Playstation Network Down: April 28

Sony is still rebuilding its network as it apologizes to users for the long down time. Users are still up in arms and now worried about their credit card data since the company revealed Wednesday that user information was stolen. Sony said that even though it had the playstation network down problem that the credit card information was encrypted but then right after it said that you should keep a close eye on your credit card that you used. Make sure you call your credit card company and advise them of possible thievery.

playstation network down april 28The latest update on the Playstation network down says that law enforcement and technology security experts are investigating the breach that happened on April 17. Keep in mind that it was just Wednesday that they actually spilled the beans that the information was compromised. Most people suppose it is because they were attempting to gather information about the person or people who caused the Playstation network down issue. Others think they believed they could have just swept it under the rug.

It seems that a lawyer named Ira Rothken has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Playstation network and Qriocity subscribers. “We bought this lawsuit on behalf of consumers to learn the full extent of Sony PlayStation Network data security practices and the data loss and to seek a remedy for consumers,” lawyer Ira Rothken said in a statement announcing the lawsuit Wednesday. Okay, blah blah blah that’s nice when do we get to play you are probably thinking. Well it is said that the Playstation network down problem should be solved by May 4th.


  1. Shaun Richardson says:

    yey a date but i bet its not

  2. unnamed says:

    good that lawyer if they are to win pay the people that you fighting for! XD

  3. justice says:

    God may 4th yea people should have other things productive to do but the fact is people pay hundreds of dollars for sony’s stuff all year round to play and playstation is my favorite system but this is ridicules they should be sued for this telling us openly our information can be stolen is it not playstaions responsibility for our privacy I mean playstation sounds like they don’t give a shit um well we are sorry u should cancel your cards and this and that well how about 70 million people make a lawsuit for leaking our personal info to random people so I suggest you lose your stupid attitude sony or your company will be run into the ground with all the lawsuits you will receive so fix it now not on ur own time and something better be done for all the players who now has there financial life at risk

  4. cod4life says:

    i hope its true i wanna play call of duty

  5. Sony says:

    Justice, You’re an idiot. They didn’t leak anything, did you not read? Why would they intentionally leak user information. Also, I doubt you know their attitude. They’re probably more frustrated than you are.

  6. spunk monkey says:

    WOOOOOOO! if sony dont solve it before or on may the 4th “/ i will be going back to microsoft to play online, Xbox never had this sort of problem. my bad for thinking that sony were a better company -_-

  7. g says:

    what the hell is going on
    its been over a week now
    all the money sonys got and they still cant sort it out
    at this rate will all be tradeing our playstions for

  8. Chris cotton says:

    May the fouth be with you.

  9. john says:

    hum 4th may
    more or less 2 weeks the system down
    i for one dont believe it will be back on by then
    trouble is i dont believe a word sony has to say anymore once a lier always a lier.

  10. RANDOM says:

    This is completely unexpected by Sony! A high end well known company being hacked?! And yet there’s know protection or know back up? My Macbook is more protected than their company! That seems to me like they just don’t care about our personal information being leaked and in danger of being in the hands of some random hackers. This is disappointing and sad, it makes me, and a lot of other playstation user’s thinking of switching on over to the Xbox.

  11. Matt says:

    Okay everyone needs to just calm down. Ppl sue for anything these days. If this happened with something else no one would be crying like a baby. Ill admit it’s frustrating. But perhaps unlike the rest of the playstation network users I have a life. And I can go on for a weeks without it. As long as your credit card hasn’t been used then just keep quiet until everything is resolved. I’m behind Sony on this lawsuit, I mean come on people they have decided to at least take the recognition to resolve the network security breach. That’s my two cents.

  12. Nori says:

    You should be ashamed if your grammar Justice. Maybe you can take this time to improve on that.

  13. hayes d. says:

    tht is crazy, i cant play my black ops zombies and i need a closer date for the network to be fixed!!!!!

  14. David says:

    All I can say is please proof read what you write before you post it on a public forum. Let Sony do what they need to do to fix the problem, they are smarter than you, I assure you. They are as popular as they are because of it. They know what they’re doing, so calm down for a couple of more days and do what they advise for you to do. They got enough problems to worry about than your silly little lawsuit threats. And as for losing you as a customer? I’m sure they can afford to lose one, as I’m sure many many more will replace you.

