luck fixing this and hope they catch the stupid low life son of a bitch that did this because in reality ur all not pissed at Sony for this happening just the late news of it, your all truly mad at the bastard that hacked and stole from you so calm down and I am sure that this will all be sorted out and fix in no time there trained for this type of shit

    Thank you and anyone with a ps3 add me gamer tag: Jonnyboy2012 peace out

  52. Maddog122 says:

    User want to know when the f,n servers could be back I also am a loyal costumer…..I’m going to go crazy it’s been raining all week

  53. maurice says:

    I’m still a little conflicted on the whether be to mad or have more patients. On one hand the psn is free so you get what you pay for and I’m sure that sony is doing everything possible to get the psn back up and running as soon as possible because the are problem losing money through game and system sells; and on the other hand I think this is bullshit because they haven’t responded to the consumer with enough updates, and the updates that we do have are vague at best. They should have at least considered about informing us ahead of time, the bottom line is that I just miss playing my games!!!!

  54. chris says:


  55. naven says:

    man please playstation network hurry up why is this taking 7 days- 1 weak what is sony doing that is taking this long

  56. nater86 says:

    Is there anyway of getting a refund for the bs we’ve been put through. This waiting game can lick it im done with sony after this

  57. Grim says:

    Hmmm….a week since it crashed…

    i wonder how many survivors are left…

  58. Mike says:

    I bet this was actually Microsoft that hired or just strait up hacked the Playstation Network cause it wouldn’t be the first time bill gates tried to take out the competition……

    Just my opinion..

  59. allen says:

    those hackers will get nothing from me, since i don’t put my credit card information on it. SUCK IT HACKERS. FREE GAMING FOR LIFE!!!

  60. Cod Player says:

    I saw the Playstation Network outage on the news today I waiting Sony

  61. Union Scaffold Monkey says:

    What a rip off. What the F!#K is Hulu? 2 bucks. Come on Sony, I was thinking at least $20 Store Credit. Now let me think of what I’ve spent on the PS3 so far. I’ve had one lose its Blu Ray reading capabilities, one yellow lighted, and the NEW AND IMPROVED Slim’s starting to get slow on me already and its almost been a year. On the systems thats a total of around $1200+ and the pile of games I’ve bought over the years, I think the total is around $2800 of crap I’ve spent on Playstation 3 so far, and thats not counting the two vaios and hdtv I bought too. Plus hey, back in the day I bought the PS2 and the PS1, at release, and they both work great now. Its like electronics are evolving, but de-evolving at the same time. My old PS1′s been lightly burned and damaged with smoke in a fire and it still works. Supposedly one of my ps3s crapped out because I smoke cigarettes.

    I mean really Sony, everyone’s personal information gets hijacked. I was thinking somewhere down there you cared about the people who make you suit-dummies money. What, was the lead programmer out taking a piss the day you guys figured “Oh yeah, this network is up to security standards?”

    Im probably not even going to use that Hulu plus. I was going to get the PSN Plus before all of this, but it looks like Sony can suck it.

    Hey, Sony, you can keep that 2 bucks from me and make sure you shove it up your #ss.

  62. ronald hasslhof says:

    my friend is thinking about commiting suicide thats how adicted he is to ps3 i reallly want psn to hgurry up i dont want to loose one of my friends

  63. gaza says:

    i want to play black ops hurry up plz!

  64. gaza says:

    why they had to hack for right now x box is killing us cuz ther game didnt get hacked
    they got hack and it was fixed the next day
    i have both but come on

  65. Dre says:

    Guys Guys Guys!!! Everyone just chill they are working as hard as they can pol can’t just fix things like this in a snap” I mean come on there is a hole lot of other things you can do besides play video games all day or somewhat. . . Iam a gamer I have been waiting for this issue to pass about the network not working but come on now don’t start wasting your $ on n xbox even tho you already HAVE a game system “hint”hint” but just chill relax this can’t last Forever ya know>:D

  66. Ash says:

    They’re only giving you 2 dollars for something you get for free?

    You are NOT entitled to compensation for something you don’t pay for. You can still play any game you purchased. In fact, you can currently play the same amount of content as you can on the 360 without XBOX live.

  67. lewis ward 08 says:

    u all need to stop moanin at the end of the the day its not sony fault for the psn not workin and yeh they might not be telling use wats happening but let them do wat they need to do to get back up and running again and u wont be able to help if u did no wats really happening so go out side get sum fresh air and enjoy the sun it is summer by the way

  68. Quickscope says:

    just kidding bout’ last comment that i was using “anon” as my name

  69. mark says:

    i honestly am just tired i paid for a system so i can play online. This clearly Sony fault for having such a weak network. I dont blame hackers because their hackers so they will hack. I blame sony negligence for being so weak . This is ridiculous I called in for some information and the agent for sony gave me such a cynicall answer saying ” Don’t worry you can play your precious COD soon” . I sold my ps3 today …Its not that i have dont have patience . I cant tolerate i can’t use my system that i paid for to be denied of homebrew apps, to be told they have the right to see what i do, and now this? My security for my money is being compromised. My ramble is done. Good day sony!

