Playstation Network Down: May 1

Well the big guys are coming out to apologize for the playstation network down problem. On Sunday executives from Sony bowed in apology for the security breach in the company’s network. This breach compromised the information of about 77 million accounts. This being no small matter I suppose they thought it was about time for a statement.

playstation network down may 1“We deeply apologize for the inconvenience we have caused,” said Kazuo Hirai, chief of Sony Corp.’s PlayStation video game unit, who was among the three executives that bowed their heads low. This is the traditional style of apology for the Japanese. After the apology Hirai said that parts of the service would be back this week and that the company would beef up the security measures.

About 10 million credit cards could have been compromised in the data that was believed to have been stolen. Sony asks that all users change their passwords since the playstation network down problem. They said once again that they can not be sure that this information was stolen but they also can not rule it out. Do you think the network will really be up in 4 days as many people have heard speculation about?


  1. Hodgess aka Q-TiP421 says:

    Hurry up

  2. random riot says:

    welll at least their trying to fix it give em a break

  3. Omar says:

    No it won’t be back they have been horrible and u and I very well know they will postpone it for another reason

  4. Jay says:

    If i dont get somethin 4 free after this, I’m buyin an xbox!!!

  5. Clate says:

    Is it seriously that big of a deal to you? Geez just take a chill pill and do something else with your time for a while. It will be up within the next week for sure.

  6. spunk monkey says:


  7. paul says:

    i hate that play station is down i havent played black ops in 2 weeks it’s killing me i will stay with u sony but step your game up

  8. frist 11 hours then day or 2 know a mouth

  9. waylo26 says:

    Is all our saved online data still gonna be the same or do we have to start over

  10. Reilly says:

    I want to update my madden 11 roster, but i cant, because of the playstation network :( i hope they get this whole thing figured out soon, or im going to personally find the retard who stole all the information and i will murder him.

  11. cory PsN boston2003 says:

    this is bull it better be up in a few days or i’m donewith sony the 5th biggedt medioa mogal ion the world didnt secure the credit cards thats the biggest incompedence i have ever seen in a company….

  12. zahed says:

    just hurry up and give us the date wen ps3 network is gona b up and running?

  13. koolbabe2010 says:

    I hope they havent made it overly complicated to sign back into the network,coz I heard they are going to make it so that you dont just get to sign back in as normal and you have to go through some kind of security check via your original ps3 console or you dont get back onto your original profile.I better be able to get back on my account coz I spent a lot of time building up my trophies and creating who I am.

  14. all my m8s gt rubbish xbox’s and laughing in my face but i ll sick with u what ever they

  15. i want to know who the hacker!

  16. what date is it coming back?

  17. jeff says:

    @jay they are planning on giving us something.. at least this is a start. I’m being patient but can’t wait to play my MK online for the first time, and go back to black ops.

    Complimentary Offering and “Welcome Back” Appreciation Program
    While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, the company is committed to helping its customers protect their personal data and will provide a complimentary offering to assist users in enrolling in identity theft protection services and/or similar programs. The implementation will be at a local level and further details will be made available shortly in each region.

    The company will also rollout the PlayStation Network and Qriocity “Welcome Back” program, to be offered worldwide, which will be tailored to specific markets to provide our consumers with a selection of service options and premium content as an expression of the company’s appreciation for their patience, support and continued loyalty.

    Central components of the “Welcome Back” program will include:

    * Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon.
    * All existing PlayStation Network customers will be provided with 30 days free membership in the PlayStation Plus premium service. Current members of PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days free service.
    * Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity subscribers (in countries where the service is available) will receive 30 days free service.

    Additional “Welcome Back” entertainment and service offerings will be rolled out over the coming weeks as the company returns the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services to the quality standard users have grown to enjoy and strive to exceed those exceptions.

    SNEI will continue to reinforce and verify security for transactions before resuming the PlayStation®Store and other Qriocity operations, scheduled for this month.

    For more information about the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services intrusion and restoration, please visit or

  18. Alex says:

    Ok, first of all Sony is doing a great job with this. Even though they haven’t given us a date this isn’t there fault. And plus why would they give us something for free, we play for free idiots!! They said they would give those with hulu, Netflix, and plus members more time to give them there full compensation. And if your really freaking out about this, play some single player games like god of war, uncharted, assassins creed, thats what I’ve been doing an I’m fine.