  15. reginal lapierre says:

    For as long as i can remember any information that goes up on any server is always vulnerable to hackers we cant stop that. anything of any value will always have someone watching it. Madollf robbed everybody blind and he owned the co. Lets just wait till the server is back up and start using psn cards thats it

  16. gonzofilms86 says:

    I got a charge on my credit card for an airline in barcelona yesterday and I couldn’t figure out how it go there. I have never had any fraudulent charges on my card until yesterday. I think playstation might be downplaying the severity of the breach. I would check all my statements if I were you.

  17. Hackerhater says:

    I think Sony should have some form of compensation for the lack of security on our private info. They should credit every registered player with a free 20 psn card. They should post any new info or status updates every 2 hours on their webpage or twitter. This 1 email with general info every other day blows! All that does is lead to rumors and speculation. Come on Sony, I remain loyal to Sony over xbox.. Now you(sony) should be loyal to your subscribers too…

  18. treadstone says:

    justice: You can pay as much as you like for Sony equipment but that fact of the matter is, as far as the network is concerned, is that they dont owe us anything as they are providing the network matchmaker for free. What they do owe is compensation to gamers that have upgraded to Playstation Plus.

    Cancelling your credit card that you have saved on the network is the obvious thing to do but in reality will cost you more mental bother than just leaving your card details there, checking your bank account online 2,3 times a day and reporting any anomalies should you see them.

    Its easy to get angry with corporates that charge a lot of money for their equipement, buts its only the network side of the PS3 thats effected. Its effected because the internet is an open communication channel for the entire world and is open to all forms of manipulation. Sony may not have known the extent of the intrusion until days later. Fact is WE will never know.. Now or probably ever what really happened. Just thank your lucky stars it happened now,,,and not when Battlefield 3 is out!…now that would be bad.

  19. isaac says:

    I think its bs that you pay so much for a system and games, but yet cant play online. It gets boring playing the computer all the time im just saying, speed the prcoess up sony

  20. mpl says:

    sony should push for dedicated servers. this way they can atleast entise users to still wanna play> no more host migration. sony should take this opportunity to better there platforms usability security and playability. or bow down to the x box and shove your blue ray player up your a#s

  21. Ryan says:

    Ok this is good news I guess but i don’t know if that’s an accurate date all i herd from Sony was that it should be up in a week from yesterday so I guess that means mw2 in 6 days :) time 2 cb :D add MaTriix_JoK3er u ugly bks

  22. Sheeple says:

    Gosh, Justice, you should REALLY spend some of that spare time learning proper grammar and punctuation…! No PS3 for a while should do you some good.

    Frankly, I wish the same type of outage would happen to Facebook – believe it or not, there WAS life before the internet. People used to have REAL friends, not just “acquaintances” made online. Shocking, huh? Video games are fun and all, but there’s more to life than just that. Try learning to play a REAL guitar instead of Rockband, or play street hockey, whatever… Get over it, people! As for credit card info, well, if you’ve ever purchased anything with it, your number was probably floating out there long ago anyway. If you keep an eye on your finances (like any sane person should), you should be fine.

  23. MrNobody says:

    Credit cards info stolen? Welp! Guess we’ll have to kill the hacker(s)
    In a sadistic inhuman way when we’ll catch em’ to make sure they won’t use it!~ <3
    Although this might be over doing it…. Or is it?

  24. JR McKenney says:

    I think that a lawyer suing is ridiculous!!! Sony provides us with the network at THEIR cost, so if you sue them, they’re going to have to start charging like Microsoft does for us to play online with our friends! I do not want to see that happen, and if you were wise, you wouldn’t either!!! Everyone is so sue happy these days, and it aggravates me to no end. Look, sometimes bad stuff happens. The person(s) responsible for hacking the network are to blame, not Sony. If you want to sue someone, file a lawsuit against them! Any network can be brought down, there are always going to be vulnerabilities, and there are going to be bad people out there who will try to exploit those vulnerabilities, that’s just what this world has come to. If you call your credit card companies and keep an eye on your stuff, it won’t be a problem. I’ve had my identity stolen, and it really wasn’t that hard to get it cleared up. So suck it up and deal with it, Sony is doing everything they can to get things back up and running as their sales are going to suffer for every day the network is down. But hey, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  25. DMGamer81 says:

    A lawsuit against Sony? For getting hacked? Come on, this is the schoolyard equivalent of a bully beating up a kid and stealing his homework, and the teacher punishing the kid for not stopping the bully. Yes, yes, I know, there’s more to it than this, but I’m sure you get my point.

