Playstation Network Down: May 2

It’s creeping closer and closer to May 4. What is so important about this date? This is when it is believed that the Playstation network down problem will be solved. I wonder if this will really happen.

playstation network down may 2The Playstation network down problem has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. We have literally had hundreds if not thousands of users commenting, ranting and raving about this problem. It appears that Sony knows that this problem is going to cost them big. Many of the fans are going back to Xbox because of the Playstation network down problem.

Yesterday there was a big news conference with the heads of Sony. They apologized greatly in the custom way Japanese apologize. Along with the apology they ensured users they were doing everything they could to solve the Playstation network down problem and make sure that this kind of incident never happens again. What are your thoughts on this issue?


  1. Zack says:

    This is ridiculas. If I could I would switch to XBOX immediatly. PS is one of the biggest gaming networks and they go down for two weeks like this. unbelievable. This will change my opinon of PS and if i get the chance. I will buy XBOX asap.

  2. Nathan Scovell says:

    I haven’t played my PS3 for the time it’s been down and I don’t plan to play it again when it finally gets fixed.

  3. vik says:

    you’re all so forgetful.

    Xbox live went down for 2 weeks and everyone did the same thing. wahhh wahhh wahhh I’m going to sony. you’re gonna play your CoD and return to the same useless playing style you’ve all had, remember, this one is not sony’s fault. hackers decided to eff with the system. so while you’re busy blaming sony, maybe you should br putting blame where blame should be…

  4. COD_KING says:

    I wouldn’t dare go to xbox but I’m just ready to play the game my girl dnt even no its down she was like y u not Playn the game I said I just wanna spend more time with u ha lol!

  5. Tyler says:

    every company will have something big happen to them. Sony is actually doing every playstation gamer a favor…go outside, get some exercise, and go get laid. I was upset about not being able to play some black ops, but I’ve had the funnest 2 weeks in awhile.

  6. sean says:

    You can’t blame Sony for this. It wasn’t their fault that some idiots decided to hack into the system. People seem to want to blame this issue on Sony and say things like “I’m going to stop playing a PS3 and play a Xbox now” well go ahead, Sony is doing their best to get the network back up again and just be patient people. It will not kill you to wait, go outside or something.

  7. Jesse says:

    It’s not the end of the world the network is down. They’re trying to ensure this never happens again. Yes, it really sucks, but it isn’t going to make me switch over. Be patient. Maybe you’ll actually pay attention to the single player parts of each game, most of them are worth playing. It will be up soon enough, in the mean time, stop bitching.

  8. chris says:

    zach you are went down before for 2weeks because of rather them take as much time as necessary to fix what happened.what have i missed in 2week since the psn has been down?black ops?big sonys gonna give out 1month of ps plus and a bunch of other stuff for free.

  9. URANUS says:

    People this happened to xbox a while ago. I think it was down for 2 weeks 2 days. I had an xbox and xbox live was going down all the time. Thats why I switched to PS3

  10. Tanya says:

    Sold my playstations and went and bought xbox already..patience is a virtue I do not have!!

  11. Fabian Leyva says:

    S*** happens, whether we like it or not. At least we aren’t paying to play on the psn network. I think it’s worth the wait. I got to do a lot of things I had to do around the house anyways. Can’t wait for May 4,2011

  12. Calm Yourselves says:

    I think that a lot of talk regarding switching from PS3 to Xbox 360 is nothing more than empty threats. Who would actually buy a new console and re-buy all the games they want to play just for the sake of a couple of weeks? More to the point, who can afford to do that? PS3 gamers will be PS3 gamers, online or offline. This is a blip. Give them a chance to sort it out, and calm yourselves.

  13. Chris Loko says:


  14. big mike says:

    I love my ps3 and I wouldn’t switch to xbox if bill gates paid me money. I love how all these people on different blogs threaten to switch to xbox or like zack saying when I get the CHANCE ill buy one… these people think in there small brain somehow this is gonna get sonys attention and they will get it back up faster. I don’t think many people are gonna switch to xbox and the one who have will run right back to psn once its up and they rollout there customer incentive plan cuz let’s be honest anyone who had gotten used to playing ps3 will be super sad when they pay a bunch of money for a xbox only to play the same games just in poor quality since there not blu-ray so for everyone who goes to Microsoft please keep your sorry system and stay off psn when it returns and is better then ever enjoy paying for your online gaming as psn offers us free incentives.

  15. Blah says:

    If Sony had spent the millions they did in worthless DRM on the PSN security instead, this would never had happen. I hope it takes a big dent on their earnings – fastest way for big companies to learn.

  16. bob says:

    I get it that it sucks not having the psn up but I can’t stand all of the cry-babies out there. It’s a video game network, that up to this point has been fairly reliable, and it’s free unlike xbox live. They didn’t hack their own network, they’re working to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So basically what I’m saying is unless you are actually affected by the lose of info….. get over it

  17. malik says:

    lets go ps network coming back on this week that’s what i hard

  18. O_o says:

    Even though they handled this situation poorly, it’s still not Sonys fault for the intrusion of criminals. Aslong as Sony is offering protection against fraud, a nice compensation, and a stronger more prestigious security system, then I can’t see how things won’t work out for gamers. It’s not like Sony said, “Hey, hack and steal vital data, please?”

