Celebrity Apprentice May 1, 2011 Who Was Fired 5/1/11

The Celebrity Apprentice May 1,2011 is going to be like a fashion show. Each of the teams are going to be producing a live hair show that will feature hairstyling products. If you have seen hair shows they are pretty big deals and this could separate the “men from the boys”. So who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice 5/1/11 results?

celebrity apprentice may 1 2011 resultsAs in the past do you believe that one of the teams is not going to deliver and you’ll just know who is going home? Maybe it is going to be close! It is going to be total chaos as the celebs produce the live hair show featuring Farouk Hair System products. There are always tensions amongst the teams and this time there is a contestant that is lashing out against a teammate. Which team will it be?

One of the teams is going to call a fired celeb to help their show. This leads to an explosive boardroom. Who is Donald Trump going to send home next? Who was fired 5/1/11 on the Celebrity Apprentice?

Update! Hope went home.


  1. M Thomas says:

    Why is NeNe allowed to use such profantity on this show. It reaLLY HAS DEGRADED the show to the point that some of us rather not watch it. I can see no reason why this black women is allowed to act like someone from the Jerry Springer show. Who wants to work with her, I hope she looses.

  2. Sarah Trist Jessica Lauren says:

    I am not sure why they are allowing it. There is a lot of stuff that goes on there is uncalled for…

  3. gina says:

    Nene is over the top and too much but the reference to her race is irrelevant

  4. michelle says:

    Nene should be fired. She is abusiven degrading to black women. Her behavior speaks for itself.

  5. Elvern Cooks says:

    I feel she should be called by her name NeNe NOT this black woman. Thank you very much. Get em NeNe!!

  6. Ann Umphred says:

    I agree w/the above, Ne Ne, should show respect and not the Her against Starr. However she feels, s/have been said these past weeks! Starr has in a way taken over, but she seems to be the most helpful on the computer, in helping her team. Why did ABC, (and others) have to jump in to stop this program from going on? With the outragous cost we pay, to “watch” TV, I can wait 15mins. to hear the “Breaking News”, its now 45mins later, and still Obama is not on!

  7. Andrea says:

    Doesnt anyone remember how Star threw Lisa under the bus in the first episode. Star makes you question yourself and brakes you down to raise herself up. But in a very coniving way. I think it is obvious and really isnt what I think a positive leader does. A positive leader brings out the best in people in a selfless way. That is NOT Star!

  8. Teena says:

    I LOVE NeNe!! I think that it is awesome that she(like myself)is allowed to speak her mind-THE TRUTH-and not be put down for it!! In this country we DO have the right to do so “Freedom of Speech” God Bless America! On the women’s team….SHE is absolutely the most honest! Meaning the winner in my book!

  9. TT says:

    Hope said it perfectly just before the news interrupted the show. Nene’s charity is for Domestic Violence? Being in the law inforcement fiels, ALL of Nene’s actions were aggressive, abusive and intimidating. If anyone acted toward me like that in the field approaching me and attempting to tower over me, I’d give her one command to back off then take action. I’m a huge admirer of Mr. Trump but am dissapointed that he allows this type of aggressive behavior on a “charitable” show!
    Latoya, I commend you for being the classy woman that you are, and Meatloaf, your my hero!

  10. EmpiressBB says:

    How dare Obama interrupt the final moments of the show. He would not have done that if it were American Idol. Politics. Ugh

  11. Hawk says:

    The only reason Star & Nene won’t be kicked off is because it makes for great audiences. The playboy bunny dummy Hope is gone.

  12. Diane says:

    I am very saddened by the way that NeNe behavior pattern, her charity is women you have been victim of abuse. The reason given, is that she also has she been a victim of physical , emotional as well as verbal abuse. There is no way in hell this woman, should or can represent this charity by her unlady like, uneducated behavior. Which is nothing short of degrading and cruel. I am a black woman that has be a victim of abuse, and I would never want to be the abuser of other people. NeNe started on Dion Warwick, then Toyota Jackson , now on Starr Jones. NeNe history from the house wife of Atlanta, show without doubt from her verbally and threaten behavior to Kim. The NeNe has mental problem
    including Bipolar disoder.

