Playstation Network Down: April 30

Well today is the last day of April (April 30) and the Playstation network is still down. I am so tired of writing that sentence; you have no idea. I will be glad to write “Playstation network is now up!” for once so keep checking back on that one. This problem seems to have really taken up all of the resources that Sony has.

playstation network down april 30The Playstation network down problem has many people posting youtube videos on the subject. I even saw one with a kid pitching a fit and screaming. I think that was staged but I am really not sure. Have you made any Playstation network down videos?

This problem has been going on for over a week now. The Playstation network down problem went through Easter weekend when everyone planned on sitting back and relaxing by playing one of the games online. Now millions of users are having to either cancel their card or keep a close watch on it. What have you been doing during the Playstation network down problem?


  1. Jackal2325 says:

    Hi any idea, if the psn is going back yo normal at the end of this month. Coz im one of the user of ps3 so i just both my new game in ps3 cod black ops i din’t enjoying play the games online. Coz the network is under maitainance.

  2. mike says:

    Went and bought an xbox yesterday. That seems to be the only way to play online. I’m so done with Sony on all walks of life. You would think the longest it would have taken was a week tops. Then again I guess that’s the reason this happened because they can’t handle the network to start with.

  3. andres rivera says:

    do u know when they gonna fix it

  4. abdul says:

    sucks that i got a ps3 right in the middle of this. ill still wait for psn just all disappointed

  5. Jim says:

    Playing COD on Xbox live

  6. Fluffeh says:

    It’s supposed to be up on the 3rd or 4th of may, so just a few more days.

  7. La Si says:

    Last night i dreamt of Theador… ♥♥♥

  8. Im That One Guy says:

    Since I have no life, I’ve been on the PC ever since it went down.

  9. Dan says:

    Since I can’t get onto DC Universe, I’ve been playing FFXI again…It’s not so bad. I forgot how much I enjoyed that game…

  10. Jered says:

    Well, I’ve been going outside and spending time with my daughter and writing music. Yeah, I like to play Call of Duty about 30 minutes to an hour every night. But come on people, use this time to do something constructive instead of turning your Playstation on every 30 minutes hoping the error code doesn’t pop up. There is nothing we can do about it now but find something better to do with our time. Yeah, I am mad about it too…but I am not mad at SONY for it. I am mad that their are cheats out in the world that have devoted their life to theft and hacking. It will be back up sometime in the near future. SONY Playstation has offered its customers a lot of benefits…one being A FREE NETWORK. So let’s stop complaining. They are doing all they can to help us out. Besides, this will all make for a great South Park episode coming into the 15th season!

  11. dick says:

    Guess its time we all buy X BOX

  12. Eric says:

    im going crazy! have nothing to do in my spare time. Most of the games I have are online basic! find out who hacked the network and sue their a@@!! thanks :)

    Faithful Playstation User!

  13. Derek Bradley says:

    I have been playing Counter Strike and watching Netflix which is still working on my PS3 thank God…

  14. kungfu_joe100 says:

    Jessica Lauren i can’t wait to play the best online game in the world ” DC Universe ” but in the meantime i was catching up on old games i have not played since their release like force unleashed 2, dynasty warriors 6 and the new ” MORTAL KOMBAT ” definitely will keep a person busy practicing those combos! “Kratos Rules!”

  15. PS3Pro says:

    I feel said for people who just bought playstation plus and can’t use it….

  16. Sony vs Microsoft=gameover
    join the 360 revolution, this would never happen with the xbox live system.
    you pay nothing for a service you get…erm nothing…

  17. SnipOrDie says:

    Hey everyone. I have just gotten uncharted 2 and I’m having a lot of fun playing it. The Psn is going to be back online by Tuesday or Wednesday. This was confirmed by Sony. So 3 days left to go !

  18. dan says:

    people have been saying and i read on a website or news article that sony is going to reimberse all 80 million users with something they havn’t said exactly what but it seems like a free download or something would be most likely. yeah i’m pissed to i never imagined it could have lasted for this long i dont think anyone could have

  19. rayrock says:

    Xbox is the way to go thank God Microsoft bill gates is the man there network will never crash or be hack into am putting my ps3 back in the box and throwing it out the window on line play is better on 360 anyway.