  19. Cybermancer says:

    I am not too upseat about the outage.

    I understand how difficult it its to keep even small networks secure. And it would be much more difficult with a network as large as the play station network.

    I am, however, ready for it to be fixed. I’m sure its going to be back up and running before the next week is up.

  20. josh says:

    omg stop saying if i dont get something out of this im switching to Xbox.. ok your not paying for anything are you and if your card is on there call your bank and shut your account down and they will send you a new card and new account and you still dont have to pay for that. if your a psn plus sub or that Q music thing you gonna get a free month added on soo shut up please just be cool this rarely happens to ps3 and whn does you start griping bez you nothing to do anymore besides eating food

  21. scott says:

    well all these steps are necessary so that this never happens again. and they have offered us the best in gaming abilities since ps1 so u just cant throw them out. personally i would never go xbox even if playstation went down permanently. they are greedy greedy and i don’t gots the money for it. so thanks sony for doin the best. just please don’t take too much longer

  22. blackmist7565 says:

    i just want them to hurry up im so bored but its ok

  23. Mad Gamer says:

    Im sick of this waiting! I dont care if youre sorry, just bring the server back up and gimme something free!

  24. feckineeejit says:

    I sold my xbox a few months ago, and I still wouldnt go back on the strength of the £40 a year for “XBOX LIVE”, if it was free id have both!

  25. crosshairs13 says:

    something for free? you already get it for free… go ahead and buy an xbox. selfish, selfish, selfish. some people have no clue. try going outside and gettin some sun. might make ya feel better and a little less bitter. but I do feel your pain… just a bit more rational.

  26. liammufc99 says:

    i am bourd of playing ofline it is getting very bouring i have been playing zombies solo for about 2 weeks my hyiest round is 36 it took me 2 hours i wont online back soon sony plz hurry up with the server they shoud give us somthing for free like a map pack for black ops when the new 1 comes out just hurry up sony im not going 2 go to xbox becouse you have 2pay for online!

  27. bill says:

    Go ahead switch to xbox. Have fun paying to play online. And getting the red eye virus

  28. stewart osborne says:

    please hurry and fix it,ive been off work for couple of weeks and was looking forward to playing the odd game of cod, now as of tuesday ill be back at work n wont get the time to play,and when i do the network is really busy and i allways get kicked, yes are free and we dont have to pay for wireless connectors for ps3 unlike xbox,and dont have to pay for xbox live for the same service ps3 offer but i dont see xbox getting hacked so sort it out because die hard ps3 gamers will forgive you this time but if it happens again they wont and xbox will be rubbing their hands together fix it

  29. zack00 says:

    im getting bourd of playing solo

  30. ps3psn says:

    xbox sucks! they pay 4 online not for security but to get extra money from you. I used to have an xbox 360 then gave it back before I opened it because my cousin told me you have to pay for online. then I got a ps3 It changed everything online was great and free and no membership card or router like xbox was needed. My friend pays 50 dollars a year on xbox!

  31. red-dog1_ says:

    I haven’t played black ops in a long time and i am pissed. people that have xbox are making fun of us so somebody needs to hack their system

  32. chad says:

    i agree with tha person who said if thay dnt give us sum cool free sh@t then im switchin to xbox. i realize how much it sucks if sum 1 culdnt afford int. evry month

  33. red-dog1_ says:

    you need to have the map packs for black ops to be free because of that.

  34. red-dog1_ says:

    I haven’t played black ops in a long time and i am ticked. people that have xbox are making fun of us so somebody needs to hack their system

  35. tattoojunky89 says:

    we should at-least get 100 dollars in free downloads….

  36. 2008serenity says:

    I am totally fine with sticking with playstation. I know that what has happened here could have happened even to xbox. I am ok with the length of time its taken as well. I would prefer it be out for 3 months and have confidence in the improved security than to take 4 days and it get hacked again in a couple of weeks. I dont believe we are necessarily owed anything I mean we are playing for free and that is/was part of the risk of playing for free. Either way I am happy that they are working as hard as they are to improve/fix this issue to hopefully ensure that it doesnt repeat or at least repeat anytime soon. Thank you Playstation we still love ya!! (on a side note i cannot wait to get back to some black ops with the hubby)

  37. tattoojunky89 says:

    o yea….GO OKC THUNDER!!