  13. Bee Russell says:

    Ne Ne is a real black woman yeah sometimes she is loud and over the top but she keeps it real she dont fake it to make it like Star Jones has for so long. I feel that if this is who Ne Ne is at all times why change it up for tv. We all sometimes say words that are inappropiate but does that really make it wrong? May have said it at the wrong time or in the wrong place but sometimes things are better said when you are straight and forward about it.

  14. Bunny Lover says:

    Hot Hope was fired?!! That’s terrible news. She is so smokin hot, she almost made this stupid show worth watching. :-)

  15. Tfish says:

    So who was fired tonight? Does anyone know?

  16. Marcia Sims says:

    Hi my name is Marcia I watch the show every Sunday this is my first season. My concern is with Star she is so mean , and ugiy attuide. I did not care for her on the view. I wonder if that’s why husband left her. Now far as NeNe she real I like her sometime she to real but I love her one thing I can say she took for Latoy they have problems but they work it out. This was my first year watching it , and maybe my last.

  17. dogsmom says:

    so, he’s been dead a week , yay! but then why wait to announce it during a show ,which just happens to belong to Trump , pllease give us an adult to run this country

  18. Constance says:

    Diane: You throw around the buzz words like Bipolar, etc. She has never been publicly diagnosed and if you are going to make a blanket statement make sure you say its your opinion. This is how so much negativity gets spread passing your opinion as fact. No, I do not like the way NeNe went about telling Starr about herself. Yes, she could have been handled it more strategic but come on its a game and TV. As for Kim please don’t go there…Kim can and does and did sling mess herself. NeNe is loud, and confrontational not violent. She to me does what our kids call “keepin it real”. NeNe did not get on Dionne or LaToya, she like every star on there voiced her opinions. If she was against LaToya then why did LaToya speak up for her tonight? Also, Dionne was a handful! She was set in her ways and inflexible and in the end she left because she goated Trump and he called her bluff. Also, don’t call someone uneducated and then make all the errors in your posting!

  19. Jean says:

    Nene is more then explosive, she goes off the handle and try to make it seems that she’s always right and everyone else is wrong! Maybe she doesn’t realize how wrong she is and how classless. She shows No coot, she definitely was raised in the ghetto. Street is an understatement. Nene should invest some money in taking classes in public educate and wash her mouth out with some soap. She rally showed her rear end this episode and embarrassed African Americans that live in Atlanta. Star Jones may be conniving in playing the game but at least she shows some class. That how lawyers are they are conning and strategic. That how they win their case. Nene should go and get a formal education and learn how to deal with others with respect!!!!

  20. Hal says:

    Obama is so silly playing his presidential ability to cause the media to cut from Trump’s awesone TV show. We have a President that acts like a teenage kid! WAKE UP AMERICA! GET OBAMA OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

  21. 286 says:

    I like the way LaToya stood her ground and I hope she shows out and not just show up. I would like to see NeNe calm down with her language, her anger, fustration and refocus as a team they need each other. Yes Star is a very strong player, hitting a little under the belt to win at any cost but it’s not a cut throat game against each other it a challenge to win against the other team. Like Meat Loaf said he don’t agree with everything they say but he works with the project manger. You wait all night to see the results then it never returns to the end of the show a little dissapointing. Lets just see who wins I’m glad everyone won for their charity now lets play the game and see who wins. NeNe we are not on The Real Housewives of Atlanta so refocus abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter how you deliver it and you are putting a bad name on abuse at this time. Look up the definition for abuse refrane from your present behavior and get on your A game. Treat people the way you wanrt to be treated that is for Star and NeNe.