  20. Silent_dubstep says:

    Why buy an x-box? So it can burn up the first disk you put in it. Or freeze every time it’s paused for a few min. And you have to pay for your online gaming, are you stupid, patience is a virtue. Some of you younger kids might not know what that means. Good things come to those who wait. Like a FREE online network that hardly ever has problems. I am loyal to Sony so you can expect to c me back on Battlefield bad company 2, recon, 1 bullet, 1 kill, can’t wait.

  21. Amy says:


  22. EvilKlown100 says:

    The network will be up on may 4th. To everyone who bough an Xbox, I hope you enjoy your decision. To everyone who stayed on Playstation, Well done. And to the people at SONY, thank you for keeping our details safe by closing the network, Thank you for an awsome free network and keep up the good work.

  23. TommyStang says:

    I’ve actually been playing some of my games in the “legacy mode,” instead of the online option (because the PSN is down). For all of the young guns, “legacy mode” is how we old heads used to play on Sega Genesis and Super NES, before there was an online option with XBOX and Playstation. So, I’ve been playing GTA IV to get 100% completion, and have been spending time with my family more. So, honestly, I can hold out a little while longer while Playstation fixes their problems. And, I had to get lifelock identity protection, just in case some of the information that was hacked, happened to be mine. I do wish Playstation would inform who actually had their information stolen, instead of Playstation sending an email saying that my information “may” have been stolen. Hopefully with Playstation’s new revised network, they may be able to keep some of the gamer hacks out of COD Black Ops. Maybe we’ll have a normal game play from now on.

  24. Andrew says:

    I swear people are stupid.. Why go and by a xbox and spend hundred something dollars and on top of that spend more for the ability to play on live. Does ps3 not give you free internet access and online gaming. Does ps3 not have a well made system with constant updates to make your ps3 life better. On top of all that, did you not make the decision to buy the ps3 over the xbox. Did you not go down the list and compare the two and decided ps3 is better. Is ps3 perfect no is don’t perfect no. are you perfect hell no. everyone is complaining about a week away from online. OMG now I have to go outside and talk to humans in person NOOO! Just such it up and wait for sony to fix there only major problem they have had since the freaken thing came out. Go play the campaign again or something geeze. Its been almost two weeks and your ready to kill someone. Everyone calm down and be god damn patien.

  25. trev says:

    come on people 1 week isn’t so bad go out and enjoy the sun like a real human being

  26. la_lakers says:

    i have a ps3 and with the ps3 network down it really sucks i had just gotten socon 4 but i sold everything and went to and bought and xbox 360 it dont really metter i gotta pay for it at least the network being down aint gonna be a problem sony SUCKS

  27. Faction 5 says:

    Come on, really? This is rediculous, shoulda been back up in a matter of days not weeks… While it’s true its a free network, it looks bad that a few people hacked the entire network and brought it down for over a week. Sony needs to get its act together or I guarantee they will continue to lose more customers to xbox and the PC. Obviously they aren’t working super hard on it or else it would have been back by now. At least have some limit features available.

  28. manzy77 says:

    Its really hard for me to understand how a company this large and with this many customers can shut down for 2-3 weeks. Besides the revenue thats being lost a large percent of customers are leaving FOREVER!! You can compare it to every Walmart in the state of California closing its doors for 2 weeks it would NEVER happen.

  29. skimtolive says:

    this really sucks i was just getting ready to buy the map pack and other games on the play station network store but i cant even do that i hope its fixed soon keep me up dated

  30. Matt says:

    Just bought an xbox for cod.. Its amazing

  31. Mista says:

    Some site said it should be back by the 3rd or 4th of May. I dont know how accurate it is though. I was bout to switch back to 360 but I owned that already and always wanted a ps3 for the exclusive games…so im sticking with Sony,I dont really care about online,but its good to have when u beat all the games u own.