  19. SeanBarrow says:

    I’m really angry about whats going on, how can it tale this long to build the network? How many are working on it?

  20. Rashad Francis says:

    everyone that thinks the same way as you guys, PlayStaton Network Heads should make you guys PAY for Online play. Somehow they could find out your psn names and make you guys PAY individually. Everyone thats ungrateful

  21. JLowe says:

    I’ve missed playing online during the outage, but have also gone back and played some old favorites that don’t require online play (Gold’ed all my GT5 Licenses, finally!).
    The people that are ranting and raving are the same people who lose their cool over anything – look at the disaster that Japan is still dealing with and we’re upset we can’t play games onine?
    PERSPECTIVE is the word some people need to learn.

  22. Eddie says:

    to all you people that are getting all upset about the playstation network problem get a life its a game and you should be thankfull that sony are doing all they can to prevent this kind of problem again unlike microsoft who dont care about your problems and will let hackers get to your info all day long if you wana be riped off then go for your xbox but I like the securety sony offers this is a one off incident for them microsoft get problems all the time

  23. Steven says:

    Okay firstoff your writing is horrid please re read before publishing. Second you dont go back to the x bix last time i checked sony has been doing gaming consoles for a lot longer and theyve always been better.

  24. stes23 says:

    I am a PlayStation user and will continue to be once the network is up again it will take as long as it takes to rebuild it because although its Sony’s stupidity for letting this happen so easily they want to make sure it never happens again this is a network with close to 80million users they have got to put so many new things in place it can’t be done overnight and @Zack if u want a Xbox sell your ps3 and buy 2 of them there cheap enough lol plus if your car broke down for two weeks your telling me u would never drive it again these are all silly comments for more than likely spoilt brats

  25. Johan says:

    Yay, another day of reading news on the matter. And yet again another day of listening to people cry because they can’t play their precious video games for a whole two weeks. “Waaaaa! Sony got hacked so now i’m mad at them instead of the people who caused it. Waaaaaa! Even though they give us free online play and a cheap system with more gigs and a blue ray i’m going to cry about it and go running to microsoft even though they themselves had a week or two of downtime…. Waaaa!. Everyone at Sony should have known these future events would take place and now because of them i don’t get to play crack ops or MAG…. Waaaaaa! Somebody call me a WaAaAaAAaAAaAaaaaAaAAaAAAaa-MBULANCE!!!” And the funny thing is that most of you people b***hing and crying about it are in adulthood.

    I mean… Grow the $%^& up. I’d love to see you all in Sonys position, trying to run a company that just got f***ked in the @$$, being sued left right and center (credit card info, fine, but because you lost precious time online or lost a game that they can replace?) and listening to every greedy impatient **** like yourself. And seriously, how many x-box’s do you think broke on people just a few months to less than a year after purchasing them. You all know, the red rings of death. It’s not like people started whining about it even though they just bought the thing for 600 bucks and had to send it back to microsoft and wait for a new one… i’m just saying…

    Get a life.

  26. Maeglin16 says:

    I knew it! Sony has nothing on Microsoft.
    Very soon the PS3 will be out of the public eye, and so it should be. It only makes sense to play the 360 rather than PS3, there’s no consistancy there.
    I think Big Mike’s wrong, Playstation-lovers who switch to 360 because of the absolute cock-up of the allegedly “biggest console company” are only being smart about it and won’t revert back to that oversized toaster of a console because how can they trust a company who’s reputation was tarnished by the very product that they’re trying to now repair?
    Kudos to anybody smart enough to realise the truth: 360 is better, always has been and (as we can see) always will!

  27. brandon says:

    the way i see it, half of these comments are right. its not so much sonys fault as it is the hackers who didnt care who they were hurting. and once more i agree that this is time well spent by those with patience. they are doing things around the house, going out with friends and so forth. all the network really does is kill relationships, make people fat and lazy, or make young kids and teens get a false sense of death. unfortunately our nations future depends on a handful of people and a good bit of them only care about video games. stop blaming sony and get off your butts and go to a state park with your families. or even better yet go ride a bike or join a 5k( its only 3 miles).

  28. Jenna says:

    I think people are being a little crazy about this. I agree it’s annoying and I want it to come back, but it’s a service we don’t even pay for. Boo hoo. I wouldn’t switch back to XBOX over it, that’s just being over dramatic.

  29. Xer0Tolerant says:

    Networks go down all the time. The only reason I am pissed is because I just got D.C. Universe and a few days off. I just wanna know what they are gonna do about my paid subscription that I couldn’t use and I already have that psn junk. I have both systems …. both systems have gone down. But one actually told you what was going on and a legit date it would be back up.

  30. pat says:

    big mike , i have both of them and if you dont know what you talk in about , just don’t say anything.
    for PS we cannot complain if idiiots hacked the system . Its have to be fix and the network is free.
    For the Xbox the quality is the same but the network is better. They have same problem last year.
    Be patient and continue to play.

  31. Mikey says:

    I love playstation. Yeah I agree they should make sure this doesn’t happen again. But how can it take 2 weeks? You can say it’s a free network but the counsel itself cost 100 dollars more then the xbox. They must have everyone possible working so it should of taken a week tops.

