Mexico vs Argentina

In the World Cup 2010 round of 16, the Mexico vs Argentina match ends with a win for Argentina 3 Mexico 1. Prior to the match, Messi was considered a key point as to whether he brought his performance game or not. So far in the World Cup 2010, Messi’s consistency has been questionable. Both sides began the game with caution as so much is at stake.

Mexico vs Argentina had players loading the middle of the field. This was to prevent the opposition from moving through. Two goals were scored by Carlos Tevez. These goals were crucial in the win of 3-1 that will take Argentina into the quarterfinals with a face-off against Germany.

In the Mexico vs Argentina match, the questionable offside goal by Tevez showed in replays he was clearly offside, yet the goal stands. Regardless, the offside kick put Argentina into a 1-0 lead in the 25th minute of the game. Mexico returned with a square pass from Ricardo Osorio, which landed to Gonzalo Higuain who pushed Argentina into a 2-0 lead. Messi was fouled five times in the Mexico Argentina match, and has sustained 15 fouls out of four games; hey refs, pay attention.

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