Tornado In Alabama

The Salvation army and other aid groups are pouring in after the tornado in Alabama. One salvation army driver offers everyone who stops by snacks and water. Others nearby are sorting bags and boxes of clothing, shoes, toys, diapers and toothbrushes. This group has also brought food and water.

tornado in alabamaThere are many people that are rushing to the aid of those that were affected by this horrible tornado in Alabama. Many people have lost everything that they have. Some people have no place to live, no clothing or even photos that they used to keep their memories of loved ones alive. This tornado in Alabama devastated many.

With hundreds of people dead and thousands of people injured and millions without power this is easily the worst storm we have seen since 1925. People are rushing about trying to locate their loved ones and bury their dead. There is more and thankfulness all around. Many people are still in disbelief about the tornado in Alabama.

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