  32. Patrick says:

    You know I hear alot of you complaining about the PSN being down and such but that is not my big complaint with them. I have a credit card that is used only for PSN and to purchase itunes with and my card was compromised. They send out an email saying that someone “MIGHT” have gotten CC information from them well in business talk that means someone DID get the CC information. My CC company notified me of strange charges on this card and I was able to get them credited but what about people how used their main CC for this or even a debit card to purchase stuff on PSN. I could care less if it was down but losing CC information is much much worse in my opinion.

    Just my .05 worth

  33. michael says:

    As far as people wanting to switch to xbox live i believe is a bunch of crap. this kind of attack can happen to any network anywhere in the world. there is no such thing as a 100% secure network. due to the size of this network its no wonder it got hacked. I’m a networking engineer and i can tell you major business networks with sensitive information are always a huge target for hackers. in conclusion, hold your horses (Red dead) lol and let sony fix it. switch to xbox if you want but ps3 is still the best system for major games. the xbox doesn’t even come close.

  34. Major says:

    How many Sony Sys Admins does it take to fix a network? Obviously more then they have, or they just need to hire more competent ones!

  35. djdrunk says:

    people make me laugh so much slagging off sony about they should have spend more money on there security systems, dont u no nothing?? no matter how much u spend on a security system it will always get hacked u will never stop hacking. They may have lost millions because of his problem but it wont take long for them to build them millions up ago. All u people that r going to xbox i really wouldint bother graphics r no where near a clear or good as psn. no matter what console u have it will always get hacked. xbox got hacked when i had mine and i sold mine due to so many problems with them breaking etc. iv had all the playstations and never had a problem with any of them. Ull never get a better console then playstation.

  36. UR Dumb says:

    Everyone flying back to Punkbox have fun. You greedy minions seem to forget that Playstation Network is FREE! So you ingrates have to wait a bit while they fix their FREE service. Then compensate you with more FREE stuff because your entitled butt feels the need to run away. And the dumb jerk SeanBarrows wants to know how long can it take? Can you help rebuild it? Can you go to Sony and actually lend a hand? NO! So sit down, shut up and wait for your FREE service to continue. Jerks!

  37. Danny says:

    i think that playstation shouldnt have even said when it would be back and running if they werent for sure. when it first went down it was only supposed to be for a couple days, then it was a week, now its til may 4th.. i mean how long are they going to keep prolonging this. i would never switch to xbox, i dont like the setup of the controller. plus xbox has had their problems too, i mean problems that costed people money and had to buy new xboxs. i have nothing against PS. they just shoulda waited til they knew exactly when it was going to be back on to say anything. yea people are demanding answers but if PS dont know the answers your gonna get false answers and get even more pissed off when you realize the answers were false. the more people they have working on trying to find answers the less people they have working on fixing the problem. just let them be and it will be fixed.

  38. ebbser says:

    all of you shut up complaining.i want to play too but moaning aint gona fix it .sony want it back more than us so just f ckin wait

  39. Vegas6996 says:

    Dear Sony,

    Thank you for the outage. In this time I have found I can do things like househould chores, go to the library and get a book, watch a movie in a theater not on Netflix or Hulu. I’ve found I can use the phone to socailize with my friends and if I want a head to head game, Checkers, Chess and Backgammon.

    So please stay down longer, this chance to regain a life has been awesome.

  40. SO, I get all the stuff that’s been said by both sides – perspective, it’s just a game, etc.

    However, This last week was the last week I had to game without conscience for about 6 months. I’m pretty disappointed that my last week and a half of school holidays before I start serious year12 study and stuff was interrupted by the psn being down. I still love the psn and ps3, I’m just really disappointed, is all.

    Hopefully I can play by this friday, make up for some lost time a bit. :)

  41. Chase says:

    I’m sick of all the rediculas arguments about how ps is worse than xbox let’s be honest here it’s free and it’s fun and everything falls apart at sometime xbox has a lot more problems than ps and also ppl who say u payed for it in the price of thr consel well its still alot cheaper than xbox that costs 10 dollars a month to stay online so it’s alot more expensive than ps in the long run do the math dumbass’s 2 or 3 weeks of offline out of all the time psn has been up and running is nothing. Think u all need lives if this is the worst thing that’s happened to u! Go out and meet ppl hang out meet girls or guys depending on ur gender

  42. Kyle says:

    Who gives a damn if it’s been two weeks. They know what needs to be fixed and they’ll get it done. Better to get it out of the way if you ask me.