  32. Dylan says:


  33. Matt says:

    Just bought an xbox for cod.. Its amazing the smooth networl

  34. skimtolive says:

    well anyone on here the wants to become one of my friends on ps3 network let me know email me at for wen its back up we all can get more ppl

  35. BeaverBanger says:

    If all i used my card for was netflix is there still a need to change?

  36. chris says:

    Bought a Xbox still going back to play station when its all back up lol love my PlayStation not their fault….join me on Xbox lets start a PSN clan lol kick Xbox my user name is PsnOperator

  37. jr says:

    I have ps3 and my son has a xbox360 kinect I have been playing xbox online but I will return to ps3 when its back up its what I have been use to for years.

  38. Kkmpp says:

    I just got cod 4, 5, and 6 right when the network went down so I’m kinda pissed at the hacker.

  39. skay says:

    Stuff happens…get over it. Xbox went down for 14 days in 2007.

  40. MEgazionking says:

    well, i actually made a video about psn being down. but it was designed for people to laugh about it. kinda cheer up

  41. MEgazionking says:
  42. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

    this is so stupid its the week end and i have no baseball games to play so im basicly stuck at home with only a tv and there is nothing to watch on tv i dont even no why i have one

  43. Scrappy18711 says:

    Whoever is Buying a Xbox or planning to get one are extremely Impatient and desperate
    We all know this is a bad situation here but let sony take their time, They are trying their best to fix this, getting hacked is a serious problem you dont expect it to get fixed by a day or two or a week.
    For your girl’s and guy’s spare time Go spend time with your friends, Go outside, or just be inside playing Your ps3 and play with a game you never beated or Play on your computer…
    It sucks for those who used the Playstation Plus and their credit cards,im truly sorry for that..
    Just be lucky sony is fixing this Problem, We should get Back online Soon we just need to wait

  44. Hei says:

    I think this outage just sparked my bad luck. So, I come home from work one day and the PSN is under maitenence. I thought “I’ll just wait this out..” I’ve been waiting forever and just recently, I was watching Netflix and lightning decides to strike the house. (No joke) So insurance pays for my new ps3 and guess what? I need to log in to transfer my data from the olld one to the new one. They need to fix this soon. It seems kinda easy in concept. Recover the Network and up the security..

  45. The almighty truth says:

    People who say there gonna buy an xbox have no patience and have money to spare

  46. Max says:

    you guys are so game nerds all you have in life is that game witch the game is cool dont get me wrong but still yo guys cant even go with 2 weeks with out a playstation GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Its PS3 says:

    ps3 sucks im so mad so ill go out and buy a XBOX.

  48. Firstin_Firstout says:

    Hey playstation users, just used this time to relax and get ready for more years of fun cause everything need a over haul even if it was force. Something very good is about to happen so leave that xbox at the store it not worth it ,for real!!!

  49. Gamer says:

    Go get some fresh air, meet with your friends and throw a football around! I can’t believe some ppl actually went out and bought an XBox. Really!? Maybe go to the gym and work off those pounds that u gained playin online games. Get a life

  50. JB says:

    Ha wow is all I have to say. People really still complaining? I have a ps3 and I really don’t care that it’s down. I remember playing ps2 and ps1 all the time WITHOUT an online network…except when the ps2 did later but I really didn’t play that because I was blessed with satellite internet (believe me, it is actually only a little better than dial-up). I really begin to notice looking at all comments in the last 10 days and notice most of these people who are really complaining are DC douchebags….You are a nerd, buy a better game. Fighting games were cool back in the 90′s. The only cool fighting game now-a-days is mortal kombat. I can’t believe someone is big enough of a loser (mike) to spend hard earned cash on a new system and it’s not just a new system it’s the system (200 for arcade and 300 for elite), 60 for new games (5-6 if you are a loser and play to earn top prestige or some other bull crap to keep you addicted and not buy many other games), PS move->kinect about 150 depending where you get it and also a blu-ray player if you used it 150. So over all, you spend about 500-960$ just because the network is down. I really don’t care to hear “Well they have my information like my name and address”. Well it really isn’t that big of a deal because that is public record and anybody can find that crap from other sources besides hacking a database. “Well they stole my credit card info”. If you have some crappy company who doesn’t know your habits, well than you kinda deserve this letdown. OVerall people are making a bigger deal than this needs to be because 1. it’s only been a 1.5 weeks 2. you are dumb with your money to not have a company to notify of irregular spending on your account and 3. even if the company notifies you of weird activity, they know the situation and are willing to negotiate SO YOU ALL NEED TO STOP BEING RETARDS. To you xbox fans, XBL isn’t really that different with their security nor do they have much more besides cross game chat so suck it.