  70. Trace412 says:

    What is Sony gonna give us to make up for this? I vote psn cards!!

  71. SHUUUUT UP. says:

    Okay I understand its been a week. I know, im tired of it too.
    But sitting there bitching wont help anyone.
    And Sony has said things that this article failed to mention.
    Sony said they are redoing all of their security to make it tighter so hackers cant get info and whatnot. im pretty sure that takes more than a week to do.

  72. D3javu says:

    Umm.. what are the odds of winning the lottery again? maybe the hackers will pick me.. they can have all my credit cards and the 5,000.00 debt that comes wiht it. good luck.

  73. Red Duce says:

    I jss bought my ps3 wat a waste

  74. Cod player says:

    Dam should I just go cop an xbox? Loyal to the deceivers that don’t even have a back up plan?

  75. alin says:

    OMFG it’s already been a week, when this first happened sony said a full day or two but a whole week!!! LOL i doubt if it will be fixed within this week and makes me kinda angry… I bought portal 2, mortal kombat and socom 4 for online play but now I can’t play any games online. Yes I am venting but i have every right to vent so does everyone else that has a ps3, i have spent over $2500 on my ps3 and games and accessories and I sincerley hope the psn was not damaged too badly, I cant wait a month or two to play online..

  76. Thatguydowntheblock says:

    i don’t think they are going to restore the servers anytime soon,offline gaming isn’t bad but i play games for the competition so this dilemma is depriving me of fun gaming hours :(

  77. unnamed says:

    yo seriously if my shit gets touched or if anyones shit gets touch were making a BIG deal of this., bring it all the way to sony

  78. John Doe says:

    I wonder if they’ll ever fix it… I also wonder, who caused this bs. (China Gov? They are out for gmail accounts.)

  79. Rico2013 says:

    I just see why we need the network to play netflx… I was watching up till two days ago when netflx “upgraded” my version and boom nada damn thing

  80. tobleron says:

    who could have done this? was it an inside job, or was it some crazed xbot who just hates sony that much. i know there are allot 360 owners that out an out hate sony and anyone who owns a sony product. but i doubt its that simple. hmmm is this just a way of taking down sony (because this sure is costing them a ton of cash and the bitterness building up amoung the psn users may cause sony to lose even more money. im sure they are trying their best (and beyond) to fix this (since as i said its costing them money as well) they better find some way of making it up to us who decide to stick with them.

  81. Sony says:

    hello psn network will be up next thursday. unless any more problems happen.

  82. Xcock bullshit me. says:

    I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been a playstation fan since first gen, and I’m a very loyal customer. Out of the 3 Sony Playstations(1,2,3) that I’ve purchased I still own all three without one problem. I’m a quality not quantity consumer. So if it took Sony to close PSN to improve my online security then fine I accept that because I that’s what a responsiblie company does. The only thing I ask for during this outage is that not only does Sony rebuild is security infrastructure but redesign PSN with a new face to show that we are not ashamed!!!!

  83. Union Scaffold Monkey says:

    Make sure if you’re worried about your credit stuff to call your credit card company. I did and now everything’s flagged so if anyone tries to use my information it requires my verification.

  84. Ron says:

    People come on I have a PS3 and i just been chilling and wait for PSN to come up agian at the end of the day PSN will come back and everyone will be able to play online agian so lets just wait any not freak out about it and anyone who sells their PS3 for a Xbox really? Why would you do that REALLY you need to play that much and waste that much money? Come dude just wait and go do something else like someone else said it summer so go swimming and go play sports or something.

  85. chris says:


  86. Cod player says:

    It’s crazy that I’m actually even writing on this network sht,its bad for business wats going on, so my solution cop an xbox, wait in Sony to fix it and I guess, hit wifey from da back till it fixes up!!!,!,!,!

  87. Adhnan Salaam says:

    I wonder when we will get PlayStation network back it has been a week now i haven’t got to play online with my friends i know they are trying hard as they can to fix it but how long are they gonna take.I am looking forward at some day next week it will be working.I DONT WANT TO MISS PLAYING ONLINE ON BLACK OPS.

  88. 1337 says:

    Ha, Sony shouldn’t have been so cocky, they rely only on system security and when system security is gone there is nothing to stop hackers. This is what Sony gets, maybe they will learn a lesson. And for anyone who thinks this will be over soon, sorry, but it won’t. Sony is in big trouble now. That $50 you pay for Xbox Live, seems worth it doesn’t it?

  89. They are doing their best... says:

    Sony are having to rebuild the whole of PSN so naturally it’s taking long. But I’m just worried about this triggering a charge for PSN and a whole other lot of junk that we don’t want. As for the hacker who did this, he is probably a 12yr old boy pissing around on a computer. He was probably just doing it to impress someone and couldn’t care less about our details. It’s a bit like that autistic kid who hacked into US Government, just a kid. When they find him though, I don’t think his parents will be happy :)

  90. Codking says:

    no cod tht gay

  91. David says:

    Maybe finally everyone here can set down their controllers and get a girlfriend for once.

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