  43. Mario aka xPunisher71x says:

    I have both systems and enjoy them both… Pay $60 a year for XBOX Live and a few months ago I paid to be a member for Playstation Plus… I’m just a gamer, play everything online or off… XBOX Live was down for 2 weeks… I personally didn’t notice, I was on my PS3 playing something else… Didn’t notice that PSN was down till 5days it went down… People just relax a little wait till Wednesday and play the campain mode on Black Ops, it’s actually pretty good… I’m just a little pissed cause they were able to get our personal information and the fact that I pay $15 to DC Universe Online…

  44. Chase says:

    m sick of all the rediculas arguments about how ps is worse than xbox let’s be honest here it’s free and it’s fun and everything falls apart at sometime xbox has a lot more problems than ps and also ppl who say u payed for it in the price of thr consel well its still alot cheaper than xbox that costs 10 dollars a month to stay online so it’s alot more expensive than ps in the long run do the math dumbass’s 2 or 3 weeks of offline out of all the time psn has been up and running is nothing. Think u all need lives if this is the worst thing that’s happened to u! Go out and meet ppl hang out meet girls or guys depending on ur gender

  45. Jesus says:

    I see that everyone has been complaining for 2 weeks now; I also suspect that by the time PSN comes on everyone will be gone from these comments and within a week this event will be nothing but a blur; the next time you will argue is when PSN goes down; then you will come to vent your rage again in every comment box you find.

    Seek life; enjoy gaming, play another system if you must or simply comment on the boxes to increase the comments on any forum/site so that the comment counter reaches millions/billions; I’m sure this news is not any different and threats/facts has not changed since. I look forward to how many spend there time in this world.

  46. 69ingraccoons says:

    I heard that PSN being down is the reason they finally caught Bin Laden. He couldn’t play COD and wanted it all to end. THANK YOU SONY

  47. DickJones OCP says:

    Ok,so we have now had to deal with life without PSN – yes this has put a spanner in the works over Easter!!however I cannot help but feel the same as a few others,yes I have actually got out of the house.

    My one comment is:
    This service has been down for 2 weeks,however we don’t have an annual subscription like Xbox…..but I do ask Sony,that you do not introduce a subscription cost!! We have dealt with the network down fine,as we are not paying,I can live with it…if Sony wish to charge for online services in the future I will be defecting to Xbox….Dont lose sight of the edge you have over Bill and Co..

    I ain’t nobodies brainbag meat snack?!!!

  48. mark says:

    i rented black ops like 4 times because i couldnt afford to buy it. So recently i convinced my girlfriend to buy it for me. The day i get home and try to play online is the day i find out the network is down, all these weeks and months and the money i’ve wasted renting it when i finally descide to buy it the whole network is down(perfect timing right) I luv ps and always will xbox sux plus psn is free so take your time playstation but don’t let it happen again

  49. bigfacebrian says:

    Xbox live went down for 2 weeks and everyone did the same thing. wahhh wahhh wahhh I’m going to sony. you’re gonna play your CoD and return to the same useless playing style you’ve all had, remember, this one is not sony’s fault. hackers decided to eff with the system. so while you’re busy blaming sony, maybe you should br putting blame where blame should be…

    ^ I think Sony pays ppl to make comments like this ^

    If this goes on past May 4th, I’ll definitely be getting an XBox. The only reason I haven’t gotten one yet is because they said it would be fixed on the 4th, and I figured I could wait that long. I heard that they’re only giving out a month of PS Plus membership as a consolation prize. :( THAT’S BULL. We all need to pressure them to give us cooler stuff. How about this, I won’t join in on the class action lawsuit if you give me $300 in the PS Store.

    Hey, if you’re a fat, aging gamer like me, check out me & my wife’s food blog at

  50. P.Williams says:

    im highly disappointed in PSN i bought 4 new games all requiring PSN the day of the intrusion and now im just blown cause I can’t do much of anything I want to do, thankfully i have an X-Box also and shamefully i had to spend more money to repurchase those games on another system. I am typing to say Playstation you have lost a customer……

  51. 1Baddad says:

    I can’t believe how lame everybody is within this generation and the ones on deck! The funniest statement is the one typed I am so upse, PS network has been down for two weeks……Really, and them state I’m going to switch to Xbox. I just like to call bull**** because Xbox charges for there live network and well I doubt your moms or dads have any extra money because of the extra frozen burritos & poptarts you had to get. Lastly, You can’t budget your welfare check to cover xbox live because your tapped out from your child support payments and your best buy credit card with 29 % interest hitting you for double the sticker price on your new 39″ flat screen. Get a life and a clue! Maybe while the PS is down you can sit and meditate on important things, maybe even get a girlfriend our figure out who the guy is your old lady hangs out with. So disregard my opinion if your in denial.

  52. Cary says:

    I don’t believe most people saying there, “going out to buy a xbox today,screw playstation” Playstation is 100 times better all around then xbox otherwise you’d have a xbox presently instead…I sure most will be back on our PS3′s playing COD and counting the days till battlefield bad company 3 comes out forgetting all about what happened. Im actually excited to see if Sony has a surprise in store for us. It’ll be sweet..

  53. Lenny says:

    If you can’t handle 2 weeks without online gaming, and have to sell your playstation for an xbox you’re a complete loser and need to reevaluate your life.

  54. MDO85 says:

    my life is boring without playstation network

  55. Sherri says:

    Zack, lets do a little spell check before submitting your comments. Better yet, stick with Playstation and when the network goes down, you can enroll in college classes and better your education, grammar and spelling!!! Have a GREAT day!!!

  56. RooooooooB says:

    Sure, I miss playing games like everyone else. Don’t be mad at Sony they are beefing up their securities online so that this does not happen again. Some of you think it’s the end of the world and complain like school girls because you don’t get to play your precious game. Get a life and stop being nerds.