    We don’t know exactly what happened. Sony let us know Wednesday that our private information was at risk, but we don’t know if that’s the first they knew of this. We’er talking about a HUGE company, and it takes time for information to get to and from the right people. I’m willing to give Sony the benefit of the doubt, in the meantime since now I know my information is at risk I’ve taken precautions.

    Sony could have swept all this under the rug. They could have slapped a patch on the network, said “everything is well” and we’d never have known the difference. Sony is bending over backward to make things right here. They are losing money every day the Playstation Network is down. Now they have a lawsuit against them, and they are going to need to divert time and money away from fixing the network to take care of /that/.

    We all want information, we all want to know exactly what happened and how at risk we are. Sony has said they are investigating, and that takes time. Let’s give them the time they need, and see what they have to say.

  26. xGunsOfDeathx says:

    Well….. Sony can take their time

  27. jamie says:

    @ justice. The thing with that is that the info was stolen. You proably are using a microsoft OS on ur PC right? Well that can easily be hacked and info can easily be obtained from your pc by doing so. The fact is that no network is hackproof, tans therefor its not really their fault. If anonymous decided they didnt like mircrosoft enough they could just as well hack that. Or they could hack or any site you have ur info on. I work on networks so I’m telling you this is how it is. Sony is free and you take a risk by going online and giving info out. If you buy a car (ps3) and drive it down the highway so that you can pay your Comcast phone bill at a svc center. And you happend to get robbed on the way somehow, or get in a crash whose fault is it. the car dealers or comcasts? No its the dude who fricking robbed you, or your dumb as who new the risk you were taking by driving. Or a better exaPLE. Lets say u make the payment and just as you leave a overwhelming force robbs the SVC center. Like with guns and all. Does that make it Comcasts fault for not hirring mercs and phycicly predicting the robbery. Or like Japan. They new there was a possibliltie off being bomed and being attack so they had trained soldiers to counter. But those soldiers wernt good enough to counter our nukes. because they didnt know about them. The point is that sony was attacked and more or less robbed by a force that most companies could be robbed by. So i know ths is long and drawn out and my grammer could be better. But… its not really sonys fault. at this point there doing there best to rebuild there network in hopes that anonymous will no logerr know their network infrastructer so it wont be hacked again. For a free service their not really doing so shabby. If you want them sued IN THE END UR JUST F’ING THE REST OF US LIKE THIS DOUCHE WHO HACKED THEM. I want to play.. so show support ansd wait patiently untill sony does its thing.

  28. sherbs says:

    Come on sony!!!! May 4th is my 17 birthday! Is the network going to be down that long?!?!

  29. kearon says:

    i just want mii online bck on becuse so i cn play my fifa

  30. adam says:

    screw it im getting xbox! go to hell ps3

  31. leongould says:

    lots of people have gone to xbox because of this problem and you need to hurry up it is takeing to lone im not takeing my ps3 back it know point my ps3 costs a lot of money

  32. Unnamed says:

    Sony or PSN or whatever you want to call it IS NOT responsible for any security issues. When you sign up the license of agreement says that they can’t be sued for any security or privacy issues with you, and everyone checks it to be on PSN. If you have no life and can’t wait 6 days(according to this article) go buy an Xbox 360. On the Playstation website, ON 4/28/2011 they said within the week of that Tuesday. (4/26/11)

  33. Chris says:

    Don’t blame sony, blame the hacker population. Any security software can be hacked. You must know that hackers are not a group of “one”, it’s a hacker family who collaborate over then net and work 24/7/365 to breach, not only security software, but the PS3 as well. If you’re a SONY supporter, stay loyal to SONY. I”m looking forward to a bigger and better Playstation Network.