  22. Jessica says:

    I think it is really sad that people have been fired for less than how Nene has been acting. I think it is great to voice your opinion but very rude and “intimidating” to do it is such a way as she did tonight. And if trump hasn’t fired her for the profanity and brutal verbal attacks on starr but fired someone because they did a great job on their task but lost is quite..well… dumb! And the fact that Nene has been mean to LaToya up until last week and now they’re best friends is funny! But I also agree with everyone who wrote about the interruption. I was soo disappointed that they cut it off only for the news team to keep us waiting for almost a half hour just to let Obama speak for 2 minutes…UGH!!! So who did get voted off?

  23. fred heath says:

    I am very dissapointed in NeNe she keep saying Star is back stabbing and never explain why she has come to that conclusion.I have not seen her do anything but play the game to win.I have always liked Star as well as NeNe I am beginning to dislike NeNe because of her behavior Star has it right its a differents in being educated and not being educated.I am proud of Star and ashamed of NeNe being a black female myself.Latoya is now kissing up to NeNe I would never try to befriend NeNe if she talked about me the way she did Latoya also if NeNe got in my face the way she did Star I most likely would assume she intended to become physical so I would strike first ask questions later.eventually that will probably happen to NeNe

  24. Jules says:

    i think NeNe’s problem is that she was used against Latoya by Starr and that got to her…she is mad at starr for using her and she doesn’t know how to stop it…like anyone backed into a corner…they fight and she is doing what she knows best…fighting back….if Starr had not used her against Latoya we would be watching a different Starr/NeNe relationship…that’s why Starr is so low key about how NeNe is treating her…she knows she shouldn’t have used NeNe

  25. chellbaby says:

    obviously people have selective memories,ms.jones has beeen playing dirty from the start.she threw lisa under the bus and had quietly bullied her team for quite some time,the difference between them and nene is that she spoke up.ms.jackson confirmed everything that ms leakes was saying and so has hope and lisa. i believe nene is an easy target because she refuses to bow down to anyone. does anyone remember why she got fired from the view? the attack she launched on barbra walters was slimy and dirty. nene even tried talking to her after star threw latoya under the bus and nene and latoya worked it out’so my questio is what show are the rest of you watching?

  26. cheryl says:

    Of course Nene is going to sound off to Star. Her only talent is her MOUTH! But, I still like her. Go Nene!

  27. Mbryant says:

    @MThomas- There was no need to make a race reference. Gary Busey was white so that shows that insanity shows no color!!!!

  28. Charles says:

    It’s amazing how a person can say NeNe Leakes is abusive, disrespectful, intimidating, etc.. and in the same breath disrespect, insult, and try to intimidate her. No one should be looked down on based on their education, race, or ethnicity. Ms. Star Jones is playing a game (which is not a problem) the problem becomes an issue when you begin to “back-stab” and play with peoples emotions then sit back like a sad puppy dog after you’ve pooped all over your Master’s brandnew carpet. NeNe Leakes is doing what 86% wish you had the guts to do which, is stand up to “bullies” and let them know in front of everyone it’s not okay to put others down just to make yourself feel better. I take my hat off to Miss. Leakes for not being ashamed to put someone back in their place rather it’s on national television or to sidewalk. She has something a lot of abused women should have which is a backbone to stand up and say this type of behavior is not right nor is it acceptable.

  29. Apprentice Fan says:

    Politics – ugly – The announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden wasn’t announced until after a half hour after The Celebrity Apprentice show was interrupted….WHY COULDN’T THEY WAIT UNTIL THE SHOW WAS OVER !!!! Pretty bad to stoop this low if O’Bama and NBC wanted to get back at Donald Trump. Bad move NBC…Bad Move Obama political strategists !!!! We TV viewers already knew what happened while reading the banner at the bottom of the screen. Sheesh !!! Someone is acting like a child, and it isn’t Donald Trump !

