Alabama Tornado: Homeless Wait To See What Will Happen

Unless you have been through something like this it is impossible to know how one in this situation really feels. There are hundreds of aid workers swarming to Alabama to help clean up after the Alabama tornado. As the workers come in there are still thousands of homeless that do not know what they are going to do. In a Birmingham, AL shelter families are just waiting for help from FEMA after the tornado outbreak which destroyed their homes.

alabama tornadoThe Alabama tornado has caused death and destruction over a vast scale. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons sit cuddled together and holding each other as they attempt to recover from this horrible disaster. One family sits together and read their Bible. Another mother tries to distract her daughter from thinking about the Alabama tornado by pat-a-cake.

Some of these families were told that they would have to wait 14 days to find housing. This long of a wait staying is a shelter could be quite difficult. This is especially true for small children. It is hard to tell at this time just how many people this Alabama tornado made homeless.

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