UFC 129 Fight Card Predictions

Looking at the UFC 129 fight card predictions will help to shed some light on what can be expected to happen in the upcoming big event. It’s a pretty stacked card, featuring three standout bouts at the top, including two championship matches. Take a look at these quick UFC 129 fight card predictions to see if you agree, disagree, or just want to get in on the fun.

UFC 129 Fight Card

The main event of the night is welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre taking on top rated challenger and former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields. Any list of UFC 129 Fight Card predictions has to start right here, at the top. GSP is perhaps more well rounded than anybody else in the entire sport of mixed martial arts. His athleticism is unmatched, as is his drive. Therefore, he will win by decision over a very tough, not to be overlooked, challenger.

A very intriguing bout on the card is Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture. It’s a clash of styles, and it has a lot of people torn about who will win. Machida is the favorite, and with his speed and countering skills, he could avoid Couture all night. If Couture can get the takedown though, then Machida will be in trouble. Still, Machida should get the nod.

Finally, the last one of the UFC 129 fight card predictions that we’ll look at is Jose Aldo defending his featherweight title against Mark Hominick. Aldo is just coming into his own, and has insane capabilities, explosive power mixed in with athleticism, creativity, speed and more. He’ll score an impressive stoppage win here.

Whether you agree or disagree with these UFC 129 fight card predictions, you can take advantage of the available odds and betting opportunities to take part in it all, and then watch the fights on April 30th.

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