  30. Ann says:

    I agree with most of you. NeNe should not be so agressive considering the charity she is playing for, however, with that being said. Star is pushy, coniving, and she is setting people up one by one. She is not a team player. I cannot stand the arrogance and how she thinks she is better that everyone. If anyone has been abused in their lives you will know that once you work up the courage to leave then what usually happens is what NeNe does. You can only take so much before blowing up and she is blowing up all over the place. A little too much yes, but with star standing there with a knife just waiting to throw into someones back, wouldnt you? As far as Hope goes, it’s long overdue. I could never remember she was on the show, nor could I remember her name. Star has got to go. Lisa and Latoya both went home because of Star. Their tasks were not lost because of their duties, they were lost because Star and she should have went home. If Latoya and Lisa had NeNe mouth they would still be in the game. I think it will come down to Marlee (my favorite from get go) and John Rich. They are both well liked, well respected, team players and they know how to get it done.

  31. Concerned Citizen says:

    Personally, I will first say I anm so happy Obama is dead. Good for our soldiers…

    However, President Obama is acting very petty and cry baby-ish to cut the Donald’s show short so we can’t see the end. I hope The Donald crawls him on the carpet, maybe he’llhave NeNe tell him off like she did Starr?

    It is Obvious, since Obama didn’t speak for 30 minutes later, He had NBC throw their weight to cut Trump. Why should Obama even care about Trump, he is no threat. But Obama is running scared over him? that’s what it looks like to me. Obama is looking really weaker over this timing!

  32. Ann says:

    I am done watching this show!
    Nene makes me sick the way she is allowed to behave. Starr Jones may not be the greatest person, but they would not be anywhere without her computer expertise..
    I think the show is scripted to make more money for Trump!

  33. Shygirl44 says:

    NeNe’s behavior is very unlady like for the role. Star Jones is controlling but she has class and does everything with respect. I like NeNe until I heard NeNe using all of the profanity. I wouldn’t want to be in NeNe’s company

  34. Judith Robinett says:

    It really is insulting that our government thinks we across America, John and Jane Q. Citizen, are so stupid and blind to their game playing. As soon as the first warning of Obama’s pending appearance hit the screen, we all recognized the timing, the stick it to Trump, while the idiots in Washington were laughing, slapping themselves on the back, drinking wine and high-fiving themselves. Then came forty-five minutes of pitiful, self-puffed up newscasters, you know – the ones who think we really care about them as individuals – tell us over and over that Obama was going to announce Osama was dead, that we had killed him. It was very anti-climatic after hearing it for forty-five minutes to have the White House jester come on at last to announce with such sincerity that Osama was dead, along with his announcement that it was accomplished due to his orders. Sorry boys, but there’s nothing satirical about dysfunctional Washington, D. C. And in case you don’t know it, politics is dead, too, for the majority of us. You have killed it. Deader than a stone.

  35. The Darster says:

    NeNe is a poor example of being a “adult lady!” All who say you agree with NeNe, please know you are supporting a BULLY and an abuser. NBC and Trump allowed this aggressive, out of control, abusive woman to tower over another female, threaten and call degrading names on national TV for rating purposes. Star acted as an intelligent, selfcontrolled, “lady” all while being verbally abused, never losing her dignity and stooping to the same low she was experiencing. NeNe displays the stereotypical angry black woman role. NeNe gives all women, no matter the color, a bad name.

  36. Can't believe it! says:

    What an insult to the American people. Interrupt a nationally televised show to listen to Newscasters and their opinions. I could care less about their opinions, not to mention their scripted comments. Bin-laden, is a negative memory! I commend the troops for finally tracking that slime down. Although I appreciate the news flash, the last thing I wanted to think about was that bad memory. This news flash could have waited for the the Local News and Weather, scheduled 15 minutes later!!!! When did this shooting actually take place? Probably hours earlier!!! Intensely wrapped up in the Boardroom, waiting to see the results play out, I am rudely interrupted! I pay my taxes, cable bill and utilities!, so who has the right to disturb my household? And of course, not complete the programming when the announcement was over? Why? Instead we get the Local News repeating the exact same information, including a replay of the speech. Politics have no business entering my home without an invitation. The Heck! to all of you!
    Are they ever going to play the finish! I want to see the Battle in the board room!
    Can’t believe it!

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