  57. ebbser says:

    grow up

  58. Luke says:

    I know I have suffered slightly due to the network being down because of the inconvenience of having to watch netflix only on my computer and no unlimited music to listen to on qriocity but how long have we had these luxuries that everyone feels they cannot live correctly anymore when the network has only been down for a couple weeks. I remember not too long ago when gaming networks were more frustrating than fun to be on just be thankful you guys have gotten to be a part of such great technology and don’t worry we’ll soon have these luxuries again.

  59. iheartmurder says:

    2 weeks is a breeze! Think about all the time throughout your life spent without gaming!

  60. Duddits says:

    I own both systems. Play 360 waaay more than PS3. I know just about all Sony users like to exclaim PSN is FREE! Yes it is. But because you don’t pay one red cent for the service you can’t complain when it goes down, nor do any of you deserve any free stuff for it going down. XBL users on the other hand pay for service so way it goes down we have the right to complain ask for free crap because we are paying for it. Does anybody see this? And not one multi-console game is made on a blu-ray disc. The games are made to fit the DVD the 360 using then get ported to the other 2 systems. First party sony titles are probably the only games on blu-ray.

  61. Playstationsucks says:

    Ahahaha playstation sucks. Xbox is better. This would never happend to Xbox ahaha .I hope playstation shuts down forever and dose all a favor.

  62. UR GAY says:

    ur gay how is xbox better ??????explain???

  63. Mike says:

    I’m so tired of hearing people telling others to “grow up” or to “look at the bigger problems in the world.” How about you guys “grow up” if a person wants to come home from his big boy job in his big boy car then play a big boy video game that he bought with his big boy money he should be able to, there is nothing childish about that… video games are no longer kid stuff, they’re something that a lot of us grew up with… so if you’re tired of hearing people bitch at sony for a huuuuge breech of faith here’s a tip; stop trolling the internet like ann obsessed 12 year old girl and “grow up”

  64. unknownhuman says:

    if you real care about psn or 360 you’re totally wasting your life on a piece of technoolgy that would end up breaking down anyway ,things don’t last you know

  65. stuart says:

    i like the fact people have forgotten about gaming offline.

  66. hung wei lo says:

    a couple of weeks without gaming really isn’t all that bad. And why are people complaining about not being able to watch netflix. I’ve been watching netflix on my ps3 without a problem. When I select netflix, it says I have to be logged into psn, so, I hit ok – it gives me an error message and I hit ok again – it does this 2 or 3 times while I’m in the process of connecting to netflix, but I just keep pressing the x button on my controller each time something comes up and once I’m connected to netflix, I watch whatever I want without a problem.

    Paying for xbox live monthly makes no sense at all when you can have psn for free – having to suffer two weeks without online gaming once every few years is well worth not having to shell out $10 or $15 a month or whatever xbox live costs

  67. xboxblows says:

    So I do recall in 2008 xbox live was down for like 2mos. And i love my ps3 wouldnt trade for any gaming system let alone xbox. So u microsoft lovers can take xbox and open your wallets as long as u want. Free is for me not to mention you already pay for the game, the system and your internet. what exactly are u paying for i mean u still pay for upgrades an downloads so what are you paying for? Ijs

  68. darkcat1 says:

    @Duddits- I totally hate Sony but even I have to say that Xbox live is not better just because you pay. Xbox live is a collection of things that would be free if you were on a PC and it’s not any better than Steam(free), Xfire(free) and even Gamespy Classic(free). Sony claims they will give PSN users stuff for the downtime and it’s on the Playstation blog. As for the blu-ray thing alot of the PS3 games cross-platform games have extra content…espc. RPGs!

  69. kryzpy says:

    So i have been waiting for a update from Sony and finally getting details that can rely on. Now for you complaining little b*stards….SHUT THE HELL UP!! Acting like a bunch of inner city b*tches!! I remember when people got together outside the house and hung out in the state park or skate park(the good ole days). I mean it was just 2004 when we finally got ps3 and all it’s greatness. For those that jumped to xBox good riddance and stay gone cause you obviously have no loyalty…. I mean come on it’s a free service not some 60 dollar a year joke to rob you of your hard earned money.
    As for free content due to service being down..I don’t think we should unless a plus service member but at same time not going to complain if get a little something something on the back end of it. Me personally i got tons of single player games done and collected trophies during the outage instead of crying about it for 2 weeks. Sony take your time beef up that security and keep up what you do best no rush here. As for when the service returns I will be seeing ALL OF YOU WHINING POOR EXCUSE FOR GAMES ON MORTAL KOMBAT AND SOCOM4!!!

  70. lotsofdumbppl... says:

    All those commenting that you can get stuff for going down on xbox cause you pay for it… you said it, you pay to be able to get something if the network goes down, and that´s all you are paying for. They shouldn´t charge for a service which provides no real value… so basically it´s a rip off. I´d rather have a free notwork than paying for “air”. If you rahter pay for “air” its your choice really. If PSN starts charging I will get a computer, which have always had free updates, more power, free online game servers, free new maps, downloadable content, mods… etc. etc. ALL without paying anymore, cause its part of what you pay when buying the game! The way it should be. Gates is LOLing at all you guys while saying “I can´t believe they pay for something that´s always been free !!! “.

