Osama Bin Laden Dead: Killed By US Military

Last night President Barak Obama came on television to tell us about the news Osama Bin Laden dead. There are many people that do not believe this is true now though. Some people are saying that there is not enough proof that this has really happened. There is a lot of confusion and people are trying to sort through the mess.

osama bin laden deadThe world wants to see photographic evidence that Osama Bin Laden dead is true. There was one photo that came out but then it was proved to be a fake. Since this fake photo was put out people are even more confused about what is going on. People do make the point that our President would not put this information about Osama Bin Laden dead if he was not able to prove it.

Osama Bin Laden Has Been Killed

Reports say that Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan. There was a firefight and a small team of American forces killed him and took possession of his body. The president says that the US has his body and has proof that he is indeed who they say he is. What are your thoughts on Osama Bin Laden dead?


  1. eddie says:

    no proof, complete bull

  2. ARMYOF69 says:

    Why would I believe this LATEST piece that may give obama some positive tracks towards his re election?
    He has done nothing to this country of ours except damage. His credibility is very badly damaged , and what he needs to do is RESIGN……..

  3. Camille says:

    Bin Laden’s photo is with the President’s US birth certificate.

  4. charles jamieson says:

    Two us officials say DNA evidence has proven that Osama is dead. but they did not say where or how the testing was done.

    meanwhile, a local, arthar, was tweeting his way through the entire exercise. eight hours and 35 tweets later, obama appeared on tv, to confirm that

    Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan,”

    not time enough to do do a dna test we are sure.

    big valley received a commuique from one of our covert operatives in pakistan, that bin laden was not killed in the raid on the compound.

    osama is actually in florida under obamas care, you see there was a deal between obama and osama that obama, ahh osama, would disappear.

    it works like this: osama, this is obama, if you wanna live a quiet, respectable
    life, accept our offer to change your name, shave your beard, get

    some plastic done, and dye your hair, and we’ll give you 72 virgins BEFORE you go to heavan. And A penthouse suite, a ton of dope, 5 lambos, and 6


    meantime, we’ll construct a plan to kill you in pakistan, after which you will free to live a life in luxury. We’ve even got your burial; covered.

    noone will ever know. what you think osama.

    osama said to obama, dood, throw in 10 camels and you gotta get me some showers, noreasterlies and 21 degrees, and i wont say a thing, brother.

    welll, no wonder theres no photos of a dead osama. He aint dead.

  5. skaz says:


  6. American says:

    HE may be dead! They are not ever going to tell the U.S. people the truth, Never have! It may jeopardize info and intel. Fact of the matter is, HE is dead, but this america people. Tv, and media run this sh*t…… photo wont be released until long time from now, you know they got to drag this out for at least 2 weeks. Or at least long enough to get obama poll numbers up, and to keep peoples minds of the problems at hand, Crappy economy still on the fall, rise of gas prices, no healthcare, keep going, or I am sure you get the point!

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