Tornado In Ringold GA

It has been 4 days since the horrible tornado in Ringold GA and still people are trying to pick of the pieces of their lives. Some people’s homes have been utterly destroyed. The last count was 8 dead in Ringold alone. One of these included an 86-year-old woman whose home collapsed on her.

tornado in ringold gaSurvivors tell that the photos and video do not even do this horrible storm justice. There is just too much devastation to be caught on camera. As of Thursday there were 76,000 EPB customers that had no power. The widespread nature of the damage made it much harder to get crews together.

People are pitching in a helping hand where they can. Many are lining up to give blood so that others will have a chance at life. Being able to do something helps to get their minds off the tornado in Ringold GA even if it is just for a little bit. We will are not sure yet what the final death toll will be.

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