  71. Robert says:

    Have both a PS3 (actually 3) and xbox 360 (2), am I gutted by PSN failure, not really still can play single player till its fixed, haven’t even bothered to power up xbox 360 in months have it for its great exclusives – which it does have plenty of but if a game is multi-format has to be PS3 justa better feeling gaming experience

  72. lee vass says:

    people saying they r tradeing in the ps3 for an xbox,u cant live without online play,get a live.a few years ago xbox went offline for 2 weeks and u all went to get a ps3,now what happens it happens to xbox again your gonna get a ps3,so sony screwed up get over it

  73. xboxisshit says:

    anyone who goes to xbox after this small issue is a moron. xbox’s security is awful and they ignore all complaints about it. like when my credit card info was stolen from xbox 3 hours after signing up for XBL via my xbox. they did nothing to help me. but my bank did. xbox still accepts no fault for that. they also dont monitor hackers. the only reason people like xbox is bc you can hack it and get away with it.

  74. lotsofdumbppl... says:

    Oh! and just in case any fanboy zealot starts thinking this will never happen to xbox cause you pay for it, and MS has it all better controled, its network never goes down… Ill remind you that its not perfect, and that yes it could happen. And in no way I´m saying that Sony is perfect… waaaay far from it, but at least theyre not trying to rip me off.
    xbox 250$ plus 60$ a year after 4 years = 480$

  75. bobby says:

    playstationsucks u idiot xbox live went down in 2009 and was off 4 a 1 month. Get your fax right before you speak.

  76. anon says:

    I’m sure when the network is back all this will blow over. a few of my friends with the x box have all had problems with the hardware breaking down so bollox is xbox better

  77. Jack007 says:

    Lenny: i was thinking the same people cant wait 2 weeks it shows they have know lives

  78. Canucksfan22 says:

    @playstationsucks – how does it suck ???
    Learn how to spell does u GOOF, its not dose retard
    All xbox users r str8 up idiots .

  79. 0wn3d says:

    If people can”t live without playstation for 2 weeks thats sad. Because they are obviously people who sit in a closed room 24/7 with a huge flatscreen monitor the size of a fridge. Go outdoors and play normally. Trust me, it’s more fun and some people in the world haven’t heard of playstation. Parks were invented for a reason and you should use that reason.

  80. Sabrina says:

    I normally use Playstation for Hulu plus and Netflix and my husband is the game person. Since the network is down and causing issues with both hulu and netflix, I’ve been using our Wii system for netflix and the computer for hulu just making due till they fix their screw ups… I’m not going to get ride of the PS3 just cause of one issue. if that happened everytime people would be wasting so much money going from one brand to another on electronics. It’s life you deal and you find work arounds.

  81. espn says:

    Honestly. I dont understand any of yall who can have Sony’s back after this. Seriously have you been reading the posts??? YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION HAS BEEN STOLEN, THAT MEANS PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU LIVE, and it took them almost 2weeks to kind of assure you that your credit cards havent been compromised, and they not even sure if it has or it not. Thats not odd to you? That your money could be stolen and your house can be broken into? Also, why is everybody pretending like this doest happen often? Playstation network goes down about twice a month. Truth is, sony is taking their time with this, and its because its free. You think if people pay for psn it would be down for 2weeks? This has definitely put ps3 a whole league under xbox360. Yall can stick around wit ps3 if you want but im switching to xbox with their xbox kinect.

  82. Matt - Teenager says:

    Ok well every 1 im just a 15 year old teenager that grew up on playstation so u guys can say all u want about the xbox because i like the ps3 betta and playstation because 1st reason i know the controles 2nd reason its a family system connection and xbox is like action and crap 3rd reason is because i neva liked the xbox when it 1st came out any way and it not ment for me because the controllers are just not me so every 1 here can have a console war alll they want but i grew up on playstation through the years of me growing up and its tough for us psn kids teen and adults that gotta wait for 2 weeks for it to come back on and also this happened to xbox live in july of 2007 it went down for 2 weeks because of microsoft cyber hacks been transfered through the xbox live and ova 5 million credit and info was stolen though those 2 weeks and xbox had to make deals wit the cyber hack to make it not appear anything happened to u fellow xbox folks so every 1 jus fricken get on wit ur lives and it will b on shortly

  83. dale says:

    everyone just calm down stop panicking about never being able to go online again everything will be fixed soon


  84. angrypsnuser says:

    @ playstationsucks

    you are a bit of a twerp tbh lmao. Why would you want psn to be shut down forever as how would this benefit you. If there is no sony to take down then you are left with xbox live as a target.

    xbox is not indestructible.

  85. jason faustino says:

    i pay to play DC universe online, i feel that i should be entitled to a free couple of weeks given my previous point. Xbox in my opinion has too many shooters and and no variety in game styles. with playstation you get a variety of game types that are not offered to x box users such as Dc universe online, both uncharted games and soon to be 3, 2 worlds 2, ect. the list goes on for days, and PS3 users also have the cheapest blue-ray player on the market, it is just a far supperior peice of technology as far as i’m concerned. i hate that i can’t go home and play online, but after everything ps3 has done compared to x box….i’m more than happy to wait. also overall sales for both systems will show that ps3 is beating xbox and if i remember corectly xbox came out a year before the ps3 did. the numbers speak for themselves.