  38. Sooth Sayer says:

    B ready to b charged for the playstation’s online services….. It makes perfect cents…. the breach, the stolen info now they have a reason to say why they need to charge for online play…. to guarantee security its gonna cost ya lol well sort of…..

  39. Jonathon says:

    For a multi-billion dollar company to let a group of people that call them selves “The Anonamous” hack the whole ps3 network is sort of rediculous but people and companies tend to make mistakes, and as for the people who have credit card information taken hope you learned to use cash for now on hints its much easier that way, but seriously give us a date of when itll be back up and not just a portion of the network the whole thing because its not fair if 3 or 4 countries have it back up and the rest dont, we all want to play black opps again….but as for the apoligy thingy goes, if your really sorry then you should give all accounts the new map packs that come out for black opps for free now thats worth the wait i guess…basically sony should have learned their lesson on their security issues and update a better firewall that some pissed off group of people cant hack…GET IT BACK UP AND RUNNING PEOPLE ARE GETTING ANGRY WHICH WILL CAUSE COMPLANTS AND LAW SUITS THAT NO ONE WANTS…

  40. Gggggggggggg says:

    They said it’d be up may 2nd or 3rd

  41. Branbo says:

    Your still gold in my eyes sony. i really hope its not true you demanded peoples IP addressess just because they looked at a website containing jailbreak info. i personaly couldnt care less about not being able to use linux on my ps3 but if a rare few CHOOSE to use it then they should have the CHOICE.

  42. ryno says:

    i agree with bill i dont want to pay just to play video games online, but people are saying were going to have to pay 50 bucks a year to play online

  43. LEE says:

    any network can be hacked ,even the goverments sites are not secure , the only complain i have with sony is the way they didnt communicate with the public from the start of this problem.
    …..i hope that sony learn from this and keep us all informed in the future .

  44. John says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Yeah! That’ll show em! Buy an xbox!!! (Sarcasm) =/

  45. SHMEV85 says:

    If it hadn’t of happened I’d never of bothered getting my Black ops platinum trophy. Thankfully I have now. Definitely due for a bit of online action though now. At least there making an effort to sort it when at the end of the day it is free to access the network and yeah it may be more expensive to buy than an Xbox 320, (or whatever there called) but it’s definitely a much better and complex machine. PS3 over Xbox anyday.

  46. Jess. says:

    I miss call of duty -__-
    but im glad they are fixing it(:

  47. tom says:

    booo hooo im still online on me xbox :)

  48. they should give each and everybody a voucher for 20 dollars so ppl can spend it on watever they like not just wat sony puts as a WELCOME BACK

  49. Nori says:

    I guess everyone forgets about xbox ring of death, which many times I needed to get a new xbox. When xbox came out, I had it for little under a year before I traded it in. I traded it in for one big reason at the time. For only having it for a year, I needed 3 replacments due to the ring of death. Out of those 3 replacments it took me a month and half to get each one back. So 3 xboxes times one and a half months equals almist 5 months of no xbox. My point is ppl make mistakes, and they do what they can to make it better.

  50. Bryant says:

    Please get it fixed by this week or i may just pick up my playstation3 three and break it with my foot..joking but please get it fixed soon

  51. jesus says:

    OKay bow down when you fix it all the way……idc about anything free the best they can do is give us the damn psn back…..and if this happens again i m going to xbox ill pay but atleast i get to play online!!!!

  52. Rab0205 says:

    Was totally gutted psn went down WAM stuff like this happens well done Sony stop moaning everyone I just completed metal gear solid 4 the best game I have ever played even tho I am 100 per cent a cod fan nothing beats a bit of mgs can’t wait for mgs 5 hurry up lads pls can’t wait for the psn to get back up be patient people make mistakes and I am sure if your account details are taken I am sure Sony will compensate for every penny just think of the entertainment u have with them and think once psn is back up and running in a few months it will be forgot about and Sony will be as strong as ever mgs5 raiden rules all

  53. To Jesus says:

    Xbox 360 was hacked in 2009 and was down for over a month so before you know what your talking about shut the fuck up and eat a donkey dick.

