Huntsville Alabama: Horrifying Tornado Rips Through County

One of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in memory occurred Wednesday in Northern Alabama as powerful tornadoes ripped through the area leaving death and destruction. The AL death was up to 8 this morning according to witch at least 82 injuries, 7 of which were critical injuries. Many people were rushed to the hospital.

huntsville alabamaThis was not just one tornado that went through Huntsville Alabama. There were 6 tornadoes that rampaged the area. A dusk til dawn curfew has been put into effect as a result of this problem according to Many people are still in shock over the devastation.

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Officials held a press conference at 8:30 this morning and offered advice during the curfew. The biggest thing they stressed was the need to conserve fuel, not to flood the 911 number and limit hospital visit to the severely injured. Water conservation is also important. Click the link ->> Huntsville Alabama Tornado to watch video captured of the tornado.


  1. Patty says:

    Es muy triste que de repente vengan estos desastres naturales, y no me aflige tanto la perdida material sino, que no podemos en este momento saber de nuestros familiares que tal ves no tenga servicio electrico para comunicarse conmigo y saber cual es su situacion y si estan bien de salud.

  2. Miranda says:

    This is so sad! I live in the MBD area and Cahaba Heights was damaged pretty,bad,too. I heard that roofs were ripped off many buildings. Yikes! I feel so bad for all those poor people who lost there homes. That is devastating.
    <3 Miranda

    (aka the awesome one)

  3. Miranda says:

    p.s. did NOT mean to do a smiley face.

  4. angie mccormick says:

    looking for news about the UAH campus in Huntsville. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Brett McCormick please let me know. We are in England and cannot make any contact due to the power being down

  5. Ragav says:

    Hey Angie! You must be very worried about your son. I was actually studying in UAH as an international student a couple of years ago. I’m not sure if I met Brett, he must be new there? Hope Brett is ok….I’m pretty sure he’s ok because UAH has pretty good warning systems and they make sure everyone is safe inside the buildings when a warning is issued.

    So don’t worry too much!


  6. colleen says:

    The news lately is just devastating anymore but,all these people who lost so much and so many lost so much is just horrible.I can’t imagine having to plan funerals or attend funerals either and even worst is to have to look for family and friends .I’m so thankful my family there is safe.Like so many you can’t let one day go by angry or let the stress of life take ahold of us.The other day I was so depressed because my house is in forclosure,no car, no ac, trying to raise my grandson and get through school.Then when something like this happens makes you think.Hey,what I’m dealing with just isn’t so bad.OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS TO ALL WHO HAS BEEN EFFECTED BY THIS DEVASTATING STORM!!!!

  7. michelle decheine says:

    My neice and her 2 sons live in the area and were affected by these tornado’s. They are safe and unhurt, Thank God! I just wanted to get word out that yesterday, my neice (steph) went to the only store she could get to, and still being a bit shook up from all of this, she lost her wallet, she did go back but was unable to find it, she reported it missing, and I’m praying, that with all this destruction that their are still honest people in the world, and will turn it in, with everything including her money, as she has 2 babies to feed. So if you found a wallet and a store yesterday, PLEASE turn it in!! GOD BLESS!

  8. michelle decheine says:

    Thank You! to who every turned in the wallet to the limestone, poilce department!! With everything in it, May God Bless you! Truely in the face of disasters, there are honest, God fearing people!!

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