American Idol Results: April 28

Tonight the six contestants became five and one persons American Idol results will be shared as they are sent home. After the show opened with Ryan showing Steven’s magazine covers (People and Rolling Stone) they gave us a peek of Brit week. This week showed where the contestants are at a party with members of the Royal family and even some Hollywood Elite. I am sure that should be fun!

casey abramsThe final six that are left on the American Idol results sing a medley of Carole King songs. There are some performances and questions from the audience. Then there were some results and Haley was the first to find out that she was safe and next James finds out that he is safe. Lauren is safe as well. Jacob is safe.

This means that Casey and Scotty are now in the bottom two. It turns out that Casey is the one going home. There is a montage and then he gets to sing one last time and say goodbye. What do you think about the American Idol results April 28 2011?


  1. holly sikes says:

    i dont really care who goes home as long as lauren wins it:):):):):)

  2. Hailie says:

    Omg I am so mad Jacob should of gone home Casey is so talented I can not believe this what is wrong with America :(

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