  54. xbox fan in 4 days????? says:

    i love psn …but if the goes on any farther there wil b 76,999,999 aaounts

  55. Liam says:

    10million credit card information getting out? REALLY? How do you let this happen, you think you would shut down the network at a million credit card or even a hundred thousand people’s credit card information being led out but no you shut it down a few days later, it takes you days to get the notification that 10 MILLION credit cards are pratically given away. The Playstation network was horrible, I couldn’t even get a person in my theater lobby for black ops yet it’s easily done with xbox. People are having a HIGH expectation of a newer and better playstation network if you say “oh this is the best we can do” then refund Everyone. Otherwise spend a months worth of time of improving it make it where the xbox connection looks like total shit and sales will undoubtably increase, when you get kicked down there are 3 options, chicken out, get up and get beat again or come back better and win.

  56. Dan says:

    Guyz Is The PSN Network Up On 2nd May?, Because I Havent Been On COD In 14 Days!

  57. Lj says:

    yo you play mgo rabo?

  58. PlayStationNetwork says:

    My PSN User Is: A_COD_PLAY3R ADD ME ! : )

  59. Thomas says:

    I think psn should give us something free because we want to play this but we could not so i think we shouold get something free!

  60. pls&thku says:

    irdc bout this whole online gaming thingy and i wish i could say the same for my husband so on his behalf can u speed up the recovery process so he can play his games so i wont have to hear HIS whining.THANK YOU :)

  61. tyler says:

    honestly, i think people are getting mad because they’re being forced to get a life. I envy those who don’t take this as a life ending event. I haven’t played online as long as everybody else, and I don’t mind.



  63. Mike says:

    Alright. I have been following this for since the day the website went down and havent said anything about it, even though there were a lot of times I was tempted. So I am going to spill my gutts here a minute. First off, I really dont care who hacked psn. My problem is that a multi billion dollar company let it happen. I dont really care if it was Anon, or who it was. Second, I am so sick and tired of people cussing and going off about the fact that the network is down. Yes I miss playin online. Yes it is annoying. But come on now. This company has its first MAJOR psn issue and people are going to throw their playstations away and go to xbox? A couple weeks without PSN and your willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a new system and games? Grow up, get over it, and stop bitching. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Spend some more time with your family. But cussing playstation is not going to do any good. If your life revolves around PSN that much, maybe this down time is the best thing that could happen to you. Third, not really worried about compensation. I would rather that my personal information wasnt out but as long as my accounts arent affected, I am going to be just fine.

    Now if this happens again, and this breach into psn happens again, my opinions might change. As of right now, Im gonna continue to play offline ( I know this is unthinkable for some) and continue on with my life. Hopefully other people out there arent contimplating suicide over this. If so, go ahead and off yourself. You are not an important part of this wold.

  64. j says:

    i bought dcuo last wednesday but i can still be patient although i really want to play it PS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  65. alex says:

    PSN pissed me off enough to get back on my xbox…i bought the new slim 360 never used it until now. Actually i feel good that i have gotten some use into the thing.

  66. REDDSON67 says:

    is japan up??????…. i heard a rumor …

  67. justin says:

    ok now like serioulsy who ever hacked psn is NOT cool so STOP hacking NOW ps make online freeee

  68. tOm laaaaaaaa says:

    i think that they are doing the right thing because if they had not shut down the psn then we all would of been hacked so all of you who keep gobbing off and threatening to move to x box 360 shut up and just be glad that you haven’t been hacked :)

  69. paul says:

    hey add edgecrusher24 if you wanna get owned in black ops

  70. will says:

    xbox got a warm welcome from ps3 fans

  71. Cod Player says:

    Guys don’t be mad at PSN.At least it’s unlike xbox live!!! But still i want to play cod

    My PSN is PeanutThePickle
    Plz add me im an excellent player!!

  72. Fixitdoc1 says:

    If they are giving 30 days of Playstation Plus for free….what about the people who are already a member?

  73. Dek-_raM_- says:

    Guy have to be kidding me BUT!!!!! I did just get a different error and an explanation of what to do about it unlike just youve been signed out error…Its looking like its slowly coming back to life…

  74. Dallas says:

    Just to add a few cents. First, to all that think this was something that Sony LET happen. It was a security breach! Large companies don’t just let those happen. A hacker gets into the system using whatever means, and they either steal information, or the hacker approaches the company so they can fill the security gap. So, again, it’s not something they let happen. The hackers get a certain amount of information BEFORE the breach is detected. You can’t very well shut down a network millions use because of a slight suspicion of a breach.

