Mother’s Day Gifts: Low Cost Gift Ideas

Sunday May 8th we will be celebrating Mother’s Day 2011. It is a day to make your mom feel loved and special by doing something nice to show your appreciation and love towards her. Now not every gift you give mom has to be expensive, there are many lower cost gift ideas out there. I have put together some Mother’s Day gifts that won’t blow your budget this year.

Low Cost Gift IdeasThe first gift idea I have that is not too expensive is taking some family photos and putting them together in a nice frame or photo album. You could be crafty and by a plain picture frame and glue something on it like sea shells to jazz it up a bit. You could head over to your local Michaels or other craft stores and pick up some creative items to adorn your frames with. This would definitely be a Mother’s Day gift that any mother would love to have.

Some other low cost gift ideas would be to makeĀ  a gift basket of homemade cookies or other tasty treats in the shape of hearts or with the letters M-O-M. Another great idea would be to get your mother some flowers, mainly something that she could plant in her garden or hang outside. Costco is a great store for picking up plants that are not too costly, but are large in size. Do you have any other ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are low cost?


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