NFL Draft: Some Normality

April 28 is the day when the contentious debate between the NFL owners and the players takes a break. The springtime ritual of the NFL draft will occur live on television. This is going to be one of the few times that NFL fans have had something to cheer about since the Super Bowl in February. You can feel the excitement in the air!

nfl draftThe 2011 NFL draft is going to be the 76th annual meeting of the NFL franchises. This time is meant to select newly eligible football players. This draft is going to be held at Radio City Music Hall. Today April 28 is the first day and the second and third rounds will be on April 29 with the final rounds on April 30. This is quite an exciting time as teams are allowed to pick for the drafts. They are put on a timer so they better get a move on.

This party is going to be a little different this year. Instead of the current NFL players being in the audience to greet their new teammates they will be hosting a separate party across the town in NY City. No matter what this is going to be an exciting time. I am sure that everyone will be glad they are getting paychecks.

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