Chicago Pride Parade 2010

The Chicago Pride Parade 2010 will be held Sunday June 27. The event is also known as Pridefest 2010. Today earmarks the 41st anniversary of the parade. The event is held to promote and work for equal rights and gives gays a chance to socialize without apology with thousands of their kind.
chicago gay parade
The Chicago Pride Parade 2010 lineup can be viewed on the internet at various websites. Individuals are advised that if they plan to attend this event, know in advance that its purpose is to support the queer or gay community. The parade starts at noon and is expected to draw thousands. There will be bead throwing, dancing, a huge celebration of everything gay, and plenty of parties afterwards, including GirlBlast (Belmont Avenue parking lot of Ann Sather), which drew more than 3,500 females in 2009.

In the Chicago Pride Parade 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup will ride in the parade along with the Chicago Cubs on their own float, with Blackhawks defenseman Brent Sopel and wife riding along with the Cup. Both teams were invited by the Chicago Gay Hockey Association. Sopel (father of three) commented that he is not attempting to make a statement by riding on the float with his wife. He was quoted as saying, “But everybody is a person, and we all have feelings.”

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