Air Tran: What About Frequent Flier Miles?

With the merger of Air Tran and Southwest some of the members of the frequent flyer programs were a little worried about what would happen to their miles. If you have accumulated quite a few you don’t want to lose them because of a merger. Southwest sent out an email to the members of its frequent fliers assuring them that as of right now everything would be business as usual.

air tranSouthwest and Air Tran have just officially merged today. There has been speculation that this may not be in the best interest of consumers but others disagree. Since there will be less competition the merged airlines will be able to serve areas that they have not been able to serve in the past.

The monopoly watchdogs said that the Air Tran and Southwest merger could actually be good for consumers. How? Simply because when they start to compete with the big guys we are going to see ticket prices fall. What are you thoughts on the merger of Air Tran and Southwest?

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