    Second, voice your opinion! The forum is there for that reason.

    I am a die hard Sony fan, and not quite the die hard gamer anymore, but I still play and will be playing for many more years. It sucks PSN is down, but they are working everything out and it will be back up soon. Regardless of opinion, you might want to think a little bit before laying all the blame on the company. Some schmuck hacker got into the system, it happens. And it will continue to happen as long as people have the time to spend and the knowledge, to break new means of security.

    And to play Devil’s advocate: a lot of the reason that most security is so tight on a lot of networks, is because of some schmuck hacker that took the time to break in, document the weak points, and issue a report to admins. …just sayin’…

  75. Solstice says:

    Umm I’ve had Xbox for 4 years and it has never gone down so if you are saying that you are just trying to start a console war. We pay for our stuff so things like this Dont happen so you don’t talk before you know what you’re talking about “to Jesus” 60$ a year isn’t bad at all idk why people decide they wanna start
    Console wars its rediculous. PSN is the exact same thing as Xbox live except it’s free and doesn’t have party chat. The reason Microsoft doesn’t get hacked? Xbox live is a main priority Microsoft created the first OS their security is going to be far more superior to sony’s.

  76. xxDOGWARSxx says:

    i think u all should just sit back and wait like the rest of us like every1 is saying its not the end of the world some of u need to grow up i had bad company2 for mayb a week playing online then it went down im not sitting back and crying like a little baby like some of u r i would wait 6months if i had to theres no way im going to xbox playstation3 all the way baby hahaha

  77. my psn account is XxPunjabi_yaarxX add me brasss

  78. xxDOGWARSxx says:

    i just want to get on so i can change my password

  79. Oliver ClothesOff says:

    C’mon guys it’s nothing to get worked up about, just give it some time and get some fresh air. Geez lighten up and get a life. Stop cussing out PSN their doing what they can but if it goes on for another two weeks then i might change my mind.

  80. Greg says:

    I’m just shocked that I have to go through the trouble to cancel/reissue my Banking information/credit card because of Sony. Seriously… this is practically criminal. I feel violated. How unprofessional can you get. I understand that the PSN is free, however because of the release of my private banking information (I mean seriously.. How much fraud is going to take place at OUR LOSS) I definitely believe that Sony’s lack of reaction to this should credit us for our losses. Its a lot of trouble that I have to go through to change over my credit information. Seriously… my paypal etc…. all have to be changed.. Waiting for a new Credit Card… ARGH F U Sony. Anybody got a good lawyer? I swear, if there any charges on my credit card, I hope Sony will be prepaired to cover my losses.

  81. Matt Mohun says:

    I haven’t had this much fun since comicon got canceled. I’ve kissed a girl, went to a party and very nearly got a sunburn.

  82. true psn cod fan says:

    i agree with liam on this one. i just want to be able to play black ops again i miss it soo much man . come on sony help me out

  83. brandon says:

    i have had the ps3 since it came out and right before psn went down i cant get games on it and i know people who just got there ps3 and are pissed off cause they cant even play online

  84. johnny ebersole says:

    how long doese it take to phase playstation network back on jeeze

  85. Black ops beast says:

    who ever hacked psn u need to stop because one its not cool and u also need to get a life, who ever wants to get own in black ops psn add godofthunder626 no one better than me

  86. phillip says:

    all the people complaining need to get a job

  87. Neileo-Yo! says:

    I was at work all day on April 20th as they recite PSN being hacked and yes I think its shocking to know that security for PSN did not find out until a week later!? Im not on my playstation very often as im more mature and have a steady paying job. If I have to change my credit card info and change my password in my account so be it, its not the first time Ive done this.
    Anyways it all comes down to this…I cant even turn on my Playstation due to a bad power supply and it happend during the time PSN got hacked. So not only can I not play online…it wont turn on, but whatever its an old 60 gig had it for about 3.5 years used and already have ordered a new power supply.
    So for all those millions of people out there waiting to get online…just be patient and who knows what Sony may do for us…if they throw in a couple hundred bucks to download what you want, wouldn’t that make you happy??. Also for those people that blog about killing themselves over playstation is just absolutely dumb…YOU ARE JUST ATTENTION SEEKERS! so grow up!..enjoy the weather, grab a beer or two and make love to your wife/girlfriend..