  86. knoxy says:

    i think psn going down is poo and yea they should give us things for free whn its up and running we r the people keeping thm running using the psn store for map packs so on ……………

  87. ebbser says:

    when will it be back

  88. Rebecca says:

    Hey playstation sucks? xbox was down for 2 weeks when halo 3 came out, hopefully psn will be back up soon :)

    both consoles rock :)

  89. Well says:

    Once this is fixed xbox will be attacked and xbox users will go to sony.

  90. ajp22 says:

    did they catch the person/people who hacked it anyways? me im waiting patiently for the PSN to be up again, and some people are crazy to switch their PS3 with a xbox. They just need to have patience. I have the patience to wait for the PSN to be up and running again, im not like other people complaining about it being down. They to need patience for it to be up and running again.

    And Thnx for the info! its good to know that the PSN should be up and running soon :D

  91. Really Bitches says:

    also my info wasn’t on the psn cuz i dont buy shit on there.

  92. DarkWyvern says:

    @darkcat1- And if I recall, in FF13 maps such as Lightning’s house and the NORA base were cut out because of XBox being limited to DVD disks, and would probably extended the amount of disks to 4 or 5 even. I’m very disappointed in that because what was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive was also on XBox, and its limit ended up removing part of the game that could have been enjoyed.

    For the most part, I’m glad that the PSN went down. I got to go out and hang out with friends as well as replay some of the single player campaigns/ RPGs. Seriously, *troll area* if you’re going to argue over “OH, PS3 IS THE BEST, NO XBOX IS!” then go back to kissing your imaginary girlfriends. *end troll comment* Both companies are great, as well as playing on PC. It’s all just preference, and it doesn’t matter; they all have their ups and downs.

    That being said, I look forward to playing on the PSN again. I missed being able to play with my friends on Black Ops. *now is expecting a comment about how Black Ops sucks and MW2 or BF:BC2 is better.* Thanks Sony for protecting our private information, as well as providing some of us the time to reflect and enjoy life.

  93. SoMe PeOpLe GoT nO LiFe says:

    GoIng bAcK 2 xbox Is LiKe GoInG 2 A Justin Beiber CONCERT
    bY tHiS WeEk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. jacobs4x4 says:

    You know I’ve never really had a good game system till now, and I bought it last night, it’s a Ps3, even tho the network is down, this stuff may not happen to xbox but it may be cause they charge for there live gaming, playstation is FREE!!! so I think its worth a few weeks of down time

  95. skaz says:


  96. John says:

    To Duddit who posted at 12:17pm…… Final Fantasy 13 fit on one PS3 Blu Ray Disc…… on the X-Box360, they needed 2 CD’s. So, for you saying that there isn’t any games that use Blu-Ray Storage Data, you’re wrong.

  97. skaz says:

    How bout them hokies

  98. Ball41glove says:

    I am not changing my console and i cant believe anyone else would either. its not ps fault. i have alot of time played on there and my stats are up there. i would hate to start over. before i go WARHAWK is da POOP!!!

  99. WhoDatDis says:

    Sony Play Station is the best system out there. Come on guys..Patients! I will never pay for xbox live. For myself…I am having major MAG withdraws. See all you guys soon on PSN.

  100. T says:

    My only concern at the moment is the security issues.
    I play a lot of offline games anyways, so I can go without PSN for a while.

    XBL isn’t without their share of problems, though.
    I, like many others, own both systems and experience the good and the bad.

    hacking is a serious offense, I hope they catch who did it.
    They’re causing a lot of problems…

  101. Im That One Guy says:

    Xbox doesn’t get hack because its got nothing in there good to hack.

  102. Beavis says:

    Xbox actually does get hacked, and was down for 2 weeks back in 2008. No system is immune to it, except the crappy wii. There really is nothing good to hack there.

  103. Mike b says:

    I’m pissed right off because I just bought my playstation and I can’t even create an online account. What a piece of garbage. Back to the xbox I go

  104. Balance your lifestyle people says:

    As much as this situation is controversial – U.S. Homeland Security are on the case people – you need to be more careful with your credit information. It’s definitely not an experience I would like to go through again as it effected me as did it everyone else. Oh, and, balance our your lifestyles?
    I can understand people’s worrying (comprised personal information) but those moaning because of “online” gaming deprivation, sort it out. Pop round the corner and sign up to your local gym/get a hobby. Anything to fuel a moan or two.

    Dear Hackers,

    Your s***

    The world.

  105. *the world….your spot on! lol

  106. XxEpic_RainbowXx says:

    Really hope the problem gets fixed ASAP! I wanna be the best female player again.. ahh. :D

  107. Sniper says:

    This is garbage. It isn’t fair. People are sitting and waiting for thm to get the system up and running. I dont really mind that they are taking a long time, but stalling and making exuces for it, isn’t going to get you anywhere. Sorry to break it to you guys. And giving us a deal that is already given, dosn’t cover for the hundreds of Credit Card numbers they hacked. If anything, giving the players a choice of video games would make sence.