  51. Shonn87 says:

    Things happen. Remember when there was no online gameplay? I swear these folk nowadays are so damn spoiled. Remember golden eye or starfox or jet koto? Remember being the best in the neighborhood? Go play ff7 and shut the he’ll up. Shonn87 on psn if u got something to say. Hit me up

  52. PSN og_stevieVSpaul says:

    i finally got back to DC universe online got my subscription for 1 month that night and 15 minutes later psn crashes… i couldnt believe it. so when its back up im raiding

  53. manzy77 says:

    i know one thing my “MYPLAYER” in 2k11 is a moster now because of all this time off line and i will be destroying any scrub i come in contact with just a fair warning lol

  54. gilbert stateresa says:

    yall are idiots buy xbox unless just totally bored or have extra$$$ do so but it will be back by nxt week and hopefully better, thanxs to the hackers in this world!!!! ps3 still rules….haha cause of blu rays!!! lol

  55. Tracen24 says:

    Finished the campaign on black ops and am now currently putting some hours into Fallout: New Vegas. Takes the mind off of psn being down but does not compare to black ops online. Heard that psn would be up may 4th. fingers will be crossed.

  56. ps3 user says:

    Sony shouldn’t really have to give us anything, they are a free network. Maybe for plus users I could see adding the extra days to their account if they are lost, but other than that the only thing I”m concerned about is my life,credit history,personal information that no one should have, lol playstation network has millions of users. think about it if 7 million people put their credit card info in their and the persons responsible just took a penny from everyon’s account that’s what 700,000 dollars, people have all that info on us users and credit card numbers,date of birth’s, where we live, our numbers, they can pretty much find anything on us that they want to. they took down one of the biggest network in the world, they can ulimitly destroy our life’s-credit so personally i think sony should compensate for that lol but how can you measure it really.” Now rumor 2.8 million accounts-card numbers are for sale from the hackers. They offered to sell it back to sony but sony didn’t buy”, I think for a multi billion dollar industry they should have better security than that. Anon said they were targeting sony and in my eyes for reasonable reasons, I’m not a hacker nor do i know how to mod stuff out, i didn’t visit the dudes web site nor did i you-tube any of his videos, but i agree i bought the damn console for 400 dollars i can smash the dam thing in to as many pieces that i want to lol. If they advertise it can do pretty much anything a pc can do? You should be able to do with it what you wish and put anything on their that you want, Specially if sony had it on their before or advertised about it. Their are mod’s out their for everything, and moded equipment I dont think you should be able to play online with hacked games or cheats, THATS NOT FAIR TO THE REST OF US OR THE GAME COMPANY’S, But i feel you should be able to do with it what you wish.

  57. Jeremiah says:

    lol go play ff7, best advice ever in light of this recent “crysis”, lol

  58. God-father88 says:

    @ shonn87 dude i couldnt agree with you more!!

  59. X-class says:

    i havn’t played online in over a week. im tellin you now, when it finaly comes back up don’t tell me to go to sleep you know. but if it don’t come back up, the everyone will get a XBOX, and evemight go to the everyone know how the XBOX is, we gonna have to sell all our PS3 stuff just to get a stupid XBOX. or people might go to the Wii. playin the Wii fit. we all can get high and play the Wii. LOL i like the sound of that.

  60. X-class says:

    and the network should be back up on the 3rd of May. I am so ready. look me up online when it comes back up.


  61. sparta278 says:

    This really stinks, I mean two whole weekends without online play. Come on! In a few weeks it’ll be my birthday and I’m thinking about getting some new games but they’ll suck without online.