  34. Chris says:

    This is a link providing information on the PSN outage

  35. mr2freshxl says:

    I Miss Black Ops :(

  36. mick says:

    will my account be reset

  37. leongould says:

    xbox good but im not used to the controller on ps3 but xbox is weid

  38. leongould says:

    xbox are crap dont get one

  39. leongould says:

    ps3 are good but people are so said that they whant to go online just for cod6 and cod7 its said
    just wait for a week for got sake dont get un xbox u will waste your money on it when all the stuff you burt lots of stuff on ps3

  40. Kevin PH says:

    Well think of the positives of this PSN issue. They’ll improve their security and probably some other things as well. For the people that are pissed and threatening lawsuits. Well I don’t think a judge would look at you seriously. Also somebody said that you can hack anything. Who doesn’t say they’re planning for an Xbox hack?
    Ps. People are worried about their finaces? So they go out and buy an Xbox out of nerd rage. They lie… They just want their call of duty. Here’s an idea. Paintball

  41. vBReeZZ- says:

    yea im STICKIN with SONY and i think they DESERVE a second chance…. and SONY keep up the good work<<>>

  42. Adam Porge says:

    We Should All Get Free Games And Lots Of Playstation Network Money For Dis ,

  43. DMGamer81 says:

    Honestly, all you people threatening to go to XBox… spare us your empty words. You’re just like the rest of us, have spent too much to switch over a short outage. If you have that kind of money to throw around to just drop on a new system and games at the drop of a hat, well, good for you. Sure, you can sell the old system and games… you’re not going to get near what you put into it.

    If you’re honestly all this angry over a 2 week outage, you’ve got problems. No really, what’s the issue? Bad day? Bad week? Bad month? Bad life? You don’t need to channel all that haet at Sony over this.

    Yes, people are getting their identities stolen. The people who are getting their identities stolen are those that aren’t paying attention. A friend of mine had $150 stolen, and received it back the next day from the bank because he is not a retard; he keeps track of bank account and credit balances, especially now that there’s a credible threat to them. I’m doing the same thing, except I preemptively cancelled my card when I found out about the threat, and am awaiting the replacement. Each of us takes maybe 10 minutes out of our busy day to keep up to date on this. Such a miniscule time investment for peace of mind and a relatively safe identity.

    Am I mad that PSN is down? Well, yes. I recently bought a new game, and am waiting to be able to play it online. Am I so mad that I want to discard all that money I’ve already spent on Sony products? Heck no, not when I can wait a week and PSN will be back, better than before. Who I’m really mad at is the hackers that caused this. It’s THEIR fault PSN is down, not Sony’s.

    You’re all putting a lot of energy into being mad at Sony, and in reality Sony is the injured party here. You might as well yell at someone for catching the cold, for all the good it would do you.

  44. SOLERFLARE says:

    Xbox sucks. And for all those people out there that think that Sony sucks and that they don’t take care of our information, they do! Blame the nerdy hackers who have no lives, not the asians! Yeah and you know that user terms and agreement thing? Well it says Sony can’t be sued for loser hackers who breach the system. Plus its a free network they can do whatever the F they wan’t with it as long as it’s not harming anyone else. So sue the hackers once they find them!!!!!!!!

  45. iWinAtSocom4 says:

    I heard that Playstation Network will be shutdown forever and Microsoft will dominate since the users of Sony that are trolls will sue the brains out of them.

    SOURCE: a dream (it sucked, don’t dream about that)

    But in the real-world: May 4th sounds pretty accurate, although Sony said the PSN will be up 1 week after intrusion, and it sucks though because games like SOCOM4, Portal2, and Mortal Kombat came out right when PSN shut down.

    PUN: People’s minds are in an anger “Portal” and will cause “Mortal Kombat” against Sony, causing a “Killzone” since SOCOM4 is useless without online.

    May the Fourth be with you.

  46. Sal says:

    May 4. They better be right. I love all my Sony products and I never had a problem with any. Sony has to move real quick because the gamers want to play online, period. They’ll switch systems just for the online-multiplayer service. I don’t want to go to xbox because of this. I rather wait for ps4. So come Sony, move your asses!!!!!!

  47. treadstone says:

    Its the attention seeking girl hackers that are at fault here, no one else. Idle twats thats just get off on playing God.

    There is nothing to be gained by suggesting that xbox is better, PS3 is better. Theyve both been out long enough for you to have made up your mind.

    I have a 360, I have a PS3. There are pros and conns for both.

    If Sony believe they were protecting us by shutting down the network the good on em. They know perfectly well how many pis*** off customers they have.

    In the meantime, crack a can and enjoy the sunshine..

