Shuttle Launch: Shuttle Launch Time

This is the final launch of the shuttle endeavor. This is also the second-to-last launch of the US’ space shuttle program. It is believed that huge crowds will flock to see this amazing event. Possibly 750,000 spectators could be in attendance.

shuttle launchThe shuttle launch is happening at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The launch is supposed to happen at 3:47pm Friday. Some of the people that will be at the launch include U.S. president Barack Obama, his wife and their two daughters. I am sure this will be a memorable time in their lives. Will you be watching the shuttle launch?

This mission will be the 25th mission for Endeavor. After this mission it will be decommissioned and put on permanent display at the CA Science Center in Los Angeles. During the two weeks that the Endeavor and it’s six-man crew will be in space they will deliver a $2 billion scientific instrument to the International Space Station. No pressure, right? This instrument is designed to search for cosmic rays throughout the universe.

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Launched scrubbed for at least 72 hours.

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