  62. ps3 user says:


  63. BushidoGundam says:

    I’m only bum that it’s down because there’s some DLC I want to get for dissidia 012,I say to pass up the time play DL games you got that you have barly touched or watch the movies you got that you been planning since forever to sit down and watch but still haven’t.

  64. FrameYourDeath says:

    If you are true to sony, just have patience. They have been in the gaming industry for a while and have brought everyone awesome titles. Dont let this bother you. It will be back up. Im sure no ones credit card info was taken and look at the brightside, now we’ll have an even stronger network. I’m with playstation all the way.. who’s with meI

  65. Don’t blame Sony ya idiots!! Blame the dumb hackers who screwed us all from the FREE fun we get from Sony! And pray this won’t have Sony add a charge to actually play again! Stupid as,s hackers! Get a life!!!

  66. drake_of_shadows says:

    I just got Homefront when the network crashed. I’m dying to play online, but I’m not pissed sony has it down for two weeks. They are making it better…hopefully. I’m pissed that our information wasn’t better protected, but i’d stilll rather be able to play online for free than pay. Psn being down is a great time for the people who are addicted to online gaming, myself included, to spend more time with friends and family, or read a book. I got a new book for christmas and never read any of it til last week. Life exists without online gaming, but I hate having to make sure no a-hole tries to ruin my credit :(

  67. drake_of_shadows says:

    Oh and FF7 is final fantasy 7. Just in case someone doesn’t know what that stood for. Great game!

  68. imnotblackstupid says:

    I sold Black Ops and got WaW and MW2 and then a day later it goes down. It sucks. :/

  69. D Rock says:

    This is probably the work of Microsoft funded hackers. Microsoft is probably trying to win back the customers they lost to Sony.

  70. Soul says:

    Ok ive read most of these commments and only agree with a few. And just to point out to you guys people have been saying that it will be b ack up on multiple dates but i called sony last week and they said sometime after this weekend. I won’t act like this hasn’t been bad for me too but all we can do is wait. And to all of you insulting ps3 users and calling us fanboys dont act like your so big. You know if your precious xboxs or xbox 360s went down this long you’d whine worse than us too probably. Anyways if your really bored find a hobby to do for awhile (inside or out). Or play some games on campaign too.

  71. itwellbeok says:

    im not to upset about it i don’t do to much online play in the furst place what i want currently is the headset survive one of my furinds got starcraft 2 and we were useing psn to talk
    (becous he will not by a frigin blue tooth adapter for his PC) and using the phone macks it hard to use the shift build order thing. P.S sory for giting off topic and for my horrible speeling

  72. doc says:

    @ ps3 user
    Final Fantasy 7 it’s a PS1 RPG

  73. HIVION says:

    im actually with jered in every single word . So its true we should give the great sony company a chance and have some fath in it make sure that it was one of us the PSN users who cost us all this . im dying to play online again but during this braking time i went OUT side to 100% fantasy life . any one wanna come to the peach ”””’ yeaaaah we maybe offline but we well be fine.

  74. STillup says:

    Didn’t think I was addicted to online gaming until now. Oh well picking up a new addiction is easy : P

  75. joke says:

    The ps3 network will be back on the Friday 5th may 2011

  76. coop15youknow says:

    manzy777 hope u up 4 the my player challenge

  77. XxAndreBxX says:

    Dude!, im starting to get pist off wit all the procrastinating Sony is doing, If its going to be 2 more months till PSN is back up JUST tell us . STRAIGHT UP!!!

  78. G33K says:

    I don’t even care about playing online. I’m just bummed because I want to get this download game and can’t. On a lighter note I’ve been putting more time into my websites since the outage.

  79. Sarah Trist Jessica Lauren says:

    What websites do you have g33k?

  80. tomtom697 says:

    i called. they said within a week…………..

