Alabama Tornadoes 2011: Multiple Tornadoes Reek Havoc In Alabama

The Alabama tornadoes terrified many but not only did they terrify but many were killed. The death toll is now at 210 in Alabama alone. Many more were injured and taken to the hospital. There is a dusk till dawn curfew set in place.

alabama tornadoes 2011President Obama flew to the epicenter of one of the US’ worst ever tornado disasters on Friday. The president pledged federal support for recovery after the deaths caused by the destructive twisters. The president and his family went to the wreck university city of Tuscaloosa Alabama which was the hardest hit of the seven states. Besides for Alabama there were also twisters in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia and Louisiana.

This is the worst U.S. natural catastrophe since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. President Obama is eager to show that federal relief is on its way after the Alabama Tornadoes. He says that he is not taking the disaster lightly. This is most likely because President George W. Bush was criticized for his what was to be considered slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

Watch Video Of Large Alabama Twister

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