  108. bornev1l says:

    Although Playstation Network has been down for almost two weeks and many gamers are going out of there minds, most of us have found other things to do that is more productive then sitting in front of the TV for hours at hand.
    I am angry however, the fact that Playstation has NOT updated us as frequently as they could have. All of the updates have been streaming through sites like this and other media sites.
    It is unforgivable that Playstation had kept information from us that our privacy information had been breached for too longer period of time.
    They are telling us that they are doing the best they can. Well Playstation, your best wasn’t good enough on this occasion.
    It is true that Playstation will be in for a huge loss due to this drama and i DO hope there losses are even more greater than they anticipated.

  109. Person says:

    “Many of the fans are going back to Xbox because of the Playstation network down problem.”
    Look at this way, Xbox Live got shut down for about a month because to many people joined and the servers crashed, it took them a month to fix it, now look at Sony, in about half the time, they will get twice as much done. They’re not just fixing it, they are rebuilding the whole thing from scratch and they get it done in less time, it’s clearly easy to see which company is better.

  110. Derrick_Rose623 says:

    Sony owes us big time coz of the money they took from us. And all this waiting and to those hackers GET A LIFE!!

  111. Princess of Ra says:

    I really just want to game again, I mean WOW is okay but I prefer PS3 any day….
    But I’m a loyal customer and will wait patiently
    I <3 sony!

  112. Xx LeGiT_BrOwNz xX says:

    Psn should give ALL users a PSN card with at least 50$…
    they should update it every week like XBOX 360.

  113. Howitgoes says:

    Some of the responses I’ve read over and over about the network outage are absolutely narrow minded and ridiculous. Who gives a crap about free crap? Who cares how you’re waiting to play online? I want to feel comfortable about my personal information not being exploited. I’ve read that this hack job was in response to the way Sony is going after geohot and other. So this is a pretty controversial situation, people want to jailbreak their ps3s and iOS devices and xboxs, but get upset when there are consequences. Unfortunately, the hand that feeds is also doing the biting. I agree, f*** the hackers.

    Here’s a quote from a message somebody posted for Sony:
    “congratulations Sony. You have now received the undivided attention of anonymous. Your recent legal action against our fellow hackers, geohot and Graf…chokolo, has not only alarmed us, it has been deemed wholly unforgivable. You have abused the judicial in an attempt to censor information on how your products work. You have victimized your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands. This is the information they were willing to teach to the world for free. The very same information you wish to supress for sake of corporate greed and complete control of te users. Now you will experience the wrath if anonymous. You saw a hornets nest, and stuck your penises in it. You must face the consequences of your actions, anonymous style. Knowledge is free. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

  114. sean says:

    I think all these dorks talkin about go outside get some excersize enjoy weather GET OFF UR LAZY BUTTS GO DO SOMTHIN GET A GIRLFRIEND GO OUTSIDE GEEZ !!!

  115. josh says:

    really………sitting around waiting for the network to be up………….going to spend more of your parents money on a xbox just so you can go play online like a sheltered little nerd……… here is a idea, go outside….yes thats it through the door way, do you see the light, pick up a frisbee or something. There are other things other than gaming online, there are real people outside, not just zombies and attack helicopters (ok so the last depends on where you live) maybe you will get to talk to “zombiedestroyer64326428″ in real life not just through a headset!

    Someone who will get a sun tan this summer

  116. Primetime111111 says:

    This is BS! I hope they fix it soon and I hope we don’t have to start over with our accounts cuz It took me a long time to get that far.

  117. cosmic_ray89 says:

    i agree with howitgoes people need to stop complaining. i’m glad i never put my credit card info in i would just buy a psn card and then put that in then there is no worries people should be smarter with there info i can’t believe people would have the balls to hack in the first place if you want something get off your lazy ass and get a real job. i do and its more rewarding then stealing shit. and most likely you haven’t seen much sun in days get outside get some sun it will make you feel better i hope they catch you and punish you there will be no forgiving on my part what comes around goes around. and for the complainer you can still play games online gaming is not the only thing to do have you even beat the story of any of the games that you buy its not much fun if you don’t experiance the whole game it why they created it for you so go play it and see how much fun just to play by yourself

  118. sarah says:

    I bet every one writing and leaving messages on here is twelve years to fifty years old, and every one on here sounds like little babys with out there bottles.

  119. John says:

    What if Xbox paid someone to hack Sony, That is not fair play!

    Jealous Geeks

  120. galctis says:

    I like online gameing too, but to feel so angry about a GAME. Get a real life. To all you worried about your information being compromised. You knew the risks and you should now better. Its call ps card or a gift card.

  121. igot_xray_vision says:

    omg whe is it gon cut on im jus a gamer im not in to all dat extra crap so thats all im worried about…..SO WHEN IS IT CUTTING BACK ON

  122. Dato137 says:

    Ok, well im in australia and they say it should be up pn may 4, and im preety shure that is in america or the uk, maybe japan even. so i will be hanging around all day tommorow coz it will be the fith over here. im just hoping that it is up in time <3 I WANNA PLAY SOME COD!

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