  48. Welshie says:

    I have read a group called anonymous has threatened and now started a campaign against Sony the network and Sony executives and employees over the treatment of playstation hacker George hotz this will be a ongoing problem

  49. The almighty truth says:

    All these people saying ” meehhh I’m gonna go buy an xbox because I wanna spend money on another console cause this one isn’t working for a while Mehhh” what kind of people are you to give up that easily. Makes me angry and I will support Sony

  50. mark says:

    It amazes me how some lazy over intelegent sad geek who has got nothing in his life. who has probably never had fun,sat in a room with just his computer equipment. wank mags and tissues can ruin and take away so much enjoyment for millions of kids

  51. ...... says:

    xbox was down for 2 weeks at one point….most the “im a ps3 owner, im going to xbox are xbox only owners”

  52. random says:

    i think sony should give free map pack for call of duty to make up for this problem

  53. A_FaZeD_ACR says:

    Why are people getting so argry with sony? It is not their fault. They didnt know that they were going to get hacked. So in the meantime sit back and enjoy single player. U know? Dont worry people, it wont kill us to not play online for a week or two. Will it? Sony is making sure the network is secure and better than ever by putting up firewalls. So lets wait untill the PSN is back up. When it is back up, i will be playing with my friends in partys! If you want to add me your free to when the PSN is back up. My PSN ID: A_FaZeD_ACR

  54. codfingers says:

    for those who don’t know. the psn was hacked by the group anonymous in response to Sony recently sueing a hacker who moded his own ps3 and changed the software on his console, Sony is trying to sue this guy for millions just because of their pride. the guys defense is he paid for the console so he can do whatever he wants with it.. which is fair enough.. even though it’s not really fair for us amateur geeks. the hacker group anon pretty much threatend Sony to drop the lawsuit on the guy who probably is poor as hell even though he’s a super nerd. Sony didn’t take the threat seriously and this is the result.. worst hack in history, ppl pissed off left right and centre.. everyone having a cry about not being able to play online and having their details in the hands of hackers should get over it. Playstation for me is and always will be awesome no hacker can take that away but Sony really need to learn from this. well done to the bastard hackers I reckon it’s pretty cool what they did. there not out to steal money from ppl there just tryna prove a point. add me for cod online hopefully may 4th :D LMCKELLAR is my user in lowercase

  55. greedy 123 says:

    the psn has been down for a wile now I know there trying as hard as they can to get the pns back up but come on there 1 the most popular if not the most popular online system in the world they should hury the hell up already >:( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  56. codfingers says:

    p.s. xbox is lame sure their network might be better or whatever but those controllers are the biggest failure in gaming history I’d rather play cod on xbox with a nintendo 64 controller lolzorrrz hope Sony get through this cos they make best gaming consoles ever :D

  57. greedy 123 says:

    well at least i can still play my other games ….. well offline …………… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  58. codfingers says:

    p.p.s. if hackers did want money they probably wouldn’t steal from all of you nobs cos your probably just as broke as me. they’d go after the dudes with $1000000 in their bank accounts & who really cares about those rich jews.. (not that it’s actually been proven the hackers got ANY credit card details yet.. only basic info like names adress birthdate) ftw & free Tibet

  59. ps3lover^ says:

    we just have to wait and hope for the best^

  60. Dan says:

    I think I am actually dumber after reading the comments, good to see the education system working…. Anyway I couldnt care less about the outage itself but I do care about the fact that personal information was compromised and they didnt inform us for 6 days, shows they have little respect for their customers. So my loyalty is gone, Im not going to buy an xbox that would be like taking a giant step backwards but I think I will get a new gaming pc, Ive been thinking about it for awhile, Battlefield 3 will be alot better on the pc so its probably a good choice.

  61. xGunsOfDeathx says:

    @Random… I know they should do something for making us wait this long, they should get us a week double xP weekend.

  62. Dru says:

    Didn’t you guys hear? PSN might be running by May 4th 2011. Stop b*tchin and play outside for or do something productive for once.

  63. Nori says:

    Dan, you really should check your own punctuation before you talk about how uneducated people are. Just saying.

  64. Nori says:

    Guns, as great as that would be….that has nothing to do with sony.

  65. zig zag says:

    i need some nhl!!!!!

  66. Nigger Lover says:

    Im a Xbox Owner But I Do Have A PS3 And I Really Miss It But Im Mainly Xbox For Cod

  67. i wanna get back on so i can no scope cross the map and 360 some noobs

  68. Bob says:

    Wow, these people need to get a life and actually do something constructive in they’re lives. Really hacking sony? Well done you selfish individuals, your the most pathetic people on the face of the earth. Personally I’m an xbox fan, but all these guys do is spoil things for everyone consistently e.g. Jtag xbox, JB’ing iPods/phones and ps3s, so we get the point that there’s always away round it? There’s no reason to spoil it for everyone else, your forgetting that others pay high prices also for they’re consoles so if you wanna hack keep it to yourself rather than worldwide.