  88. Dallas says:

    To solstice: was your comment about starting a console war directed at me? If so, I’m not try to start any wars, it would do no good.

    I simply want to state that no matter how good the security of a network or system, there is always going to be someone out there with the time and the means to break into it. and yes, even XBOX Live has been hacked before. Like I said, ANY network or system.

    By the way, I guess Osama Bin Laden was killed today.

  89. Captjon109 says:

    PSN may be a gaming thing, but it isn’t just that.
    It’s almost even a social networking thing.
    No different then Facebook or Twitter except that if you have a mic, you can ACTUALLY talk to people and not just sit behind a screen.
    Hopefully it’ll be up soon, but who am I to know?
    When or if it does come up, anyone hit me up?

    PSN: captjon109

    Usually COD Black Cocks or MW2.
    Zombies level 57.

  90. jerry says:

    wow i really hope i can be online real soon. i cant wait any longer. i feel like a bird trapped in a little bird cage with no water or food. in other news, osama bin laden died today. serves him right. bout time that ape died.

  91. jerry says:

    this is how bored i am about psn bieng down, im posting comments on every website possible trying to waste time. sounds fun. not really. i just hope the hackers r found and for them to go to an American jail so they can get an American butt pounding. if u catch my drift lol. dont drop that soup.

  92. A Concerned but not upset customer says:

    The guy me needs to get a life. I mean come on guys! So what if you don’t get online or a few days? Why not stop hidimg in your basements and go OUTSIDE.

  93. Johnson26 says:

    Hey playstation capitilize on this and start charging users for the service for “extra” security features. Capitilism baby.
    Also the weathers getting nice outside guys so why not go play sports and ease off the video games or…….. theirs always the N64 Classic

  94. Irvin says:

    Sony you are awsome you do not owed U’s anythin yet you give us sweet rewards 4ever playstation

  95. trojan says:

    come on guys … be loyal users . Read books, clean your house , call your parents and relatives , enjoy sports and traveling . Use your time to get better at your job or studying . There is nothing we can change here , don’t waste your time complaining .

  96. Marcus says:

    Switched to xbox: blackops runs smoother better picture too can’t stand the control though

  97. Jack says:

    It was anonymous that hacked Sony. These people are the best hackers in the world, so it’s not surprising that they could hack Sony.
    Hope PSN is back up soon.
    Add me jackthegreat12

    P.S Stop threatening to go to XBOX360 just because PSN went down.
    Playstation Rules

  98. kate says:

    My husband and I play online every day. We have never had an issue with PSN before. This is a first and I am totally NOT throwing out my PS3 over this. It is not PSN who made the mistake…. it is the jackass who hacked the network. I will definitely stick with my PS3 over an old XBOX any day. However, my patience is running thin….. I am having minor withdrawls!!! LOL. Like one of the other comments said… when XBOX was hacked it was down for over a month (I do remember this)… so quit whining and if some people want to go back to XBOX then that is just fine… go pay for a service that Sony provides free DERRRR!!! Make sense people.

  99. Infamous says:

    We do get Playstation Plus free for a month. but really how good is that considering the PS Store will still be offline. So we won’t really be able to download our free Playstation Plus stuff (Themes, avatars, free fullgame betas etc.) Nice try Sony. But really all I want is to play online again. Hopefully the PS Store will be open for atleast 2 week of our free month on Playstation Plus, dont be surprised if the PS Store servers crash from an overload once it does comeback online, from everybody downloading their free stuff. Free something is better than nothing free at all.

  100. Infamous says:

    @Jacksays Sony said Anonymous didn’t have anything to do with the outage, your just trying to stir the pot. Do some research before stating your useless NON-FACTS. Troller. Your Drama Isn’t Needed.

  101. tOm laaaaaaaa says:

    yer i think that we should get something for free for all our time off line when we all want to be online
    but i love psn who doesn’t, what do all you guy think what should we get for free ???

  102. Infamous says:

    We get Playstation Plus free for 30 day, if you already have Playstation Plus you get a 30 day extension. Thats already been confirmed by Sony. Nothing more nothing less.

  103. Austin says:

    I think trearch or Sony should use all this money from downloads and mapacks and spend a little extra of their money to make the security of the psn a little better.

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