Stage Welcomes El Debarge Return on BET Awards 2010

The BET Awards 2010 was held Sunday, June 27 in Los Angeles. El (Eldra) Debarge returned to the stage in a performance of “Second Chance” from his yet to be released album. He also performed a rhythm and blues medley of “I Like It,” “All This Love,” and “Rhythm of Night.” Everyone is glad to see him back on stage; other Debarges include Bobby, Tommy, Bunny, Mark (Marty), Randy, Chico, James, Darrell, Carol (Peaches) and Kristina.

Debarge commented that he chose the title “Second Chance” because he wants everyone to know he believes everyone deserves one; the series of events in the lives of the family have involved many sad ones. Bobby and Chico Debarge were arrested in Grand Rapids, Michigan following a gig on the Punky Brewster show for drug trafficking and served 5 year sentences in Milan. The group disbanded not long after the conviction in 1989, and the remaining members still had substance abuse problems to deal with. James, who married Janet Jackson in 1984, went into rehab in the mid 90′s for drug and alcohol abuse.

Randy, Tommy, and Marty Debarge recovered from their drug problems yet Tommy undergoes kidney dialysis, Randy has an unknown incurable disease, and Marty has a chronic debilitation problem in his legs. El continued with a modest career, and in ’94 Bobby and Chico were released from prison. Bobby found out he had AIDS when entering prison which was a result of heroin use and died in 1995 when he was only 39 years old. El was devastated by his brother’s death, and his mother said he was never the same afterwards.

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