  69. gaay boy taserhawk says:

    omg add me i suck at cod butt x box is better i bought one while the xbox network was down and omg lvl 24 i get the spas and i went 67 and 19

  70. Chris Ezell says:


    They couldnt tell us b/c they didnt know the extent of the damage! Sony has told us this several times i do believe in their official updates and qa’s on their site.

    PC gaming is an excellent idea b/c games are somewhat cheaper. if youre gonna go that route get steam.

    But i prefer multiplatform gaming myself.

  71. jordon says:

    thanks to this hacker i haven’t been able to play ps3 so i went and bought a xbox 360 and ill tell you what, ps3 is a piece of s**t com paired to the xbox.

  72. liammufc99 says:

    i hope it is back up up and runing soon! they should give us a free map pack to mayke up for it beenig of

  73. liammufc99 says:

    add me if you wont i will gove you a game on cod my name is liammufc99

  74. Kila01 says:

    man i cannot believe this, i wish one of those little…was standing in front of me!!!! An for the record…none of you people know what they have stolen, YES your credit card details, address details are possibly in someone elses hands an all some idiot at the top of this site has written “there not in it for our money” how the HELL would you know…honestly grow a brain cause the world is full of people who would like nothing more than to rip you off an steal your 20 cents……someone needs to go to jail for this, not just sony trying to sue someone…an maybe they will learn there lesson after they’ve had there ass handed to them

  75. Nori says:

    Most ppl that I encounter on CoD are flaming trolls anyways. If you went and got a 360….well you def won’t be missed. Not saying that one its better then the other, but to go buy a 360 because psn is down, is ,well just lame.

  76. Warhawkcraz says:

    Dude, I can’t even play war hawk single player offline. Please help!!! I’m goin nuts not playing war hawk almost a week now!!

  77. Eddie says:

    lads, I tell you, never buy playstation 4. They done mistake once, ot’s going to be another..
    Playtation- sony let me down.
    That’s not the way to do bussines

  78. Extramana says:

    Honestly, i don’t get why this is such a big deal to all of you? PSN has been down for only a week, image all the years you spent without it. May 4th is should be running says Sony itself. If you think about it, no mulitiplayer then no CoD online and stuff, WHO CARES. Play the other games you have that you never play, i started playing AC brotherhood when PSN went down, (Me being a CoD and Battlefeild lover) and i just couldn’t get off it, its an amazing game. Be productive, don’t just sit infront of a computer reading forums and comments about when PSN is going to be back up, when it comes back up its going to be a relief I know, have been waiting to buy the MW2 map packs for my new account, and as soon as I got the PSN card at the store, I get a call from a buddy, asking why PSN isnt working, really awesome way to find out. :/ Don’t think about it, and it will be back up in no time, look on the bright side, The new DLC Escalation looks awesome. CALL OF THE DEAD! ZOMBIES!!!

  79. Cody says:

    @ Eddie

    Just because the network is down doesn’t mean the Playstation consoles are bad.

  80. why PSN! says:

    PSN should give all PSN user a free map pack cuz this is stupid. i’m having such a bad case of PSN withdraw!

  81. guys look all of you have good points it is bad that a hacker hacked sony on a large scale and most likely has a lot of infomation. but we still dont know if he will use it or not. it is bad that sony sued some poor bastard but we still dont know if that is the cause or it is a scapegoat to justify stealling millions. yes it bad that you cant play with plpz on cod or get that new map pack just play single and hone your skills for the battles on all the online games to come. or you go outside and play basket ball or ride a bike or at least do a few laps around the block. you can end this crisis by buying an xbox (hell i have them both and i have areally good time with both of them. or you can wait out the storm and reap the victories of killing nubs on cod. but for god sakes people just relax and think about in a rational human way and not like a a guy playing videogames like there adicted to heroine.

  82. Kevin says:

    Well i think Sony is a dumbass because there consoles got hack but now there network got hack, poor security. Well that sucks for Sony

  83. pambonete says:

    i think PSN starting to charge us because of wat happen! thats y PSN got hacked because dey don’t care about security coz its free network!

  84. flint torres says:


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