Obama Approval Rating: Going Up After Osama Bin Laden Dead News?

So what is going to happen with the Obama approval rating after Osama Bin Laden has been killed on his command. There is no doubt that this will not be a negative factor from this finding so I wouldn’t be surprised if his rating went up. Foreign affairs is about the only bright spot that Obama has had in his ratings. Many people think that he has done this just to bring it up for the upcoming election.

obama approval ratingIn a recent polling foreign affairs rating was at 54 percent. Health care was at 41 percent and 39 percent for the economy. This was according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national survey that was conducted in January. Either way I do not think this hail Mary pass is going to allow the Obama approval rating to be high enough that he will win the next election. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Even the Republications agree that there is going to be at least a temporary boost for the president. “In the short-term, yes. Yesterday was a great day for the nation and we are all rightly celebrating and politics isn’t, and shouldn’t, be a part of the equation,” Doug Heye, a GOP strategist and former communications Director for the Republican National Committee, tells CNN. We are just not sure how long this bounce will last.


  1. steve says:

    What lens are you looking through my man? we’re (as in Republicans) are toast in the next election. Obama’s rating were already climbing in recent gallup polls and capturing public enemy #1 is only going to push higher. Like him or not, it happened under his watch and the economy is recovering under his watch which is why we’re still struggling to find a candidate!

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