Tornado In Tuscaloosa: Hundreds Of Deaths And Looters

Many people are reeling from the effects of the tornado in Tuscaloosa. The death toll continues to rise in this town. Now the death toll is up to 246. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands that are injured and we know that there are at least a million that have no power.

tornado in tuscaloosaAfter the tornado in Tuscaloosa FEMA came on the ground and responded to all areas. This horrible storm is believed to be the second largest swarm of tornado activity ever recorded. This outbreak of twisters ravaged seven states and some towns were actually flattened. Many are attempting to recover after the tornado in Tuscaloosa.

The only storm that ever topped this one was in 1925 when storms claimed the lives of 747 people across several states. People are not only having to try to pick up the pieces but they are also having to deal with looters. With over 337 dead in the seven states looters are the last thing that you should have to worry about. The tornado in Tuscaloosa could take a very long time to recover from.

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