  81. Peyton says:


  82. xxdemonxx72 says:

    never buy an xbox 360 i bought one and it lasted a week and it just stopped working….. so i got it replaced and that one did the same thing so screw xbox…. PS3 RULES. cant wait for PSN to go back online so i can pound these fools who think they all that on call of duty black ops

  83. jonny says:

    word up to the very first guy on the list!! dont forget epic zelda!

  84. Gunslinger says:

    I am a loyal PS3 fan girl. I will wait and have no doubt that the new PSN will be worth that wait.

  85. Insider says:

    Sony is doing all that it can. As many of you know, there are many variables when locating and mitigating these threats. Especially with a system as large and robust as PSN. Equally, Sony is taking this time while the programmers and developers are testing the system, to up date their servers, UPS Systems and data network equipment to deliver the finalized solution. We believe the network will be stronger than ever once back online and more secure than any other gaming system online.

    Just as we make these changes, so goes hackers and new ways around things. As Sony discovers these things, they will continue to take steps to compensate for those deficiancies, as when new threats develop or are custom created, it is challenging and frustrating to only have the option to be responsive and ‘reactive’ instead of ‘proactive’

    The platforms currently being put in place are being done in a manner that will create the ultimate foundation architecture for Sony to add to, make changes to, or otherwise be able to successfully update the PSN with very little to no interruption to the network itself.

    In this effort, Sony feels that they have stayed a step ahead of both MS XBOX360 as well as the Nintendo Wii online safety and security measures as well as reinvigorated the existing system with not only many new layers of security, but an update to the PSN that will allow for future changes, mods, etc without having to take down the network.

    Hang in there fellow PSN lovers, our system is coming back and i look forward to whipping up on all of you again online soon!.. it won’t be too much longer, and the system will be SUPER SECURE once back online!

  86. ExpertAtBeingAmateur says:

    I really am not so angry or whatever that the PSN is down. I mean, every server, especially big ones, have to break down or be hacked sometime. And other consoles have had much bigger break-downs. PlayStation Network is free for us, so I wouldn’t complain. But, I still hope it comes back on pretty soon. Online gameplay is pretty fun.

  87. Yakasaka says:

    Maybe with all of this downtime half of the people leaving comments on here will take some classes in grammar. But that’s neither here nor there. I love the online gaming and all of that and it sucks that it has been down for the past week. But that doesn’t bother me near as much as people stealing my identity and selling to some assclown named “habib” for five dollars so he can go ruin my credit score.

  88. ganjaman says:

    About the credit card info being out there:

    Are those of us that used our credit card info for netflix only vulnerable to having credit card info in the hands of hackers?

  89. TheLatinFire says:

    In my opinion Sony just has really bad customer service for leaving loyal subscripers/players in the dark for the past 10 days… Oh well I guess it’s time to play every god if war again :) Also if you are ever interested in playing when psn comes back online feel free to message me TheLatinFire

  90. TheLatinFire says:

    *god of war*

  91. andrea says:

    Been going crazy wit no black ops, usually that’s wut i play when i have nothing else to do. I have all my homework n stuff done for college but now I have nothing to do, i just hope that they really do have it up by wednesday. I am kind of tired of them telling us that it will be up by a certain day then its not up. I hope they also have considered that it might crash again when it comes back up. cause think bout it all those people signing in all at once will make their servers crash again. Then we will be witout again. So hopefully sony took thought into that when putting the network back up.

  92. Daniel says:

    i agree with you there ExpertAtBeingAmateur everything crashes at sometime or another

  93. ps3 user says:

    “As an added layer of security, that password can only be changed on the same PS3 in which that account was activated, or through validated email confirmation, a critical step to help further protect customer data”…………….I started my subscription on a buddies console at first then i got mine and switched it over, His broke down and he had to send it off and they just gave him a new one, so does that mean that i cant get mine back,

  94. ps3 user says:

    i guess i would qualify under the validated e-mail confirmation lol never mind

  95. creator430 says:

    can you post a link to that screaming kid video? xP

  96. Trey says:

    manzy77 what is ur psn find me n let’s team up Dude_Its_Kobe

  97. u_cant_WHOOP_ME says:

    I just wanna continue my online league in 2k11 please PSN get this fixed!!!!

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